Kuwait’s First Nike 5K Race

Square One

Singlet and Race Bib

 At last, I was able to join a running event here in Kuwait.  A couple of weeks back,  A running clinic named We Run Kuwait (Nike Sponsored) was held by AYMSTRONG (an event management enterprises dedicated to delivering events and activities in the fields of health, fitness, and empowerment).  Today, a 5K race materialized and attended by running enthusiasts (and that includes me!).

Team CB Shirt after the race

I decided to have a 2.5K warm up to loosen up. In my own opinion, it was cold, maybe less than 10 degreess Celcius, making it my first race to join in  a cold climate.   Race started at 8:30 AM, at the gunshot, I tried my best on making a good pace and I hit 4:36 min/km.  Unfortunately, that good start faded away as I started to breathe hard,  I was puffing, and tried to run still until I told myself I need to stop and my throat started to sore.  Run and walk until I finish the race.

Below are my laps.

Lap 1  4:36 min

Lap 2 5:56 min (10:32)

Lap 3 6:12 min (16:45)

Lap 4 6:21 min (23:06)

Lap 5  5:55 min (29:00)

Lap 6 1:10 min – extra 230m (30:05)

Attendees (Grabbed from AYMSTRONG site)

Still hit a sub 30 though a 5K but I think I still lack something.  it’s obvious as well that my extra baggage of weight added to my burden of not hitting at least a sub 25 min mark.  Anyway, that’s still a good opportunity giving me a window that I should strive for more.

Dont talk about my rank ok?! 😛

Race Result and Hightlight can be seen HERE


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