Qatar’s Desert Safari

Is a desert a place without expectation? Not!

Something to expect at the country's sea line

After a couple of visits to Villagio, City Center Doha, Souqs, The Pearl and some places in Doha, I have thought of doing something better.  At least try other parts of the state of Qatar; their Desert Safari. For 250 Riyals (Appox 3000 Php) per person, Our gang had managed to book a trip down south of Qatar to appreciate its desert. It ‘was a long drive from Doha going to the boarder of Saudi Arabia, probably 50Km (take or give).

SUVs were all gathered at first and then convoyed for safety purposes and then drove through the desert.  Hah, it was a little humid at that time for Ramadan has just ended, anyway, it was not really that bas though…  We passed a couple of sand dunes,  high stteped ones! It was exhilarating !  How can I describe?  Well, say, between a roller coaster and a caterpillar maybe.    We were cathing our breath (hope I’m not exaggerating) and even my friends screamed at the top of their lungs (I swear it wasn’t me!).

The camp where we stayed at. Play volleyball, sandboard, ride a camel, swim at the beach or simply relax.

After that  somewhat topsy turvy ride, we went at a camp that is situated along the shore.  You can have a swim, sandboard, play volleyball, ride a camel or just simply rest and relax.  Refreshments are on the house and good thing we’ve brought some snacks before dinner is served.   We call it a day at the after 9PM which is just in time to leave.  Others who decided to stay overnight slpet on an airconditioned tent.

Photos of the adventure:

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Glad to have experienced this one. Catch a video of my camel ride as well


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