Doha’s Sea Line Beauty

Small yet beautiful…

Qatara Beach

It’s Christmas day and there’s nothing to do but yet to discover Doha once again; and so it happened.  It was a good thing that one of my colleagues who is likewise celebrating holidays alone hook me up for a quick ride.  First location we went is Katara.  A combination of enjoying the the beauty of sealine and at the same time its architeture.  I am not that sure though if those were originally arabic; however, the place is undeniably awesome for an amateur photographer like me.  Only bad thing about the place is there’s not much food option as there are a little variety of restaurants.  You may do a tea party if you like for there are tea stalls around the area.  The resort?  Oh I’m not sure a s I didn’t bother much to go into it.

Part of Doha from the top

The Pearl; Who will never knew how and why it get the name until you see it from the top. You may ask Mr Google about it or yeah take a quick look at the snap I got from the plane once.  Haha!  I never thought it is “The Pearl” at the time I took it. 

The Pearl at night

I should say that the I like it better at night time if I’m taking photos because there’s too much light.  I could play with long exposure shots.  The place is also perfect if you’re running (not sure how long it’s circumference though).  So, there,  that’s where I celebrated my Chirstmas; had dinner at Noodle house (I think there’s a limited option too at the area so we went for the more oriental one) walk more after that until we call it a day. 

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