Doha Corniche

Run, Travel.

Collage Photo

I’ve been in Doha for five times, walk around to take photos, hang out and drink coffee yet, to be honest, I’ve never ran around the area.  One of my friends invited me to jog in the corniche, a place where we usually stay to unwind.  I didn’t commit at first with them for my fear that I might got lazy and woke up late.

Morning came and I realized that I need to move! It’s been days since I last ran and it’s like I eat more than I exercise…  I put on my sneakers and ran upon realizing that. It was a great feeling to run near the sea side!  Wind blowing,  feeling the chill and not getting tired much.  As I ran along the cornice road, I saw signs like Think, Realize and Achieve.  This things drove me to do more.

Met my friends at my 10th kilometers and join me on the remaining three kilometers!

It was a great run and had a good breakfast after.


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