Run Kuwait Support

Glad to support!

Team Run Kuwait arrival in Kuwait Towers

The attempt of Run Kuwait has started since yesterday;  without hesitation when they started sending mails that there’ll be a support group that will happen, I didn’t think twice of joining.  I headed this morning at Kuwait Towers to witness this Kuwait history; I even forced my colleague to go with me!  A 240K run that started from North Kuwait going to the South.  Spectators were there when I came, Friends, Relatives and Running fanatics as well (like me).

Snaps before taking off... again...

They had some photo-shoot of course when they came.  Friends and spectators of course would love to be with to take a snap with them like what I also did; to be honest, I was amazed to see them still fit and well.  I asked Cris Craita from Romania how was he and he said, he is ok but that he couldn’t feel anything anymore and then laughed.   He  also mentioned that they really had a tough time for it was really cold in the north.

They had a little bit of interview before they took off once again.

Support mode check!

And so we ran going to Marina Mall.  It was calculated to be 10K. All runners were energetic cheering for their champs!  I choose to ran with the slower pack right from the start.  There were people alongside the road while waiting for the parade that will take place as well for today is Kuwait’s Liberation day too.

Started the support run at Kuwait Towers

Our pace was a little bit slow as expected.  Yousef and his comrades were undeniably tired but the determination was still there.  Hah!  Good for me for I can walk more (lolz!) and catch up whenever I want to! The whole 10K was pure enjoyment except for the rain that was quite bothering, not to mention that it was really cold… I couldn’t feel it much though because we are running.  I didn’t sweat though; none at all.  The wind might have dried it up quick.  hehe!

Runners (Blue) and Support (Black)

After more than an hour we finally reach their next pitstop – Marina Mall.  We were reunited with the other runners and support group.  Hah! Now I realized how cold it was now.  I am totally wet and shivering, so after saying thanks and good luck to the runners we went off back to the towers!

It was indeed a great experience!

Runners and Support. Check me out holding the banner! Photo source AYMSTRONG Blog

Glad to have ran again.

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2 thoughts on “Run Kuwait Support

  1. Nice article. It was really nice to have you and all the RunKuwait Supporters join us for the 10 K run. This run boosted up our spirit and helped us to focus on the rest of 120 km that we still had left at that time.

    Thank you 😉

    1. Hi Cristian,

      You are most welcome. To be honest, I also want to be part of the team. I love running like you, unfortunately the slot is only good for 5. Anyway, maybe next time! 🙂

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