Photography Glimpse

Shoot and Learn…

First in Kuwait where my shot was credited.

Apart from my passion in running, my interest in photography is another thing that at least I also want to improve.  Landscapes, Portraits, Sports and Strobes are just few of the genre that I would love to master.  As I have previously mentioned in one of my posts, I have joined a photography club called “PINDOT”  here in Kuwait.  This group I must say, have thought me in line with my expectations; of course I am not to be called an expert yet, but I think I my path is going somewhere.  I learned new information each time I am with them.  Youtube videos and books are helpful but it’s still best to talk with someone where you share common passion, not to mention the motivation it adds, every time you see a good photo that they have composed.

A Photoshoot headed by Jalil Marvin, a young and promising photographer in Kuwait. Glad to be one of his crew members!

Aside from being with these goal driven people, another thing that gives me motivation is the thought of seeing yourself or your photo in the news or in the local newspapers.  Tell me that I have a shallow happiness believe it or not, it’s giving me more energy to pursue.  It’s like saying “WOW, I was there!”  There’s no cash prize but it was just merely the bragging rights.  Negative people will say you are boasting and will say “So What?” but life is just to short to dwell on those stuff.

Try something different in your life, and who knows, you might see what you have been looking for or you might discover something you never knew you had. Being a couch potato is not bad, for you can also learn something by watching TV but try at least put something unique or different in your normal routine.  Afterall, “Variety is the spice of Life”.

Take a look at some of the pdf links where in we have been featured.

A New Light in Mutlaa

Pindot Clicks with Envy

Photo Credit:
Jalil Marvin
Arab Time’s Online

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