Strollin’ AlKout

A Fortress near water…

Alkout from the Top

Ever since I landed in Kuwait, there’s one place here that I always want to hang out at. Most of the time, I happen to walk around this area because of it’s scenery, not to mention that it is actually near to the flat I am staying – The Alkout Mall. According to wikipedia, the name Kuwait is derived from the Arabic أكوات ākwāt, the plural of كوت kūt, meaning a fortress built near water, so I would say that Kuwait and this mall have the same etymology.


This is actually just a normal mall, outside there are restaurants and coffee shops. There is a wet and dry market and also a department store. Although it wouldn’t be much like a gigantic malls that you see normally; however I find it so relaxing to stay here. Try staying at the terrace of Startbucks for you to have a cozier look of the yachts and seagulls flying and diving. Go at the top of the place to see the whole area.

Roof Architecture

It’s whole architecture, to be honest, I am not sure what totally influenced the Alkout, but still looks classic for me which gives a better ambiance.

Coffee Shop

Check out more of my shots in the area by going here –  ALKOUT


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