Tarak Attack!

But all of this success came at the end of a long climb.  – Michael Castle

Jump off in Mariveles

Ronnel an runner-friend informed me that there will also be an ultra-trail event that will be held in Nueva Vizacaya a week after Bohol Ultra-Marathon.  I was determined to join until after results of the latter’s race.  I decided not to participate because I know that I won’t be in shape to run and race in trail in seven days.  It was a tough call for me.

Start of Trek!

So there you go, I left with nothing for weekend. I shared my frustrations to another friend and he mentioned that I may not be able to run 60K but sure he knew that I can do a leisure climb.

“How about Mt Tarak?  I’ll bring the tent for you.  Just bring your good self clothes a some necessary stuff.”   It took me less took me less than a minute to agree.

Along the way is a prairie

Come Saturday and I was in the bus and started to meet new friends.  I noticed most of them were stuffed.  Medium sized trail bags good enough for an overnight camp.  Little that my friend knew that I want to kill him that time for I only brought a medium sized assault pack I usually use for trail running.  Damn!  A big guy like me carrying a mini bag is shameful. My friend smirk at me when he saw what Ive got.  Hey, I’ve got stuffs here.  Water, food, mosquito lotion, wipes, plate, utensils. lamp, socks, sweater.  hah!  Just no tent and cook set. hehe!

Tough climb for me. Hwyuh!

From Manila leaving at 5AM, we arrived at the Mariveles, Bataan jump-off probably at 8AM.  Prepared a bit had a municipal registration and grab some food before we start moving at 9:30.  Oh boy. I was a real newbie now.  Last time I hiked was like a year ago in Mt Sembrano.  We ended up in Papaya river 30 minutes after noon.  We have decided to camp there for the water source availability. 2:30 PM we continued until summiting before sunset at 5PM.

Papaya River in Mt Tarak was the only water source as I was informed.

I had a real hard time going up and not to mention going down  I was like turtle rolling when I slid from the muddy trail.  blah!  We ended up night trekking for we were about to return to Papaya Camp Site at 7PM.  We had dinner an hour after and had some socials and rested.

Serene Summit…

Next morning after having breakfast, and decided to break camp at 9:30AM.  By 11, we were already at a hut owned by an old lady I just happen  to know by the name “Manang”  (not really good with names or I didn’t heard they mentioned her name).  By noon time we were already having lunch and eventually left for Manila.

I couldn’t thank enough my friend Brandy for inviting me over on this trip.   I am glad that once again I was reunited with the thing I also want to do.   Appreciating nature and God’s creation was  a thing money can’t buy.  It maybe tough going up to the peak but the satisfaction after getting there was priceless!  Hopefully I would be able to do it when I come back.  Meet new friends as well I can share my passion.  Until next time…

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Day After an Ultramarathon in Panglao

“Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment; full effort is full victory.” – Mohandas Ghandi

After my gruesome finish in 50-Mile Bohol Ultra-marathon (Story Here) , I slept soundlessly in bed (hopefully) looking forward that the pain will all be gone by tomorrow; if not, lessen at least!  Waking up at 5 AM is still quite tough for me as I am definitely having a hard time walking due to my chaffing  (saying exactly where would be too much information)  and not to mention my 3mm (diameter) blisters on both feet. Anyway,  I grabbed my camera for I seriously want to have great memories about Bohol  (Panglao Island) and of course enjoy! No time to whine now. 

An Island near Panglao

An Island near Panglao

Jumping to the sea was tough but I felt relaxed after dipping myself to it!  Think about being called by nature for a long time and then releasing it in the nick of time.  Sooth… Relief…  Aaaahhhhh…

Enjoying underwater photo by: Ronnel Go

After I felt that I am already comfortable, we did a couple of laps just to at least check how good we are in open water swimming.   Haha! Thanks Cris for the push.

Raced with Cris! I’m the guy on the right. 😛 photo by: Ronnel Go

Too bad we didn’t cover much of Bohol as I was really tired, not to mention that I am paralized. They are talking about tarsiers, and marine sanctuary but time is also not good for us as we need to leave in the afternoon.

Well,  maybe another time, and at least I was able to get few good shots. Check it out!

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The 50-Mile Quest for the Primate Medallion

It’s not important where you came from or where you are, what matters is where you are headed. – Vic Garcia

The End Point of the Race from Panglao Island to the Awesome Chocolate Hills. Thanks Cris for capturing this, I am able to enhance this photo. 🙂

I miss ultrarunning. The moment I informed my friends that I am coming home in May, they likewise told me that there is a budding ultra race coming up in Bohol. I signed up without hesitation. Thanks to my friends who had helped me out in having all things done.

The day before the race, checking out the Bohol delicacy!

Yes. I am guilty of really having limited training, but because it will be a road race, I trusted my old experience and believed that I could finish it on their assigned cut off. 15 hous for a 50 miler.

Me and Yan on starting on the race together

Race day. May 20, 12MN.
Runners started in the island of Panglao in Bohol going to the majestic pride of the provice, the chocolate hills. Normally, on a 50 miler race, I would always like to start on a 7min/k pace. I went to 8:30 min/k thid time because I know the first would drain me. 8:30 was ok, at least manageable. I really felt I was doing ok until I felt fatigue at Km30 ultimately failing at Km40 that is 6 hours of running…

Km 50+ I am about to throw the towel. Gruesome uphill turned up-hell!

My legs started to freeze and quit on me as I can’t force it to run. Lifting it gave me too much presure and pain, not to mention my old time chaffing issue long long back. My palms already bulged and little that I knew that it went the same on my legs. This is the 2nd time that I really felt helplessness in running (first was my first marathon in Subic). I checked the time and thought I can still do it for I still have 9hours. I walked. checked my garmin all the time and started enjoying the place. Literally, I was hiking from an uphill to another, enjoying the mangroove scenes as well as the manmade forest. I made 5K per hour until Km 65. Runners started passing me one after another and I couldn’t care less. Km 70 when I noticed blisters were present on both feet. Thanks to the vacillating weather, rain, shine, rain, shine! It’s really crazy as it was playing with us. Thanks to my friends who always volunteers for support!

Tantrum mode to the last few kilometers

After 14hours and 45 minutes, I crossed the finish line. Grabbed my the medallion, my shirt and my meal. I thought my pain ended but I was wrong when I asked a masseur for a massage and pinched my swollen right foot. I felt an excrutiating pain, I told him to stop but he didn’t and made my whole vision turned into shadows.

Survived 80K plus the fainting scene I had.

I fainted…

The 50-Miler Primate Medallion

It was probably ten… or maybe fifteen minutes when I eventually recovered. Wow!  First time I felt so tired and my body in pain just suddenly gave up.  the experience was gruesome but definitely a worth finishing race!  After 50 miles of hardship, I am glad I finally grabbed the medallion with tarsier engraved on it.  🙂

Acknowledgment on photos: Brandy Simbe, Cris dela Cruz and Aymi Perez

On Joining A Photo Contest

Everything is worth trying…

Quattro Pindotero Anniversary Banner

I have been joining a couple of photo contests before but I must say that this is the first time I joined a contest where I have to print a photo and submit it.  Hah! It was a great feeling seeing those photos on the wall being scrutinized and judged.

Entries for the photo contest. The one on the rightmost bottom is mine!

A  month ago, Pindot (Pinoy Photographers in Kuwait) launched a photo contest in lieu of their anniversary with the theme Quattro Pindotero as they have just turned four years old.

Rico Canosa, Pindot President checking on the photos. That number four made out of cereals is my other entry!

Hmmm… Brain storming… Brain storming… after 3 weeks I was still brainstorming until   one night I submitted two photos,  one I took on a midnight and one I got from my photo stash.  Thanks to my friend for giving the idea while I try to browse on laptop.  Not that I’m not prepared, it’s just that I am having a hard time what would be the best photo I could submit (Reasons).

Left Entry: Leap of Faith (Finalist) – Ehem
Right Entry: Fourth Serving
Photo Credit: Rommel Tan

Come judging day and they’ve finally seen our works.  I crossed my fingers upon seeing the entries for all of them were just too good and felt I don’t stand a chance;  fortunately, I was fascinated on the outcome as my entry entitled LEAP OF FAITH made it to be one of the finalists.

Top 4 winners of the photo-contest
Photo credit: Luis Bernardino

At the end of the day, four winners emerged but unfortunately, I was not there.  I don’t really feel bad on the outcome for I know that the photos selected were really the photos that has quite meaning and substance, being selected as a finalist was already something for me!

T’was a great day for me! Good stuff!