On Joining A Photo Contest

Everything is worth trying…

Quattro Pindotero Anniversary Banner

I have been joining a couple of photo contests before but I must say that this is the first time I joined a contest where I have to print a photo and submit it.  Hah! It was a great feeling seeing those photos on the wall being scrutinized and judged.

Entries for the photo contest. The one on the rightmost bottom is mine!

A  month ago, Pindot (Pinoy Photographers in Kuwait) launched a photo contest in lieu of their anniversary with the theme Quattro Pindotero as they have just turned four years old.

Rico Canosa, Pindot President checking on the photos. That number four made out of cereals is my other entry!

Hmmm… Brain storming… Brain storming… after 3 weeks I was still brainstorming until   one night I submitted two photos,  one I took on a midnight and one I got from my photo stash.  Thanks to my friend for giving the idea while I try to browse on laptop.  Not that I’m not prepared, it’s just that I am having a hard time what would be the best photo I could submit (Reasons).

Left Entry: Leap of Faith (Finalist) – Ehem
Right Entry: Fourth Serving
Photo Credit: Rommel Tan

Come judging day and they’ve finally seen our works.  I crossed my fingers upon seeing the entries for all of them were just too good and felt I don’t stand a chance;  fortunately, I was fascinated on the outcome as my entry entitled LEAP OF FAITH made it to be one of the finalists.

Top 4 winners of the photo-contest
Photo credit: Luis Bernardino

At the end of the day, four winners emerged but unfortunately, I was not there.  I don’t really feel bad on the outcome for I know that the photos selected were really the photos that has quite meaning and substance, being selected as a finalist was already something for me!

T’was a great day for me! Good stuff!


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