Day After an Ultramarathon in Panglao

“Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment; full effort is full victory.” – Mohandas Ghandi

After my gruesome finish in 50-Mile Bohol Ultra-marathon (Story Here) , I slept soundlessly in bed (hopefully) looking forward that the pain will all be gone by tomorrow; if not, lessen at least!  Waking up at 5 AM is still quite tough for me as I am definitely having a hard time walking due to my chaffing  (saying exactly where would be too much information)  and not to mention my 3mm (diameter) blisters on both feet. Anyway,  I grabbed my camera for I seriously want to have great memories about Bohol  (Panglao Island) and of course enjoy! No time to whine now. 

An Island near Panglao

An Island near Panglao

Jumping to the sea was tough but I felt relaxed after dipping myself to it!  Think about being called by nature for a long time and then releasing it in the nick of time.  Sooth… Relief…  Aaaahhhhh…

Enjoying underwater photo by: Ronnel Go

After I felt that I am already comfortable, we did a couple of laps just to at least check how good we are in open water swimming.   Haha! Thanks Cris for the push.

Raced with Cris! I’m the guy on the right. 😛 photo by: Ronnel Go

Too bad we didn’t cover much of Bohol as I was really tired, not to mention that I am paralized. They are talking about tarsiers, and marine sanctuary but time is also not good for us as we need to leave in the afternoon.

Well,  maybe another time, and at least I was able to get few good shots. Check it out!

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