Tarak Attack!

But all of this success came at the end of a long climb.  – Michael Castle

Jump off in Mariveles

Ronnel an runner-friend informed me that there will also be an ultra-trail event that will be held in Nueva Vizacaya a week after Bohol Ultra-Marathon.  I was determined to join until after results of the latter’s race.  I decided not to participate because I know that I won’t be in shape to run and race in trail in seven days.  It was a tough call for me.

Start of Trek!

So there you go, I left with nothing for weekend. I shared my frustrations to another friend and he mentioned that I may not be able to run 60K but sure he knew that I can do a leisure climb.

“How about Mt Tarak?  I’ll bring the tent for you.  Just bring your good self clothes a some necessary stuff.”   It took me less took me less than a minute to agree.

Along the way is a prairie

Come Saturday and I was in the bus and started to meet new friends.  I noticed most of them were stuffed.  Medium sized trail bags good enough for an overnight camp.  Little that my friend knew that I want to kill him that time for I only brought a medium sized assault pack I usually use for trail running.  Damn!  A big guy like me carrying a mini bag is shameful. My friend smirk at me when he saw what Ive got.  Hey, I’ve got stuffs here.  Water, food, mosquito lotion, wipes, plate, utensils. lamp, socks, sweater.  hah!  Just no tent and cook set. hehe!

Tough climb for me. Hwyuh!

From Manila leaving at 5AM, we arrived at the Mariveles, Bataan jump-off probably at 8AM.  Prepared a bit had a municipal registration and grab some food before we start moving at 9:30.  Oh boy. I was a real newbie now.  Last time I hiked was like a year ago in Mt Sembrano.  We ended up in Papaya river 30 minutes after noon.  We have decided to camp there for the water source availability. 2:30 PM we continued until summiting before sunset at 5PM.

Papaya River in Mt Tarak was the only water source as I was informed.

I had a real hard time going up and not to mention going down  I was like turtle rolling when I slid from the muddy trail.  blah!  We ended up night trekking for we were about to return to Papaya Camp Site at 7PM.  We had dinner an hour after and had some socials and rested.

Serene Summit…

Next morning after having breakfast, and decided to break camp at 9:30AM.  By 11, we were already at a hut owned by an old lady I just happen  to know by the name “Manang”  (not really good with names or I didn’t heard they mentioned her name).  By noon time we were already having lunch and eventually left for Manila.

I couldn’t thank enough my friend Brandy for inviting me over on this trip.   I am glad that once again I was reunited with the thing I also want to do.   Appreciating nature and God’s creation was  a thing money can’t buy.  It maybe tough going up to the peak but the satisfaction after getting there was priceless!  Hopefully I would be able to do it when I come back.  Meet new friends as well I can share my passion.  Until next time…

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