High Dubai

Wishing I can do that Tom Cruise Stunt!

(Khalifa Tower”), known as Burj Dubai prior to its inauguration, is a skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and the tallest man-made structure ever built, at 828 m (2,717 ft)

Every time I go to Dubai, there’s just got to be no way that I will not go to Dubai Mall. My first trip was so rush, I only made it to the train station and I need to hurry back to the airport. I managed it though to the Dubai Mall’s dancing fountain on my 2nd trip; however, I was unfortunate for I missed the climbing the  observation deck of the highest man made structure of the world, the Burj Khalifa due to time constraint.

Hence, on my third visit to Dubai.  I made sure that I can climb up at its viewing deck by going to their WEBSITE and booking a ticket!  I thought of scheduling it in the afternoon so that I can glanced at the view of both day and night but afternoon timings seem to be packed up so I decided to settle at morning schedule, after all, I can always go back if given another chance.

Wrapping up the view and of course my very own souvenir!

Everything were all about numbers when I reached the entrance of the burj and all of these numbers were definitely amazing. According to them, there were:

from the viewing deck

200+ storeys – The most number of floors ever in a building

95Km – distance from which a person can see the tip of the spire

12,000 workers and contractors of over 80 different nationalities on site during the peak of construction.

57 elevators including the observatory double deck cabs and among the fastest in the wold which is 10m/sec.

500,000 tons  – weight of the empty building

198 km/h- the speed of wind can occur at the top of the tower.

28,601 – number of glass panels that covers the building

This was not really bad for a 105 AED entrance fee that I have paid.  I would definitely need to go back for another photo-shoot, but the next time should happen at night time!  🙂

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Strolling Dubai

“Be yourself. I much prefer seeing something, even it is clumsy, that doesn’t look like somebody else’s work.”William Klein

Took a photo of this from the train. Good thing that the stains on the glass didn’t appear much.

As I continue to stroll in Jumeira, I have found out more interesting places in Dubai.  Though, I have not search everything, I was able to find things that I felt worthy to go at. We had lunch at Mall of the Emirates and went to Dubai Marina where buildings and yachts could go together in a frame. I’ve been here two years ago and saw much difference.  Promising buildings back then were now looking good!  Neat!

I should say that the transportation system in Dubai is pretty much organized.  Taxis, Buses, Trains!  Wow!  I would’ve dreamt that it would be the same in my country.  Oh, well… From Dubai Marina we headed to the so-called old Dubai, which I’m not too sure about the exact name of the place (forgive my poor memory).  Tried this one-dirham-fare boat used to cross a river, roamed around the place again, before I eventually moved back to my hotel near Khalid bin Walid Metro.

Night is young as I have decided to go for a little night life where a couple of Filipino performers were there. At least they have it here…

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Jumeirah Photowalk

I am one of those who never knows the direction of my journey until I have almost arrived. – Anna Loiuse Strong

Not-another Burj-Al Arab Photo

Last weekend, I was asked by my company to go to Abudhabi which is kind of good news to me. Another chance to explore Dubai again and do a photowalk, ignoring the fact that the sun-king is more powerful this time of the month in middle-east.  I don’t care as long as I will have fun!  Besides, it’s a good exercise, not to mention my training for heat will be enhanced.

I headed to Dubai after my work week and the next day I was in Jumeirah Beach at around 9 AM.  Whoah!  I was amazed that there are actually athletes there having their training in open water; too bad I wasn’t able to take a snap of it because of that “NO-PHOTOGRAPHY” policy that they have, though I know some could break those rules, Naah, I won’t jeopardize my camera for that. 😛

That is how we take our rests in between. Oh well, at least this one is air-conditioned

From afar, I saw Burj Al-Arab and decided to go there by foot.  There were two indians (Tamil and West Bengali) I met from the hotel and I asked them to join with me. Damn… It was really scorching hot during the duration of our exploration (EXPLORATION?!) and I felt a pang of guilt seeing them in

Jumeirah Hotel

agony.  I don’t care about myself due to my so-called and self-proclaimed-endurance-to-pain.  We walked for maybe more than hour, with rest in between in the bus stops in between (because it’s air-conditioned) until I declared were riding a cab; hence we arrive at the destination after five minutes.  We arrived at Burj Al-Arab and at least had a closer look of the Building.  Going inside that building is yet to be discovered on my end.  Yes!

Well, our adventure just didn’t end in Burj Al-Arab, There were nearby areas we roamed around in the vicinity. There’s the Wild Wadi; Another area to be visited next time, the Jumeirah Hotel and then the Madinat Souq which I love the most because of a different ambiance until we decided to move to Mall of Emirates for a quick lunch at around 2…  We were all dehydrated in kissing the sun! 😛

Inside Madinat Souq

Overall, it was really nice walking along Jumeirah Road.  It could have been a more eventful photowalk only if the weather was less cruel.  Anyway, I need to make the most out of it and that’s what I did.  Great Experience!

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The Kuwait Little Theater

Boredom, after all, is a form of criticism. – Wendell Phillips

The Kuwait Little Theater Banner, Check them out at http://www.theklt.com

On my quest to fight against boredom here in Kuwait, I find myself watching from the audience in a theater in Ahmadi named Kuwait Little Theater.  As I first watched one of their acts in  ARSENIC AND OLD LACE, I can’t help myself but to say W-O-W on it!  I’d dare say that I am actually impressed on what they do. Going home after that great experience, I immediately checked their site.  I have seen it before but I guess I have just ignored it thinking that it’s not really active or I am not paying attention, but hey!  these people have been here for like 60 years!

Arsenic and Old Lace last March

I have been over KLT ever since and continuously checking if there are updates on their site.  Checking out photos, archives, auditions, etc and videos too!  Last month in May they officially opened Bat Boy the Musical.  I wasn’t able to see the performance for I was on vacation, yet it was fortunate that they have it in June!  At the end of the show, It was so silly of me that I was trying to remember the tune “Love the bat Boy, Save the Bat Boy!  (Not sure if I am singing it right. LOL!).

Bat Boy The Musical Highlights, Sorry for the poor resolution.

Bat Boy Musical is even more delightful.  Full of creativity.  Each seen was spectacular! So spectacular I want to do a standing ovation but I don’t want to block the person sitting behind me and then being thrown out and eventually not seeing the whole play… And their facial expressions! I was so eager to tap my friend sitting next to me and tell, Look at him! Look at him!

They said they’ll have something again in September or October! I can’t wait!

Again, I encourage you to view their website if you want more information!  www.theklt.com

I am not KLT’s stock holder 🙂