The Kuwait Little Theater

Boredom, after all, is a form of criticism. – Wendell Phillips

The Kuwait Little Theater Banner, Check them out at

On my quest to fight against boredom here in Kuwait, I find myself watching from the audience in a theater in Ahmadi named Kuwait Little Theater.  As I first watched one of their acts in  ARSENIC AND OLD LACE, I can’t help myself but to say W-O-W on it!  I’d dare say that I am actually impressed on what they do. Going home after that great experience, I immediately checked their site.  I have seen it before but I guess I have just ignored it thinking that it’s not really active or I am not paying attention, but hey!  these people have been here for like 60 years!

Arsenic and Old Lace last March

I have been over KLT ever since and continuously checking if there are updates on their site.  Checking out photos, archives, auditions, etc and videos too!  Last month in May they officially opened Bat Boy the Musical.  I wasn’t able to see the performance for I was on vacation, yet it was fortunate that they have it in June!  At the end of the show, It was so silly of me that I was trying to remember the tune “Love the bat Boy, Save the Bat Boy!  (Not sure if I am singing it right. LOL!).

Bat Boy The Musical Highlights, Sorry for the poor resolution.

Bat Boy Musical is even more delightful.  Full of creativity.  Each seen was spectacular! So spectacular I want to do a standing ovation but I don’t want to block the person sitting behind me and then being thrown out and eventually not seeing the whole play… And their facial expressions! I was so eager to tap my friend sitting next to me and tell, Look at him! Look at him!

They said they’ll have something again in September or October! I can’t wait!

Again, I encourage you to view their website if you want more information!

I am not KLT’s stock holder 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Kuwait Little Theater

  1. quote ko lang “On my quest to fight against boredom here in Kuwait”…
    yup, it is very hard to conquer boredom here abroad if we do not put transition to our level of interest …

  2. @Argonaut,there are a lot of ways to fight boredom. Why not jog outside after work and organize a team to join you. Perhaps this will help you to be busy as well. FBK has a lot of projects this year, you can contribute as well. I have series of concerts on August 31 and Sept 6,2012 aside from Kabayan Launching on August 3,2012. Check my website for more activities,gigs and concert. Have a sunny great day-Express Urself

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