Jumeirah Photowalk

I am one of those who never knows the direction of my journey until I have almost arrived. – Anna Loiuse Strong

Not-another Burj-Al Arab Photo

Last weekend, I was asked by my company to go to Abudhabi which is kind of good news to me. Another chance to explore Dubai again and do a photowalk, ignoring the fact that the sun-king is more powerful this time of the month in middle-east.  I don’t care as long as I will have fun!  Besides, it’s a good exercise, not to mention my training for heat will be enhanced.

I headed to Dubai after my work week and the next day I was in Jumeirah Beach at around 9 AM.  Whoah!  I was amazed that there are actually athletes there having their training in open water; too bad I wasn’t able to take a snap of it because of that “NO-PHOTOGRAPHY” policy that they have, though I know some could break those rules, Naah, I won’t jeopardize my camera for that. 😛

That is how we take our rests in between. Oh well, at least this one is air-conditioned

From afar, I saw Burj Al-Arab and decided to go there by foot.  There were two indians (Tamil and West Bengali) I met from the hotel and I asked them to join with me. Damn… It was really scorching hot during the duration of our exploration (EXPLORATION?!) and I felt a pang of guilt seeing them in

Jumeirah Hotel

agony.  I don’t care about myself due to my so-called and self-proclaimed-endurance-to-pain.  We walked for maybe more than hour, with rest in between in the bus stops in between (because it’s air-conditioned) until I declared were riding a cab; hence we arrive at the destination after five minutes.  We arrived at Burj Al-Arab and at least had a closer look of the Building.  Going inside that building is yet to be discovered on my end.  Yes!

Well, our adventure just didn’t end in Burj Al-Arab, There were nearby areas we roamed around in the vicinity. There’s the Wild Wadi; Another area to be visited next time, the Jumeirah Hotel and then the Madinat Souq which I love the most because of a different ambiance until we decided to move to Mall of Emirates for a quick lunch at around 2…  We were all dehydrated in kissing the sun! 😛

Inside Madinat Souq

Overall, it was really nice walking along Jumeirah Road.  It could have been a more eventful photowalk only if the weather was less cruel.  Anyway, I need to make the most out of it and that’s what I did.  Great Experience!

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