Strolling Dubai

“Be yourself. I much prefer seeing something, even it is clumsy, that doesn’t look like somebody else’s work.”William Klein

Took a photo of this from the train. Good thing that the stains on the glass didn’t appear much.

As I continue to stroll in Jumeira, I have found out more interesting places in Dubai.  Though, I have not search everything, I was able to find things that I felt worthy to go at. We had lunch at Mall of the Emirates and went to Dubai Marina where buildings and yachts could go together in a frame. I’ve been here two years ago and saw much difference.  Promising buildings back then were now looking good!  Neat!

I should say that the transportation system in Dubai is pretty much organized.  Taxis, Buses, Trains!  Wow!  I would’ve dreamt that it would be the same in my country.  Oh, well… From Dubai Marina we headed to the so-called old Dubai, which I’m not too sure about the exact name of the place (forgive my poor memory).  Tried this one-dirham-fare boat used to cross a river, roamed around the place again, before I eventually moved back to my hotel near Khalid bin Walid Metro.

Night is young as I have decided to go for a little night life where a couple of Filipino performers were there. At least they have it here…

Check out more of my photos below:) .

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