On Public Speaking

“You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart.”  – John Ford

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Once again, in my attempt to make my stay in middle east equal if not a little closer to home, I found an organization called Desert Pinoeers Toastmasters Club. While Toastmasters, International is not really new to me as I have learned about this in 2008, I found public speaking a real waterloo, despite of this natural confidence that I have. Well, I guess it’s normal for everyone to have a littlegoosebumps when standing in front of a crowd. Normally, it lessen, until you got your composure, but sure as hell that one way or another, one got scared when doing this. I would bet on that.

All smile! (photo grabbed from DPTM FB Page)

I joined this club as a guest at first and decided to join after a number of visits. On my visits I always endevour to be part of this table topics as I want to really boost my confidence. For everyone’s information, Table Topics is a segment in The Toastmasters Session where in one would need to speak in 1 to 2 min, on a given topic provided by the Table Topics Master. Haha! my first attempt didn’t really lasted 30 seconds. What can I do? It was still vivid to me as I was shaking heavily! There were so many thoughts in my mind and they were just scrambling. Aaahm, Uuuh, Errrr, they all went out. Good thing they didn’t doubt if I am really an earthling! I came in Peace!

Humbled by the constructive feedbacks!

Anyway, things actually happened differently when I had my first speech. My Ice Breaker Speech. I was at first hesitant, but eventually gained composure. I coudn’t be more humbled enough on the positive feed back that I got, not to mention, I got the Best SpeakerAward on that day. Hmmm, probably because this one is a prepared speech, or… or maybe, I had this beginner’s luck.

I must say that my pursuit of conquering my own fear still has long way to go, on second thought, I am thrilled with the challenges that I might face in the future as far as this pursuit is concerned.

The best is yet to come!

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Jiving Chang Mai

Loving its admirable culture

What a respectable culture this coutry has.

I have not been travelling yet to any of our Southeast Asian neigbors except Singapore but I think  Thailand had quite preserved their cullture much like any other countries in the far east and that’s what I like about this country.   It’s been almost a year now and these photos were stored in my photo stash; I stumbled into it, and then I started scrolling one by one and had a flashback.   Chang Mai, the largest and culturally significant city in Thailand is one of the places I could really treasure 🙂

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