A Quick Trip to the Pearl of the Gulf

If there is a pearl in the orient, then there also a pearl in the gulf…

Bahrain Travel Guide for free at the airport. I hope I can use it next time

I was in the airport of Manila when I found out that our trip to Kuwait with a connecting flight to Bahrain experienced a technical problem, hence delaying us for hours. Good thing that I will be traveling with friends for I found out that they will be on the same flight. Upon learning that we will also miss our connecting flight from Bahrain to Kuwait, and we would have to wait for less than 7 hours for that, my good friend thought of visiting his sister and asked me if I want to join him.

I agreed without hesitation, besides, it will also be an opportunity for me to see their city even for a short period of time.

For 10 Bahraini Dinar, we were able to purchase an on arrival visa that is only good for 72 hours. Cool!

Bahrain’s Skyscraper

Bahrain as you will look at the map is very small. I tried checking its size and compared it with my hometown Cavite and realized that it’s twice the size of the latter; however, this country being in the gulf has a very huge petroleum reserves and considered as one of the fastest growing economies in the world!
I didn’t really wander much of the place but I was able to get a snap of their famous landmark, The World Trade Center. Maybe when I get the chance, I will go back to this place to have it explored. I heard there are also good things about the country and I would like to have it checked!


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