My Tri Talk

Trying to make both things work. Collaboration!

Finisher medal!

In my previous post, I’ve mentioned that I am currently attending Toastmasters Club.  Last October 19, Two years after I’ve done my first Mini-Sprint Tri, I attempted for my first Sprint-Tri.  Don’t ask now why it took so long, but I’m just glad I’ve finished the race and it became my inspiration in doing a Toastmasters Speech. Check it out! 🙂

Do you love Challenges? Because I do love challenges!
I love the thought of trying different things and wondering whether it’s going to work or whether I’m going to fall flat on my face. Honorable toastmaster of the day, fellow toastmaster and dear guests, Good evening.

not really an awesome photo of me as I can see my anxiety on this shot. Thanks Jhonny for the shot!

For some, Last friday was just an ordinary weekend, but to me, I felt I was facing one of the most challenging but exciting experience in my life here in Kuwait, physically, emotionally and psychologically. While most of the people were soundlessly sleeping in their most comfortable bed, I was preparing my gears for my first ever Sprint Triathlon. Anyone knows what a sprint triathlon is? Sprint Triathlon for your information is a multi-sport event where one needs to swim and then bike and then run.

The first part of the event was swimming. Imagine 750 meters. This room’s length (pertaining to the length of the room) could probably be a little over 10 meters, and I swam 75 times the length of this room.
The 250 athletes who participated swam like crazy and made the sea like a giant washing machine due to the strokes of their arms and the paddle of their legs. I was one of them, While I was swimming along the course that I thought would be easy, I was surprised at the sight of the constellation of starfish and sea urchins not to mention the seabed is more than 10 feet deep. I became frantic and panicked and ultimately lost my coordination. Oh my! This is not really the best way to die! I still have a toastmasters speech on Tuesday!

Drained, but managed to smile for the shot. Thanks again Jhonny!

It was a shameful act, but I shouted, HELP! The speedboat patrolling around immdiately responded on my weak but detemined cry. He asked me if I need assistance but that would made me disqualified from the race. I could’ve quit right then and there, but I suddenly got back to my senses. I thought about this pain that could last a second, a minute or an hour yet if I quit up right at this very moment, it’s over. I calmed myself and felt the water… The water is my friend and I don’t have to fight against it. I shared the same spirit with the water and it helped me move. It helped me move until I reached the turning point and finally back at the most beautiful shoreline of Kuwait I’ve ever seen.

The second part of the race was biking 20 Km. Think about Kuwait Towers and Marina Crescent and back. That is 20 Km. Drained from swimming but I was glad balancing on my bike and began pedaling. I was my own engine puffing to keep me at my speed. There was no sound I am hearing but only that of the wind slapping my face and that made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Elite bikers maybe overtaking me at that time but who cares I was competing against myself anyway.

The last part. 5Km run. My legs were sore and my back was in pain due to the time I sat on my bike. But this is the last part! I need to give all out. This should be the easiest part. Left foot the front and then right foot to the front. Repeat over and over and over. My mind was racing telling myself, Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must but never ever give up…

Glad to know that there are our so-called “kabayan” (country-men) participated the event!

I was not a winner, but I finished the race with glory, with honor. In this pursuit, it didn’t matter if I came in first, in the middle of the pack or last. I can say I finished and there’s a lot satisfaction in that for I never give up, never give in and hold on to my dreams and I never fall flat on my face.

Well, written speech and the way I delivered it didn’t really exactly match but, that’s fine.  I’m just trying to fill in the lines whenever I’m forgetting something. 🙂

Oh, btw, I got the Speaker of the Day Award.

Now, I’m off to my next speech and tri-training!

More Photos from Jhonny Dao