Year 4 at Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon

Old time run! first timer!
Old time run! first timer!

Rewind: January 25, 2009 was the day I officially started running. Had I not been informed by my Sykes Outdoor friends, I wouldn’t have reached the miles I have now conquered. Thanks to them! I actually took part on my first race as what we called “nuisance” or in the runner’s mouth: BANDIT. We don’t know the rules and we don’t care. Hell, this is road and it’s for free, until I realize that running BANDIT is unethical. I myself dread to see bandits, because I felt unfair whenever I see one. Why don’t you find a race that you can pay eh?!

Fast forward; four years… I was at the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon without a bib. I was supposed to run a marathon, but due to a series of unfortunate events (blame the flight delay and the foggy weather conditions in Dubai) I didn’t have a race kit on the day it needs to be collected. I didn’t have a bib.
I am sure I will not step on the starting line like that in the marathon? No bib… No bib… No bib… I can’t run without it… It keeps reverberating on my mind like as if one who will catch me running like that, they will confront me and condemn me….

Grabbin the 10K medal
Grabbin the 10K medal

Another runner whom I shared the same fate gave me an unsolicited advice: that we should run. I refused, but he insisted. He even mentioned me to run the whole marathon route like that. He was my devil’s advocate… But you were trained for it right?

Reality check1: I paid the race for 120 USD.
Reality check 2: There was a whole day of flight delay… I almost slept in the airport to wait…
Reality check3: It’s not my fault and neither the organizer’s
Reality check4: I was not alone for I met a number of runners who have experienced the same.

I said NO firmly… NO… for 42K, but 10K would be considerable, the thought of running 42K would be dreadful on a situation like that in my opinion but 10K would be manageable; and so we joined the crowd where I think I wouldn’t be noticed Sorry, SCDM. I need to at least enjoy half of what I paid for. With a pang of guilt, I joined the 10K runner’s crowd. I was a little anxious when I reach the coral.


The foggy day in Dubai made me miss the marathon (42K)
The foggy day in Dubai made me miss the marathon (42K)

The run started and everyone moved, Point to ponder, stay in the middle. Along the road I feel that the bystanders were looking at me so I tried going to be in the middle, I have no choice but to enjoy the whole race like as if I had a bib until I made it to the finish line. I felt really bad of not running the marathon, I guess there’s just got to be a reason, but what can I do? Whining is not an option, especially here in Dubai!

Great view at the finish line!
Great view at the finish line!


Oh btw, we got the shirt and the 10 finisher’s medal and I had a time well spent.


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