On Biking

If you want something, there are ways, if you don’t there are reasons… 

bikeIt’s been three weeks now since I joined a biking club here in Kuwait and I must say, again, that it’s an oxymoron.  A bitter and sweet thing; bitter because of the fear that is residing within me.  Something that is preventing me from doing things that I really want to do and I want to be.  Sweet because every finished course is an achievement, a conquered battle, a blessing, which I am truly grateful.  Hah!  That’s the drama!

Why am I saying this?  Oh well, Last Friday, I arrived to our meeting place and realized that no one was there? How could that possibly be?  According to a good friend, there’s no way the Friday bike session can be canceled; hence I started to wonder.  Only one speculation came to my mind: they already left.  I want to back out at that moment; this fear was like punching me on my face.  I must admit, I am afraid to bike along the road. I am afraid of getting hit by the speeding cars and big buses.   Then, I started contemplating, if I will not do it now, when?  What is my reason?

Ok, before I start, I uttered John 3:16 and left the area until I reach the turning point and met the gang. I realized that there was only a change of venue on our rendezvous.  Anyway, This may be nothing compared to others, I’m just glad I made it!   Looking forward for greater bike rides. 🙂

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