On Chasing Lights

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”  – Ansel Adams

City Lights in Fintas – Settings 20 Sec, F16, ISO 200 on Nikon D40

I love taking photographs of basically about anything.  Nowadays, people are into it and I joined the bandwagon long back (2008 is still new though).  On the things that I have learned about photography, one of my favorites is shooting at night and trying to catch the light movement.

Low Shutter Speed, Low Aperture and Low ISO settings could also catch the water movement.

At first I was asking HOW? Whenever I see a photo of the beams of the car without the car itself, I’m quite puzzled on how could it be captured like that. Until I realized that one needs to have a tripod to successfully do the trick or at least a place where in the camera will never be disturbed by any force that will make it move.

Of course aside from the movement of the camera that needs to be avoided, proper setting should also be adjusted. Tip #1: SET IT TO MANUAL MODE.  Friends say that it’s ideal to have the minimum ISO possible to evade unnecessary noise in the composition.  Next is to have a somewhat low aperture and lastly to have a low shutter speed. Balancing these setting should be up to the photographer depending on his taste.

In this exercise I’ve learned that high aperture can make the lights unequally scattered; hence it needs to be adjusted to properly disperse the light. Fast shutter-speed of course will make a photograph darker and the ISO on the light adjustment as well as the noise as I have mentioned.

Using the same trick in the Corniche of Doha

I have some of Doha Shots in the Past here

Maybe this will also help —> LINK

I’m sure many photographers have their ways and could share and explain better than what I’m saying. Okay, I’m off to shoot my next favorite photo!   Cheers! 🙂


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