Living the Moment

Anyanghaseyo! That is the most common greeting that I use to hear everyday from colleagues and everyone else here.  Yes, I am in South Korea. My three year stint in Kuwait is done and now I am embarking a new chapter of my life.  The kubus, humus, machboos and sisha life has changed to kimchi, noodles, kalbitang (my favorite) and soju. Goodbye to my desert life for now 🙂

SeoulI must admit that living life in Korea is somewhat difficult if I compare it in Kuwait; not that the people are not nice, in fact, they are indeed very nice; however, I have few challenges, one is the language.  Most people speak mainly Korean and you would only see few people speak English. South Korea herself has a very rich value for culture that is why I think its like that, although I think a number of English speakers has been increasing which I think is very good for us expats.  Another is, seeing another fellowman in the country is rare unlike in Middle East so there are very limited people I could ask about Korean lifestyle. Thanks to a friend and a few websites I was able to learn few things before moving in.

As what I have said, Korean’s culture and tradition is so rich, that of course I had a taste of it that moment I landed.  My colleagues immediately gave us a sumptuous dinner in a table so low that we have to sit while eating.  I don’t have a problem with that, except that my belly is pressing so much that it hurts! lol!  Then the soju (local wine) was poured to my glass, and according to them, they have a way of pouring it.  Use of chopsticks and more table manners that we soon need to adapt.


There are so many things about Korea that I have to learn; it might be somewhat difficult but surely it is possible; for now, I would have to live the the moment and be thankful on what I have!


I can now read and write Korean! Yay!

very organised train stations… This is very convenient!