Sweeter the 2nd Time


Proudly claimed my Race Kit!

It was 2013 when I first ran Tokyo Marathon. Just for the heck of it, I signed up and got selected in the lottery together with another running friend.  I really had fun during that time because it was a different kind of experience running my first Marathon in a country that Im not really residing (Went to Kuwait Marathon 2012). After two years, I thought again of signing up, and to my surprise, I got the cut in the lottery. Again! WOW!  My travel would definitely be easier this time now that I am living in South Korea since it will only be a two hour flight; however, theres a little ordeal.  I would be alone and would have to do all the things by myself; anyway, I did all the formalities in making myself physically present at the marathon. tokyo

It was still fun being in the event. It was full of vibe and the atmosphere was totally positive.  While there were few runners that I know who were participating, I was unable to see them due to the massiveness of the crowd; besides, we had different assembly points so I tried to at least befriend a lone runner/traveler as well.

It was raining, it was cold, but at the sound of the gun shot, after so much of waiting, we took off. To be honest, I despite of my current weight (Lol) I tried my best to run as much as I could until I gave up after hitting the 1st half of the distance. I felt soreness at that moment and after reaching 30km, just like the old days, no amount of motivation can push me.  It was just purely me; dragging myself just to end the self inflicted pain, it lightened up a bit though by seeing some takbo.ph acquaintances. 

I finished the race in little less than 6 hours. I felt a bit of shame for not working hard to lose extra pounds, but at the same time proud because at that end of that day, the person who motivated myself is no one else but still me. I was a fighter psyching up my unconvinced brain cells that I can still do it despite of whatever excuses I had.

The Finisher Medal, My Unofficiall Time and the Infamous finisher towel

It was a long day afterwards  having unable to walk after a marathon, but my heart was full of joy.  Of course, I will do it again.