Beat the Record – Ulsan Human Rights Half Marathon

After a series of multi-sport events that I have participated, I thought of signing up for a half-marathon event. I have been seriously training for quite some time now that includes a 21K long run where I clocked 2:12, so I thought with proper planning, I could beat my old 2:09 record back in December 2009.


I arrived almost 3 hours early in Ulsan, (50km where I live) where the race will be held.  That’s okay, I thought, at least I would have enough time. It was cold, and I was shivering.  I knew that the temperature would go up a bit so, I was not really that worried.

The race began at 9:30.  I carefully paced myself to get at least 2:06. It is the first time too that I am using my Garmin-VivoActive so things are quite new to me. It was a bit annoying that the pace is showing me is in min/km but its lap count is at 1.6km.  After seeing my pace on the 1st km at 5min, I just run at comfort.  Surprisingly, my pace is not going down below 6. I thought I would probably be drained after 10k, so I might just as well push as far as I can go. There are times that I tried pushing below 5:20min/km but it was too much for me, to add humor to it, there was a woman probably in her 40’s overtook me, Wow!  Where is this lady coming from? I tried pacing with her for a few minutes, but I guess she’s just way too strong for me.  I backed off when I thought it’s not good anymore to exert so much, and I would be back at my own comfortable pace.  Then another old man ran past me. Wow!  Wow!  What have I been doing all these years, I couldn’t even see any kind of difficulty in his face.  Thanks for the pace… So much respect I have in you people.

Excitement came when I still felt good at 10K, 11K, 12K, 13K, Aha! I can still do it; although my pace declined in time after 15Km, I swore I still tried my best.  I eventually finished at 1hr 53 min but it seemed short by 600m.  For that, I decided to complete the 21k to justify that I did 21K in less than 2 hours. It was first time since I started doing a half marathon in 2009. The power of mind is truly remarkable; we can believe in lies by accepting negative thought about ourselves and be the product of our own beating or be more positive in creating things that you desire.  I did both, but I know what I want this time; hence my improvement.  For sure, we will break another 21k record soon.   🙂


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