My First First – District 93 TM Fall Conference 2015

delIt was probably around July when District 93 (South Korea TM) declared that the event for the Toastmasters Fall Conference would be the Humorous Speech Contest.  Since I have a slight idea of how to write a humorous piece, I wasted no time and immediately prepared for it.  I had a discussion on this over a cup of coffee in Seongjeong Beach with my good pal Ken.  Though I have already seen a number of speeches regarding Toastmasters, and I fear that people might not be irritated to hear another one, I took the risk and wrote it anyway.  I thought of getting few old jokes about my old speech, some Filipino pick-up lines, Toastmasters and the cheesiness about dating.  Hah! Whatever, Toastmasters is a place where I can develop my skills; I might as well give it a try?

I first delivered it in the 200th meeting in Go-getters TM Club in Busan; to be honest; it was for me, dry and too raw. My delivery was appalling and I forgot almost many of my lines. I know it could be improved. I tried it next in the club contest in Burning Brunch; after a number of practices, it fortunately worked. I had a little dilemma about time management during the area contest preparation that I felt participating was no longer a priority. I was invited to speak in TEDx, I joined the Ironman in Gurye and for that; I felt I can’t join anymore.  Gladly, the odds went to my favor by closely fixing my appointments well. I won the area contest and still able to attend to some of my commitments.  After the Area is the Division. I know that the completion will be tough because most of the time, I always get third and not going up to the District, so I asked two friends to sit with me on my speech to get further feedback, which I think helped me a lot and make me win the Division.

I have 3 weeks to prepare for the District Contest, but I signed up for another triathlon and half marathon event (Hah! I love punishing myself). I also committed myself in swimming during weekends and hiking, that I only have a small time to practice at night, at least I recite it with eyes closed when I am about to sleep to make sure that I am not forgetting my speech.

The Finalist of the District 93 Humorous Speech Contest 2015

During the D-day, I made sure I am ready by securing my props, the microphone and the stage.

Gratefully, a number of people were entertained, laughed at my speech, and made me win. I received awesome feedback that really made my day.  I got it! My first time to win first in the district!

Of course, I wouldn’t have made it without the support of my friends, a handful of them ensured that I got what I need to succeed. Thank you. I indeed had a blast. A wonderful experience, I will never forget.  🙂

Here is the video of my speech.

More Photos Here

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