This is the Moment


A great life is not all about success, but also of pain and defeat that can mold us to be the best versions of ourselves!

A week ago (May 27-28, 2017) I joined the District 93 Toastmasters Spring Conference in Seoul South Korea where I was one of the 8 finalists in the International Speech Contest.

I thought about many topics as usual, but the topic that I selected was the one that’s close to my heart – Triathlon!  Woohooo!

While this might be boring for some as it is a totally different world from others, somehow, I am so happy to say that I got a very good response from the audience.

I started giving flashbacks of the first 70.3 Ironman that I participated in Cebu the Philippines, I crashed during the bike ride at that time and didn’t make it to the cut off!  Year after year, I tried participating in Ironman events and face series of unfortunate events…

Just like anyone else, I got demotivated and felt like quiting is the best option…. Instead I configured my mindset to have fun regardless of the outcome of my journey until I finally completed the race on my 5th try!

I was nearly the last of my pack, 2nd from the last on my age group but who cares!

I completed and I felt fulfilled!

Though I didn’t really emerge as the winner, I feel content on my performance, and would definitely write a new material soon!

Check out my video!

The Title of My Speech: This is the Moment


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