Marathon/Ultramarathon List

I just listed my marathon/ultramarathon journey, and I just realized that I completed my 34소 marathon/ultramarathon distance.  I just wonder when I will I accomplish my 100 marathon… Probably after 15 years?  Oh, well. I’ll just be happy if I’m still running at that age.

Marathon List

With all these events that I have joined, I can remember many vivid things about it…

Like my first marathon – I cried, because there were insufficient amount of water provided.

Bataan Death March – My 1st Ultra, my dad passed away 9 days before the race….

The North Face – My First Trail Ultra where I lost my phone in the mountain…

The Dream Marathon where I became a dream pacer.

Bohol Ultra Marathon where I passed out due to exhaustion…

Tokyo Marathon ,Kuwait Marathon, Seoul… all have great memories that I will never forget.

Definitely good for the heart… 🙂


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