Expect the Unexpected…

UTMF 2018 Poster

I never desired to be in Ultra Trail
Mount Fuji (UTMF) (168km, 8100m Elevation Gain, 46 hours) because I am not really
trusting myself if I can manage that gruesome event; but I was keen to
participate Shizuoka To Yamanashi (STY) – 92Km; the shorter course with lesser elevation
gain of the UTMF Race; That one, I’m sure I can manage… 4000 m of elevation
would probably be manageable, Moreover, I think I would enjoy the race as I’ve
never been in Mt Fuji Province. For sure, It will be a great experience!

October 16, 2017 – Opening of the registration
– Not really realizing the eagerness of people to join this “prestigious” event,
I didn’t pay too much attention to it as I had lunch (Food First Right); Yet as
soon as I’m done and went to the site,

Wallah! It was closed. Heck!
The registration was done in 30 minutes??? – How could there be so many
crazy people willing to punish their selves?

I talked to Kanghee – (My Wicked
Ultra Running Friend) and he said,

It’s okay, just sign up for UTMF.

I was too hesitant; but well, I will
lose nothing for signing up, right? Besides,
they will still draw it (like a lottery) and who knows if I’ll be selected…

And then, I forgot all about it…

While I have interest to join the
race, I also have some health issues to settle as I was debating with myself to
have or not to have a gall bladder surgery.
I mean, you know, I have no clue on what’s all about that too – and internet
is scaring me on all the ugly post-surgery implications…

Nov 1, 2017. I decided that I will do my gall bladder

Nov 1, 2017. I received an email from UTMF.

Thank you very much for registering for the ULTRA-TRAIL Mt. FUJI 2018!

checked your racer qualifications and your registration for the UTMF has been
successfully accepted. Please make the race fee payment from the following
official registration link in order to complete your entry.

I got qualified to participate….