Marathon/Ultramarathon List

I just listed my marathon/ultramarathon journey, and I just realized that I completed my 34소 marathon/ultramarathon distance.  I just wonder when I will I accomplish my 100 marathon… Probably after 15 years?  Oh, well. I’ll just be happy if I’m still running at that age.

Marathon List

With all these events that I have joined, I can remember many vivid things about it…

Like my first marathon – I cried, because there were insufficient amount of water provided.

Bataan Death March – My 1st Ultra, my dad passed away 9 days before the race….

The North Face – My First Trail Ultra where I lost my phone in the mountain…

The Dream Marathon where I became a dream pacer.

Bohol Ultra Marathon where I passed out due to exhaustion…

Tokyo Marathon ,Kuwait Marathon, Seoul… all have great memories that I will never forget.

Definitely good for the heart… 🙂



Fun Run Festival: Tokyo Marathon

The is no gain, if there is no pain…

The Runner's Crowd

The Runner’s Crowd: (click the picture to see the attachment link)

It was September 2012 when I joined a lottery; Not really the lottery where you can win jackpot and go home a millionaire but a lottery in qualifying as a participant in one of the major marathons in the world: The Tokyo Marathon 2013. 

Ninja Suit!
Ninja Suit to protect myself from cold.

October when it was declared that I won the lottery; to be honest, I am not really sure of how many people are applying for that spot but I was just glad that I qualified. I felt that it was a once in a lifetime invitation so I decided to take this opportunity. Thanks to my good friend who also qualified I do not have to worry about my few logistics.

Fast forward (I don’t want to talk about my issues in obtaining a visa and a flight but we made it to the Expo where you claim the bib and eventually and there at the starting line). I was culture shocked! Cultured shocked because I never thought that the event could be so festive. All the anime characters I grew up with where there. Power Rangers, Dragon BallZ, Super Mario, You name it! Almost 36,000 runners piling up to the starting area. Good thing we booked our hotel nearby and we arrived early at the area. I was in the Coral H and it actually took me 13 minutes to hit the starting line.

Tokyo Tower
Tokyo Tower

I thought I had enough about the culture shock but I had even more. The whole route was clogged by an unbelievable number of supporters from Km 0 to the finish! Gambatter Kudasai (Do your best)! Fai-to (fight)! Their kindness didn’t stopped there for they are even sharing chocolates, candies, rice balls and awesome bread that are truly aji ichi ban (number 1 taste). Some of them are even in costumes too! There are even support groups who were dancing and cheer dancing. There’s just got to be no way that you will stop and feel defeated on this race.

The Imperial Palace
The Imperial Palace

In the Philippines we always look forward for a cloudy day but in Tokyo, you would really wish it was sunny. In my opinion, it was really cold at that time, probably around 2-8 degrees Celcius; not to mention that the wind was sometimes blowing towards you giving you an uncomfortable chill. I was litterally chasing the sun when there was an opportunity! At the start of the race, most runners were covered by a wind breaker or rain coat but you will see all of those on the street when they started running and their body temperture raises up.

Pikachu, Kabuki and the gang!

Portalets will defintely an issue as well. If you are bothered on your time, you would really have to unload all of what you’ve got in your bladder so that nature would not call you and would not slash 5-10 minutes of your time due to the portalet queue. Hehehe! (I took a break at Km38 and slashed 5minutes while my good friend had it at Km 1 and missed 10minutes of his precious time).

Hi powered crew!  Awesome support!
Hi powered crew! Awesome support!

Overall, it was really a supecalifragelistic experience. I finished below 6 hours (no excuse for the weight gain) but this I must say is my best (bestest) marathon experience. How I wish I can do it again!

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Kuwait Marathon: My 1st Desert Run

Run if you can, walk if you have to; crawl if you must, just never ever give up. – Dean Karnazes

The medal and finisher shirt

What is the best thing to do after a twelve-hour flight? Run a Marathon! Yes!

November 3. I just arrived from Manila to Kuwait trying to make it to their first ever marathon. I am just glad to reach the starting point in at least good condition not dizzy, not hungry, just really sleepy, but what can I do? The hard way is the option that I choose. I can just quit on this race and never show up but my heart told me that I should run (or probably walk) this race.

With only 16 runners at the starting line, to be honest, it’s really surprising that it was pushed through. It started at 9:30 AM. It’s autumn time now anyway so the heat is not really that dreadful, but there is an ample amount of heat that could give us sunburn though, not to mention that the humidity was totally dry.

News about the marathon

Right from the start of the race, I was part of the last pack. 15th runner; and I don’t care. There was hard sand, soft sand, a little pavement sometimes and gravel; that is how the terrain was composed of. Hydration can be spoted only at 5K, 10.5K, 21K, 27K, 32K and 37K.  The half-marathoners were already overtaking me (I’d be to slow if the 10K will also do) and that’s fine until I felt totally alone and deserted at after their turning point at 10.5K mark. The extra 10.5K before reaching the turning point is like going on forever and when I reached there, there were only 15 runners left and when I reach Km 27, I am the only runner left at 11th position. The moment I reached 32K mark, no one was there anymore but only the remaining water bottles (good thing it was left unopened).

As what the organizer had mentioned, the cut off was 8hrs; It was not really an awesome time for a marathon, but I was lucky he was lenient enough for me. I finally end up at 7:15 with just the two of us in the finish line, I was the 11th finisher of the race.

It was tough. But I didn’t quit, no matter what…

Check out the associated news here and here.

Two-time Look Back

July is my favorite month!  It is because I celebrate my youth and at the same time my maturity this time of the year!  I look back on what I have done the previous year and rechecking if i’ll be getting better the next time.  There are actually lots of surprising events that occured this year,  and almost all of them are fulfilling! 

July, my month…

This time of the year, there are also two other events that I have celebrated.  First,  the anniversary; second the Milo Marathon.

On my previous posts, I have informed that I was in middle east for work.   I even celebrated my birthday there which is my first time, but despite of that, I still have enjoyed it in my own right of satisfaction.  There was a so-called “inner peace”  on my 28th birthday.  haha!     Going back,  July 24 was the RunFest which of course I want to be a part with again just like last year!  Again, I voluntered myself to be with DJ Chloe which is of course an honor for me! 

Back to back Runfest. Yes, I gained a little weight! hehe!

Here is my one year old post on Runfest 2010

I could almost quit running Milo Marathon because of my extremely poor mileage for the past few weeks;   probably 10K per week or less, although better than not running at all.  I did not register for the event because I was afraid that I won’t be meeting the 6 hour cut off.  I would blame Wesley  for bugging me to run it (or maybe I should thank him for believing in me).  I got a bib on the day itself from a friend’s friend.   During the whole race,  I have no intentions of hitting a sub 5.  I was conservatively trying but I gave up  on the thought at Km 30.  I didn’t happen.

Back to back Milo Marathon Event

This was my worst marathon time after my first marathon in Subic in 2009. It didnt matter though,  I was happy I finished that race under cut off (5:24).   I could try again next time.  🙂

 Here is my old Milo Marathon Story.
So there are the two stuff that I have done last year.  I happily did it again this year, and hopefully I can do it again next year! 
Acknowledgments to the following for the photos:, KB Photography, Photvendo and Sheryl Quimosing

I Circumnavigate Mayon

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” – from someone


Event Banner from


What can i say about Mayon 360 experience?

Glad that I was still able to have a quick peek of Cagsawa Ruins again.




Magayon Festival

I would bet that it’s not only me who would comment about this but others as well who took part on this event may it be a runner, an organizer, supporter or a bystander. The whole route may have been driving me up the wall a dozen times but i totally enjoyed the event 100%. We had an effective organizer, and supporters who will never leave you behind. People at the aidstations were all happy to see us asking if we were okay and providing us what we need (Okay, the water is sometimes not cold enough, but who cares!). i never had doubt the moment our group arrived. Magayon Festival, (An extreme discovery of Albay’s rich history and cultural heritage.) gave us a wonderful experience! I got total satisfaction!

All Smile's were brought to us the the Bicolanos!

About the route?


Hypermarvin's ultramarathon debut is the best!


Yes, that’s the word! It was hard and terrible, gruesome and hills, hiiiillls and hiiiiiiillllls! There were lots of it that and never ran out as we try covering it’s circumference. My attack on the race may have been incorrect for I did a positive split right from the start; yet, i never regret it; I will get tired anyway soon, haha! Good thing about it was that, I never had cramps or chaffing or any big injury except that I got tired which will eventually occured to all of us who joined.

At least I took one photo on this event! Congratulations Everyone!

I finished the race in 11 hour and 10 min.  24th among the 69 runners who joined. Did I mention I had a good massage after the race? Wow! That is totally unexpected.

Will I be doing it again? Yes! if chance permits.

Photo by Estan Cabigas


Yves Yu, JP Lee, Oriel Madela, Governor Joey Salceda, Bald Runner,  JCI Legaspi and the people of Albay, Thank you for the wonderful experience!

Noel Dizon, our host who gave us a warm place to sleep, Thank you!

Team CB, nice seeing you again on the race.   Maridol, sole support, thanks again! No need to worry about me! hehe!

Group Hug. from Ubaniv Nekros FB Page

Dream Pacer

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want” – Zig Ziglar Quote

Discussing law of thermodynamics with Leo doesn’t seem to entertain him.

I became a Dream Pacer last Bull Runner’s Dream Marathon 2011 and it was fun pacing a friend achieve his goal!  Leo, 6:18 on his last marathon (Condura Marathon 2011), achieved a 23 min PR 5:55.  Leo was a good pacee for he acknowledged what I am saying, too bad that he had a little difficulty on the last 5k due to cramps, but I was still able to push himself to the limits!  Walang Sukuan!

I am glad that he improved and was able to be at the first half of the runners who joined the event! He could have killed me for pushing him so much, hehe!
He can smile now! hehe! (photo by Jay Samson)
Looking forward to pace another runner next time!
Congratulations Jaymie Pizzaro aka The Bull Runner on your successful event!
with my Team CB family, thanks JR for the pic
Congratulations to my team CB family, and to the new marathoners as well!

The Wrath of the Sun-God Helios (The CAMSUR Marathon Adventure)

Patience is not only a virtue, but an acquired trait.

The Illusion

The thought of CAMSUR is wonderful… Just right enough to enjoy the Beach and Wakeboarding at the famous CWC.  Zeus ordered Baccus the god of wine to put us to an illusion that running the CAMSUR marathon would be inviting… To make it look like a good chance to hit out best because of the flat route…  Most of us were trapped into that illusion.

Marathon and Half-Marathon Newbies

Yes, we were lured into the illusion of paradise.  Out of town… Fresh Air…  A number of my companions registered for Half marathon and Marathon  unaware of what will really happen to us.

Goodluck Bash to Our Neo-half Marathoners and Marathoners

We trained for the event.  Agreed… But the question is if are we really prepared for it?

The Start.

The race started before the Sun-God Helios comes out.  I really planned of running at 6-minute pace until I fade but I had this uncomfortable feeling right from the start of the race.  I was not able to warm-up because the chariot that brought us to the starting mark arrived barely 5-minutes before the race started.  It end up in a run-walk pace right from the start of the race.  I told myself that maintaining a 6:35 pace should be good enough.

The 42-K route

It was dark…  and I wish it was just like that; however, Zeus the god who always want to challenge the adventurers ordered Helios go shine as early as it could and let display his flambouyant light.

I maintained my pace despite of discomfort until Km 30.  I was having a hard-time but I don’t want to whine about it. Blocking the pain and happy thoughts is what all I have in my mind.  Good thine the mortals watching us cheered the best way they could.  Greeting us everytime they saw us and giving us their best cheer and applause.  Children even gave us High Fives!

My team who waited for us in the finish line

Km 30…  The wrath of Helios was inevitable.  It eventually over-powered me as my pace started to decline.  Good thing that another mortal gave me 3 salt pills along the race which I took strategically.  I didn’t take any food except to my only energy gel that I took at Km 21 (I took the first before the race started) and some bananas provided by the organizer.  Water is the only hydration that I drank for I am afraid on to get some carbonated drink that the race had in every hydration stations.

A female runner who fainted somewhere along the route being helped by out friends

Another good thing is that Athena blessed me with wisdom so I managed to go on kilometer per kilometer despite of my fading pace.  I even passed a couple of runners who were already suffering from the thunderbolt casted by Zues against them and from the venom of the gorgon-Medusa that turned their feet into stone.


 I eventually arrived at the finishline after five hours of my run-walk strategy.  Despite of not beating my personal best, I am still glad about this for I have enjoyed this race.  

Post race picture... BLAH!

All of us compalined about the heat.  It was terribly hot that day yet good thing no one gets hurt.   I am also glad to see my friends to finish the race.  They were winners in their own right. Indeed that no sun-god can  beat our wisdom and determination to finish. friends who finished the race!

Thank God (the real one)  who made this day who gave me another opportunity to express my will and strength.  It was undeniably a wonderful day.

The race gave us a real BLAH!

Congratulations to my firends who just finished their first half marathon and marathons.  You made us proud! 

Acknowledgment to Joyce Morisson, Runner’s Run and Brando Losaria on some pictures that I have used. Thanks also to my dear friend Cherry who used my Camera to get some real action shots!