My First Quarter Races of 2017

Keep on Going!


I’ve not been logging my races lately but here is the recap of the events that I’ve joined


  1. The Naked Marathon
Hi Fats!  

Distance: 10K

Time: 57 min

Where: Daegu, South Korea

When: January 8, 2017

What Happened – In the middle of winter season where daring yourself out half naked is a challenge.  A bit shame because the weather was not really that cold. I had little challenge in running fast because I just came from my Christmas break in the Philippines. Not really bad to start the year with a 10K!

  1. Run Though the Jungle
River crossing at it’s finest…

Distance 34K (Downgraded to 16K)

Time: 5hrs 34min

Where: Taiwan

When: February 26, 2017

What Happened – It was raining the day we came to Taiwan, a bit flustered due to the weather because we know we’re going to have a challenging race and it turned out really difficult, mud, river crossing, mud, mud, mud… I tried pacing very slow that I didn’t realize that there is a cut off to beat at Km 10 – I was forced to downgrade to 16K so I won’t have a shameful ending.  Things eventually turned out well as we all finished safe.  The whole experience in Taiwan might not be as awesome as we expected but as the saying goes, when Life throws you lemons, make lemonade.

Yep, It’s cold and rainy and muddy and… Whatever!


  1. Ironman 70.3 Subic
The Start of the Bike Leg – Something’s following the Law of Gravity

Distance: Half Ironman 1.9K Swim, 90Km Bike, 21Km Run

Time: 8hrs 6min

Where: Subic, Philippines

When: March 12, 2017


What happened – I had a bad feeling about this race due to my sub-standard trainings.  I swim less, I bike super less, and run a lot in the mountain… My great friends – The Ong Family helped me out a lot to make my logistics less burdensome.

The swim leg was good… The bike leg was a bit tough as I struggle on a hilly road, and the running leg was, errr, hot but definitely manageable.  This is my first 70.3 Ironman race that I have completed in the Philippines as I failed to complete two 70.3 Ironman races in Cebu.  Maybe someday.

  1. Pink Run

Distance: 5k

Time: 26min 26 seconds

Where: Dadaepo, Busan, South Korea

When: March 19, 2017

Running and Toastmasters Friends

What Happened – A race for a cause, I invited some of my running and Toastmasters’ friends to join as the event had quite a friendly atmosphere.


  1. Busan Ultramarathon

Distance: 50K

Time: DNF

Where: Busan, South Korea

When: March 25-26, 2017

50K Hopefuls…

What Happened – Probably the most demoralizing race that I have joined. It has a great course, but the I felt that it lacks preparations. There were not enough ribbons and many of the runners got lost that eventually quit.  I did not! I tried working on my way out every single time until I got lost at the summit of Jangsan. I eventually quit the race after finding a trail of my own… I don’t want to blame the organizer entirely on this as we were so complacent that they will provide us enough direction. Probably the next time I join this event, I would need to study the course well…. Yep, That it!

I died after the race…

On Learning – Ironman Quest Repeat

Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.

Me says: If you can't play, display!
Me says: If you can’t play, display!

Aug 2, 2015 was my 2nd attempt in 70.3 Cobra  Ironman Philippines; a month prior to the event, I have doubts about my capability, I have full on anxiety and fear that I might not even make it to the swim leg; after so much contemplation, I have reached to the conclusion that I could only finish the race if I have decided I can. I respect the distance. I am not that strong in any of the segments of the race, yet I trust myself enough that I can do it. I was full of optimism, but not overconfident, the moment we were released to swim, I remained calm because my training manifested that I can do it in 50min. I stayed away from the buoy because my experience told me that it’s not wise to battle against people who rely too much at it. A couple of unidentified sea creatures hit me, but I didn’t mind it, because I know it’s nothing compared to what I should face. At 1.4km, I noticed, my watch stopped counting the distance yet the time is moving; 50 min. It’s ok… 60… 70… Oh no, what’s going on? Was my watch not working or I was just too slow.  I got alarmed too by the number of people getting close to me. I was really naive and clueless of the scenario; 80 minutes, the crowd just went bigger and bigger, there were people who stopped in front of us, others were trying to swim hitting anything their arm could touch, one was pulling my leg, then another hitting me on the face that had my goggles disarranged; at that time, I decided to stop and look around, I was swimming on the opposite direction and yet I saw people swimming with me. A number of people were heading towards the land so I followed. I was full of disappointments as I get close to the shore because I thought they are just trying to sheep people until I heard someone said, “Last three minutes!”


I rushed as much as I could, I still have a chance!

I clocked 85 minutes on my swim; worst ever. I calculated the lost time and it was about 40 minutes that I could’ve spent for the bike.  I knew I was in a difficult situation but of course, I should give it a shot. I was doing well, but I was a bit ashamed of myself for not enduring the scorching heat of Cebu. I struggled. My pace declined every time I was biking against the wind and too relaxed when it was pushing me. I had cramps, I stopped frequently (oh totally unacceptable). After biking the 90km distance for 4 hours and 30 minutes, I reached the transition, shamefully asking the organizers, “I didn’t make it right?” It was another failed race for me; painful because it was my 2nd attempt. I started evaluating myself, apart from the terrible swim course (I’ve heard that full moon affected the movement of the tide hence the current); I looked on what I could’ve done wrong. They said that a bad workman blames his tools and yes, I have too, one of the things I noticed and I thought significant were my bike cleats, that easily unlocks when I pull; hence, during the whole bike course, I was just pushing the pedals. That leads to my negligence in checking little things that counts; Improper placing of the power gels; as it fell; not to mention my unqualified bike training. I do indoor spinning, jogs frequently, constantly hikes, swims, but my training is not at all considered a concrete plan to finish. On a lighter note, I don’t want to be remorseful about this event (hey, I didn’t lose my job yet, not yet); in fact, it was quite a learning experience for me. It was my first time to really fight against a number of people while swimming.  I tend to give way every time I got bullied but this time was different as I thought of survival and at least finish with pride despite of the mishaps.  As many people say: winner takes all, but for me, sometime you win, sometimes you learn. My body may have failed me, and broke my heart, but there will always be time to heal (#inspiringmusicon).

dramatic bubble thought: tomorrow is another day…

Oh, well, until my next Ironman event. Yes, we will not give up!

Daegu Olympic Triathlon – My First Try

If you’re going through hell, keep going.

at the pre-race briefing

May 3, 2015. It was raining…”Surely this is going to be a long day.” I thought as I try to fix my things in the transition area in Daegu Olympic Triathlon. I put a plastic cover on my box so at least I won’t be wearing wet shoes and socks, at least while putting it on. The wetsuit (though my third time of using it) fit but a bit too tight. My knees for some reason were shaking and weak despite of participating multi-sport events for quite some time. I’ve been here, done that… I’ve been here done that… Everything is going to be alright.  Fear lurked in me the moment I jumped into the lake for warm up. Should I go back, I thought (Of course not) my mind was playing tricks on me.  The water was probably just too cold that’s why, so I tried just staying in the water until I got my composure.  There were buoys anyway, so for sure, it will be safe.  I can go on that side all throughout…

making sure that all the required are available!

A number of people gathered the event, surprisingly, it was a big pack. I was ignorant of the fact that many are also passionate tri-athletes here in Korea.  Waiting for almost an hour before the first wave began; I was still convincing myself I can do it!

Before the gun-start, I’m freakin’ out here!

I was in the second wave, group of 20-35 years old participants.  At the sound of the gun, I was surprised that most of them were hesitant to move and I was at the back. Were they also as scared as me?  I waited for a bit, but it looks like that group was really slow, so I started moving, making sure I was near the buoy. I realized it was not a good idea as few people did the same and started panicking.  I’m not sure what happened but I notice there are few people who tried pulling my shoulder just to get a grip and save their lives.  Wallah! What’s going on?  My coordination suddenly got lost but I tried going away from the buoy as it was not really a good idea. The triangle loop in the lake was short yet it feels so far… I eventually regained my confidence, but I know it was already too late; I spent so much time convincing myself everything will be okay.

I was a bit worried about the slippery road.
I was a bit worried about the slippery road.

I successfully finished the swim leg but it took me almost 55 minutes to complete the swimming course, it was for me a disappointment. The bike leg was next, the road was slippery, so I was too prayerful. I don’t care if I’m slow; I just want to be safe. The forty-kilometer bike ride was probably the most relaxing part of the race, although I struggle nursing my back.  Hah!  Poor saddle time was the cause of this, as I don’t try longer bike workouts. Maybe rain helped me despite the slippery road because I didn’t get dehydrated.

The final leg the run-leg is probably of course the safest, but most annoying. It was just like saying, everything is going to be okay, but because we were running in a park, the area was uncemented,

The Finisher Medal
The Finisher Medal

partially muddy and full of water, it was a bit a challenge; nevertheless, I tried enduring the five loop run. Maybe I was almost the last runner not including those who did not finish due to bike problems, I don’t feel much pain, yet I felt tired and wasted.

My first Korean Triathlon maybe annoying as it was raining most of the time, yet I felt grateful for this wonderful experience as always.

Until next time.

The 3rd Al Corniche Aquathlon

Fear is a state of mind…

BIKE Tri-Team
BIKE Tri-Team

It was a great day and once again, avid multi-sport athletes gathered for another much awaited event in Kuwait.  The Al Corniche Aquathlon.  The turnout of the event was not really as big as the fun runs due to the complexity of the game for most people, as the event calls for each participant to swim in an open water.  There were four categories and these were the following:

Sprint and Sprint Relay – 1K swim, 5K run

Olympic and Olympic Relay – 1.5K swim, 10K run.

Most of my friends signed up for the Olympic category for they have already tried few months back the shorter version of the event.  As for me, I have chosen to join the Olympic relay because I want to engage a friend in this kind of sport, meanwhile, another friend also chose to do the relay, due to his minor heel injury.  It was good in my opinion for tho things, he keeps himself busy while trying to recover and he’s giving opportunity also to other athlete/friend to participate.

swim rodel
Captured moment

THE WASHING MACHINE:  The start of the race –  I have been with a few swim races and triathlon games; however, jitters still didn’t go away that easily, although the jitter quickly subsided after the first 50 meters, after that, it was okay. the course was not that bad too, for there were buoys from afar and there was a man in his kayak watching over us. I finished my swim at roughly around 31 minutes and immediately tapped my friend to run.  Immediately, I looked for my friends on how well they were doing; gladly, they were able to get out of the water safely. I couldn’t be prouder to my friend Biboy after coming out from the water despite of finishing last.

btt finisher
Bike Tri Team Finishers

THE RUN LEG –  It was already past 10 am and the sun is already high. My running buddy Arnold started strong but later somewhat felt dehydrated due to heat. Fortunately, the run course required them to do a 6 laps to finish 10km so, we were able to see most of our friends frequently and cheer for them.  Arnold clocked 54 minutes in his watch, including his transition, making our finish time at 1:25 (unofficial).  Still waiting for the official results though.

The finisher medal

POST RACE – After finishing the race and evaluated ourselves, our team mates realised the importance of open water swimming.  The spur of the moment, their adrenalin and fear could still linger giving us a few mishaps especially during the swim leg.

Over all, it was an awesome event with a friendly and positive vibe!


The Iron Man Quest

I should keep moving… I signed up for this right?

Signed Up!
Signed Up! I was drowsy when I hit “submit” 😛

Yes! I signed up for the Ironman 70.3 Philippines this year. Although I was a bit hesitant because I don’t really know what to expect and I haven’t really have much exposure, (oh well) I did!  A multi-sport event that includes three discipline:  Swimming, Biking and Running.

Packed my stuff. Hush, I don't know for some but I think participating a Triathlon overseas is tough on logistics.
Packed my stuff. Hush, I don’t know for some but I think participating a Triathlon overseas is tough on logistics.

Fast forward… Zap! There were butterflies in my stomach the moment I landed in Cebu Philippines ; and because it was my first time transporting a bicycle (or any big luggage for that matter) from one country to another, I find it very stressful; not to mention that you actually need to disassemble your bike and then put it in order in a box and then reassembling it once you get to the location. Maybe I’ll get used to it soon though.

Claiming of the race kit is very easy. It was an organized expo!

Despite of all the stressful logistics. It was a good thing getting the race kit, race number tattoo marking was fine, the bike check-in has a strict security. It was very organized and I am impressed how things were being handled (Maybe this was hat we were really paying for).

All set!
The night before the d-day! Looks like I’m all set.

Above all this, above all the preparation, the real thing that’s most important is myself. The night before the event I was really restless (like as if I’m doing the BDM 102); slept at 10PM but woke up at 2AM and started preparing as I couldn’t get back to sleep anymore.  It was rainy that morning and I felt that we’re definitely going to have a tough race… and so it happened…

My Tri Talk

Trying to make both things work. Collaboration!

Finisher medal!

In my previous post, I’ve mentioned that I am currently attending Toastmasters Club.  Last October 19, Two years after I’ve done my first Mini-Sprint Tri, I attempted for my first Sprint-Tri.  Don’t ask now why it took so long, but I’m just glad I’ve finished the race and it became my inspiration in doing a Toastmasters Speech. Check it out! 🙂

Do you love Challenges? Because I do love challenges!
I love the thought of trying different things and wondering whether it’s going to work or whether I’m going to fall flat on my face. Honorable toastmaster of the day, fellow toastmaster and dear guests, Good evening.

not really an awesome photo of me as I can see my anxiety on this shot. Thanks Jhonny for the shot!

For some, Last friday was just an ordinary weekend, but to me, I felt I was facing one of the most challenging but exciting experience in my life here in Kuwait, physically, emotionally and psychologically. While most of the people were soundlessly sleeping in their most comfortable bed, I was preparing my gears for my first ever Sprint Triathlon. Anyone knows what a sprint triathlon is? Sprint Triathlon for your information is a multi-sport event where one needs to swim and then bike and then run.

The first part of the event was swimming. Imagine 750 meters. This room’s length (pertaining to the length of the room) could probably be a little over 10 meters, and I swam 75 times the length of this room.
The 250 athletes who participated swam like crazy and made the sea like a giant washing machine due to the strokes of their arms and the paddle of their legs. I was one of them, While I was swimming along the course that I thought would be easy, I was surprised at the sight of the constellation of starfish and sea urchins not to mention the seabed is more than 10 feet deep. I became frantic and panicked and ultimately lost my coordination. Oh my! This is not really the best way to die! I still have a toastmasters speech on Tuesday!

Drained, but managed to smile for the shot. Thanks again Jhonny!

It was a shameful act, but I shouted, HELP! The speedboat patrolling around immdiately responded on my weak but detemined cry. He asked me if I need assistance but that would made me disqualified from the race. I could’ve quit right then and there, but I suddenly got back to my senses. I thought about this pain that could last a second, a minute or an hour yet if I quit up right at this very moment, it’s over. I calmed myself and felt the water… The water is my friend and I don’t have to fight against it. I shared the same spirit with the water and it helped me move. It helped me move until I reached the turning point and finally back at the most beautiful shoreline of Kuwait I’ve ever seen.

The second part of the race was biking 20 Km. Think about Kuwait Towers and Marina Crescent and back. That is 20 Km. Drained from swimming but I was glad balancing on my bike and began pedaling. I was my own engine puffing to keep me at my speed. There was no sound I am hearing but only that of the wind slapping my face and that made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Elite bikers maybe overtaking me at that time but who cares I was competing against myself anyway.

The last part. 5Km run. My legs were sore and my back was in pain due to the time I sat on my bike. But this is the last part! I need to give all out. This should be the easiest part. Left foot the front and then right foot to the front. Repeat over and over and over. My mind was racing telling myself, Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must but never ever give up…

Glad to know that there are our so-called “kabayan” (country-men) participated the event!

I was not a winner, but I finished the race with glory, with honor. In this pursuit, it didn’t matter if I came in first, in the middle of the pack or last. I can say I finished and there’s a lot satisfaction in that for I never give up, never give in and hold on to my dreams and I never fall flat on my face.

Well, written speech and the way I delivered it didn’t really exactly match but, that’s fine.  I’m just trying to fill in the lines whenever I’m forgetting something. 🙂

Oh, btw, I got the Speaker of the Day Award.

Now, I’m off to my next speech and tri-training!

More Photos from Jhonny Dao

KTT Aquathlon, Worth-Joining Race

Race and Fun!

There’s no way I can’t be part of this event!  When Bave and Cris announced that they will be having an aquathlon, I immediately signed up without hesitations.

The Event Poster (Click the link on their fan page)

Multi-sport is fun because it gives you a different challenge!  I have never tried doing duathlons but I bet they are exciting and challenging as well. For now, I’m sticking with Aquathlons and Ultramarathons (sour-graping ng wala pang bike!).

The day before the event:

Hush! We have a company team building!  Oh no!  I will not be able to rest that much. The trip to Caliraya in Quezon would be an extra effort.  Anyway, I need to be a part of the company event as well so I have decided to stay the whole day there.

Here is the video of our fun in Caliraya.

Waiting for our wave to start (Photo by: Marvin Pangan)

Fast forward.  Earl, Lucky and me arrived at the event sleepy. Earl and Allan has been bullying me right from the start to do back float just for fun.  I disagreed and mentioned that I want to push and give the best that I can do. haha! (walang pakisama!)

They made everyone's day! Thanks to Team Backfloat! Haha! (Photo by Marvin Pangan)

Okay, I timed a little over 11 min on the swim leg.  Quite acceptable on what I can really do. I still struggle sometime during the race.  A friend told me that I should give to much time on staying at the end of the pool. Okay, i’ll practice and try it next time.

Love this shot! thanks Maridol

Run Leg: I ran barefoot.  Why?  I felt that I took so much time in the Swim leg so I have decided to do it;  I have scouted the route and secured that I can tolerate the concrete road that’s why I become confident.  It’s 3K anyway so that’s fine with me.  I can probably endure and block the pain for less that 20 minutes, I guess.

During the run, I felt a something is wrong.  Ok, I’m dizzy but I don’t want to be left behind.  Unfortunately, the lack of sleep and extreme heart rate has already taken a toll on me. A friend marshall told me that I was pale during the run and confessed on what happened.  “langya ka” she gasped!   “You shouldn’t have push that much!”

My photo finish (Photo by Hans Gundayao)

Eighteen minutes. My competitive side told me that this is unacceptable for me.  No! On the lighter side, I have enjoyed the race and glad on the outcome of the event.  I know the organizers, the marshalls, some contestants, some audience.  They are common people I see everytime there is an event like this.  Team KTT (Kain Tulog Takbo) indeed performed a great job in giving us a good race for a cheap cost. They even have a beneficiary (CRIBS)!

After event photo op (Photo by Kat Orbista)

I What more could I say to KTT but WE WANT PART 2! Level it up! haha! More Power to KTT!

Post event photo op Thank you KTT for the opportunity! (Photo by Bave dela Cruz)

Thank you Lord God for this wonderful day.

Endure-Blackberry Aquathlon – A FUN EVENT

“Fun is better than winning.” – Oaqui


The Ad

After our grisly quest to Km 160 and 102, Earl (The Running Gramps) and Allan AKA j3j3RNR thought of joining a fun event; the Blackberry-Endure Aquathlon. The three of us settled on the CURVE Category (400m swim, 3K run) than doing BOLD (600m swim, 5K run) so as not to jive with the more serious Multi-sport athletes (I dreamt of going podium as well – dream on!) not realizing there are some competitive athletes as well on our category.



I honestly believe that something is wrong with my foot work.


Although this will be just a fun event, it doesn’t mean that there will be no competition going on among us. Earl kept on bullying me telling me to prepare on my alibis if I lost on our mini-match, Allan remain silent though and laughing on our trash-talks, he claimed that he didn’t really prepare for it (or maybe he was just trying to be the black horse).



The race began with me leading of course, haha, yet I noticed that kids who were parts of our wave were the ones who are outswimming us! What the h***! These kids were throwing us waters right into our mouth! What a shame!

As what my shirt says, Di masyadong mabilis...

After a couple of minutes I moved to transition and ran!  I keep on grasping for air; oh maybe I need more practice.  One young runner overtook me and I never managed to overtake any runners, I was even tempted to walk on some hilly part of the race but I tried not to just to save my ass from humiliation.  The only bragging rights I  can tell is maybe the fact that Earl didn’t out swim or outrun me and so did Allan, good think it was just 3K, haha! (COWARD!)

Don't you think they support me all the way? Thanks Rico for the "Bragging Rights Mug"

Anyway, I know I can’t have best of both worlds, I need to train more on this aspect as this was definitely not my cup of tea yet but I might be willing to try it over again.  We had fun!  Thanks Team Endure for giving us stuff like this.

All the way support from Cherry, Yan and Marky

Keep on coming!



Photos courtesy of Raisa Tan, Glo Arbatin, KB Runner and Cherry Bautista

On Being a Triathlete



The gem cannot be polished without friction nor man without trials. – Confucius    

See that baggy shorts and cross training shoes... Oh no!!!

When I was starting in running back in 2009, I have already dreamt of becoming a tri-athlete. I trained as much as I can to at least improve myself and tried to enhance my knowledge and skills as a runner. I know that I have still a lot of room for improvement but I am glad of my achievements.

Flashback! A number of members decided to join the fun in multisport. That undeniably is a good idea… Unfortunately, I don’t know how to swim and I am scared of going into the deeper side of the pool.

Hope the stroke was right that time... 600m took me more than 19 min to get through it.

One day… I tried it, pushed myself, trained for weeks to move a meter… then another meter… I was sick every other session for I felt that I have made the pool shallower by 1 centimetre every swimming session. I sometimes feel frustrated about it, but my friends’ kind words of encouragement shove me to exert more effort. Twice, thrice, of even four times a week just to master it, until eventually, I swam one lap and another, until I can do 20 laps or 40 laps per session. I maybe swimming slowly, but I am again proud from where I’ve been. My next project would be swimming in open water.

53 minutes to bike? There's pretty much room for improvement though...

Biking… Another fear… I am afraid to get hurt or bruised brutally for I know you can get that with biking if you were not careful enough. My first ride wasn’t that easy… I fell twice during our practice. I had some bruises but good thing my skin was too thick to be wounded! LOL! Thanks again to the people who believed in me, for once again pushing and always reminding me what I can really do.

Yes, I joined my first tri after a week of training in biking. I was anxious and jittery before the event making myself to arrive late at the swim leg. I don’t even know what to do at first. That is making me look stupid. Eventually, I finished the swim leg composed and good enough to gear up for the bike leg.

18 minutes for 3.2K? Hmmm.. I must be tired...

Since this is the portioned that I least trained for, I am very slow. I guess, I really haven’t mastered it… Lack of experience can even position you in trouble… And it did! I fell a few minutes after I started. That was a downhill that pressed me to the ground. Adrenaline rush hit me, I stood up and pedal once again until I went through the course. That’s 17 kilometres…

Lastly, the run leg, which is the easiest for me; this is the time where at least I can overtake a few runners. The 3.2K distance still challenged me for my legs were already sore after saddling with the bike.

1:31... Been there done that...

I eventually managed to cross to finish line after 1hour and 31 minutes… And after that, I became a triathlete.


I have done it!  I have conquered it; yet, I am giving half of the credit to my friends who supported me all the way and cuddle my desire. I couldn’t have thank them enough for it.. Their chants were my booster and made my soul strong all the way.  Thank GOD for sending his intruments.


Thank you again everyone! Another humbling moment...

Acknowledgments during the race:

Doc Art for the bike leg.

Lucky for pacing me on the run leg.

Maridol, Weslee, Mavin and Bilz for gathering the moments.

For the Team CB who supported us all the way down south!

On Joining an Aquathlon

There’s always a new challenge to conquer 

The Invitational Poster


Adination Alabang Aquathlon.  I could say that it is totally a new challenge for me.  I have joined a few aquathlons before,  from Sheerwills Aquathlon Cup to Ateneo Aquathlon and finally this one.  I daresay that I was prepared in this event but the race still caught me off-guard. 

First 20 seconds of fame.


2.5Km Run- 400m Swim- 5K Run 

I know I can do better than this! That ‘s all I have in my mind.  I blasted at the first few Kilometers of the race by finishing a little over 11 minutes on my first leg.  I suppose this was fast for me which I believe that I could no longer sustain in the end. 

Me and DocT resting.... lol!


Splash!  I jumped into the pool and swam but I just started to get a little light headed…  I can’t keep up and I can even finish a 25 meter lap, meaning I totally suck! I decided to just get through with it so that I can get back to running.

Barefoot running is somewhat painful


The last leg was my redemption.  I hurriedly put on my singlet to run… Barefoot.  It was 5 Km. I dashed as much as I could and I felt superb until I stepped on the roughest part of the road.  I slow down at those portions and go back to speed when I felt it would be easier; however, I eventually slow down on my last kilometer when I felt the pain on my heel.  I realiazed that I was doing heel strike and I didn’t noticed until it was swollen.  I chaged my stride by doing forefoot but my forefoot skin was just to thin.  Good thing that the last leg was only 5 Kilometers.  (hah! The pain ended at last!) 

I finished 7th overall out of 17th partcipant.   Not bad after my last Aquthlon where I walked a lot.   I finished the race in less than 52min (not including the transition). 

It was another day of achievement for me! 

Thank you Adination Runners of for the opportunity and also their sponsor who help them pushed the event. 

I would also like to acknowledge my team, TEAM CB for the moral support and so with the TEAM ENDURE (multi-sport team). 

Acknowledgments also to those who took photos of the event.  I am totally confused who has the cam and all the facebook tags, but then again, thank you!