A Quick Trip to the Pearl of the Gulf

If there is a pearl in the orient, then there also a pearl in the gulf…

Bahrain Travel Guide for free at the airport. I hope I can use it next time

I was in the airport of Manila when I found out that our trip to Kuwait with a connecting flight to Bahrain experienced a technical problem, hence delaying us for hours. Good thing that I will be traveling with friends for I found out that they will be on the same flight. Upon learning that we will also miss our connecting flight from Bahrain to Kuwait, and we would have to wait for less than 7 hours for that, my good friend thought of visiting his sister and asked me if I want to join him.

I agreed without hesitation, besides, it will also be an opportunity for me to see their city even for a short period of time.

For 10 Bahraini Dinar, we were able to purchase an on arrival visa that is only good for 72 hours. Cool!

Bahrain’s Skyscraper

Bahrain as you will look at the map is very small. I tried checking its size and compared it with my hometown Cavite and realized that it’s twice the size of the latter; however, this country being in the gulf has a very huge petroleum reserves and considered as one of the fastest growing economies in the world!
I didn’t really wander much of the place but I was able to get a snap of their famous landmark, The World Trade Center. Maybe when I get the chance, I will go back to this place to have it explored. I heard there are also good things about the country and I would like to have it checked!



“I have always loved the beach. The smell of the salty water, the wind in my face, the gentle roar of the waves all combine to create a sense of peace and calm.”   -Anonymous

Boracay’s Famous Puka Beach famous for its Puka Shells

Boracay, An island known as one of the best beaches in the world. There’s not much I could actually say about this place anymore for many people had already renowned its beauty a thousand times. In my very honest opinion, Boracay may not really the best place in the Philippines that I have been but I really find the place really relaxing. Drinking beer while dining looking at the beach, haha, what a cheap and simple joy I could have.

I swam, helmet dived (lamest thing i did IMHO), parasailed (WOW), hiked, snorkled, there’s just too many things to do. There’s night life as well if you want to get wasted, but that’s really out of my league (what a geek).

Anyway, below are the photos I took.
Have fun!

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Check out also my swimming video!

Where I stayed?

It’s on the other side of the island. I tried to avoid the crowd at least and I had an awesome stay!

Nice place to stay I must say. I can really feel I’m in the island!

Check out the LINK

Day After an Ultramarathon in Panglao

“Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment; full effort is full victory.” – Mohandas Ghandi

After my gruesome finish in 50-Mile Bohol Ultra-marathon (Story Here) , I slept soundlessly in bed (hopefully) looking forward that the pain will all be gone by tomorrow; if not, lessen at least!  Waking up at 5 AM is still quite tough for me as I am definitely having a hard time walking due to my chaffing  (saying exactly where would be too much information)  and not to mention my 3mm (diameter) blisters on both feet. Anyway,  I grabbed my camera for I seriously want to have great memories about Bohol  (Panglao Island) and of course enjoy! No time to whine now. 

An Island near Panglao

An Island near Panglao

Jumping to the sea was tough but I felt relaxed after dipping myself to it!  Think about being called by nature for a long time and then releasing it in the nick of time.  Sooth… Relief…  Aaaahhhhh…

Enjoying underwater photo by: Ronnel Go

After I felt that I am already comfortable, we did a couple of laps just to at least check how good we are in open water swimming.   Haha! Thanks Cris for the push.

Raced with Cris! I’m the guy on the right. 😛 photo by: Ronnel Go

Too bad we didn’t cover much of Bohol as I was really tired, not to mention that I am paralized. They are talking about tarsiers, and marine sanctuary but time is also not good for us as we need to leave in the afternoon.

Well,  maybe another time, and at least I was able to get few good shots. Check it out!

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Doha Corniche

Run, Travel.

Collage Photo

I’ve been in Doha for five times, walk around to take photos, hang out and drink coffee yet, to be honest, I’ve never ran around the area.  One of my friends invited me to jog in the corniche, a place where we usually stay to unwind.  I didn’t commit at first with them for my fear that I might got lazy and woke up late.

Morning came and I realized that I need to move! It’s been days since I last ran and it’s like I eat more than I exercise…  I put on my sneakers and ran upon realizing that. It was a great feeling to run near the sea side!  Wind blowing,  feeling the chill and not getting tired much.  As I ran along the cornice road, I saw signs like Think, Realize and Achieve.  This things drove me to do more.

Met my friends at my 10th kilometers and join me on the remaining three kilometers!

It was a great run and had a good breakfast after.

Good Old Sagada

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.  Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.  The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.  ~John Muir

Going to Sagada

In the heart of Mountain Province,  lies one of the best places in the country I think I’ve ever been.  Sagada; 275Km North of Manila and 140 Km from Baguio; the town famous for their tradition of burying people by putting thier coffins on the mointain walls, tagging it as the hanging coffin. 

We have been here two years ago.   Hush, it was really a long trip from Baguio to Sagada.  I bet it took us not more than six hours because it was like going to the mountain top; however, every view of the place is scenic and worth watching.  the cold weather gave additional zest (Better bring your jacket)!  The food is not that expensive either.  We have been to the eco-valley and the cave connection of Sumaguing and Lumian caves, the rice terraces, saw the hangging coffins, look in depth about their culture at Ganduyan Museum.  We have missed some areas due to some time constraints but it’s giving us more reason to go back. 

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I am looking forward to go back to this place.  Did I mentioned how awesome the food in The Yogurt House?

Looking at Arab’s Rich Culture

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque

UAE’s Grand Mosque

In one of my trips in Abu Dhabi, I have found one of the largest mosques in UAE,  the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which is named after as their fondly thought father who’s resting place is on the same grounds of this mosque. 

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 This place is where worships are held specially on Friday gatherings and Eid prayers. We entered and s\inside the walls is a big quadrangle. going inside the dome needs to have your sandals removed just like what Muslims do when praying (and of course this is a mosque); also as a sign of respect for their culture.  Photoshoots is still acceptable though. 

Below are some photose inside:

The view at night. I almost sang the "Arabian Nights" song while looking at the photo.
 I have also tried looking for some related posts of this mosque,  additional information that I have found out is that the artisans and the materials to creat this great structure came from different parts of the world.  They’ve said that its design and construction “unites the world”. 
Indeed, it was a great work.

Yapak ni Hesus

Quick trip to relax

Relax Mode at the End

It was an awesome idea for of a friend to celebrate her birthday through trekking at Dolores Quezon.  I didn’t hesitate the moment she invited me. I brought my common stuff on this trip and realized that all my mountaineering knowledge has almost been forgotten. Haha!  I didn’t bring a dry-bag,  wore running shoes instead of a pair of sandals or a better trekking shoes making me to hike barefoot and step on gravels, no utensils but good thing they have brought some.  Shame shame on me!  It rained and I was a bit frightened to have my camera become wet.  It was another luck once again that the rain stopped.

There they are enjoying...

It was a great day!  I had fun and thanks to my friend Anne for giving me the opportunity to get a quick relaxing trip like this.Until next time.  Below are some of the photos I had. I promise to remember my BMC on my next trip! Tee-hee!

Low apperture, Low exposure, Low ISO shot.
Mira taking photos
There they are...


The Caramoan Adventure

Caramoan Peninsula; source: wikipedia.org

Caramoan…  A neck of land in Bicol Region in the province of Camarines Sur… Unarguably a paradise for most people but who would have thought that we will be embittered in this place by a chap who promised us an exhilarating pursuit but end up to be a fantasy when we arrived at the location… I don’t want to mention how crap it had been but I could say that it significantly ruined our supposed to be trip and my vision of having a good race. 

Oh, we are ready to battle...

It was one of the long trips I had.  We left Thursday night at arrived at the peninsula Friday afternoon.  Prolonged stop-over might have provoked the cause of delay and so the miscommunications.  We put up our tent and cooked dinner Friday night and had a little bit of socials while our president Fads, went for a meeting to talk about the unfortunate incident.  The meeting eventually changed all of our plans in the morning. 

sea of tents
Fish-roasting 101

Saturday, we have decided to just enjoy our day because crying over spilled milk wouldn’t do anymore good to us. After Breakfast, we immediately moved and island hopped. 

Simple things money can't buy.
photo-oppotunity... priceless.
An island near the peninsula
a view in caramoan

Picture taking per island wouldn’t definitely be missed and the thought regarding the “supposed-to-be-race” was almost forgotten.  We even went to the island were the phenomenal “SURVIVOR” is taking place. 

Locals say it's Survivor Israel
Gang cam-whoring.

We also climb in Caramoan’s highest peak (Geez! I forgot the mountain’s name). The 500 steps to the summit made my knees wobble (lack of mountain climbing training punished me) but the view was exhilarating above.  

View from the top
view from the top
Another view from the top
An Image of Mary at the Summit

It was an astounding day for all of us despite of the sore body that we had.  We had our dinner and had another social after and went to our tents to sleep.  We almost thought that the organizer’s failure had already put to an end… but we are all wrong.  We left the campsite at 6AM so that we will be able to reach Talisay Port earlier.  It was a three-hour boat-ride that made me feel dehydrated and exhausted due to heat.  

Last boat to arrive Talisay port

Upon reaching the post, all of us were delighted to see the buses because we think we can go; but we were all surprised to know that the buses can’t leave yet until everything was settled.  We have no choice but to wait for hours for the action plan that the whole group is doing.  All of us were stressed on what had happened and at the same time angry.  I couldn’t blame the group for we know how we were cheated. 

Exhauted and Pissed off paticipants...

Eventually, buses with loads of mountaineers, runners and adventurers left at 8PM and arrived in Manila at 3AM.  Some of the group went to Camp Crame to sue the organizer.  I am not sure what had happened afterwards as I went home for I still have my day job waiting for me. 

Overall, what had happened in Caramoan is very unfortunate not only for us who joined but for the organizers as well.  I am not sure what the real story behind it was, yet I hope that justice will prevail and may this be a lesson for all of us… 

Locals of Caramoan...

In behalf of our group, I would like to thank the locals of Caramoan who were kind enough to accommodate some of our needs.  They may not be rich people but they have shown us hospitality that we truly appreciate… Again, Thank you.

Till next time, Caramoan

Talamitam, A Grassland


Yes, I have registered for 50 Km in the upcoming TNF 100 that will be held in Baguio.  I may say that I am confident now with a 100 Km road race because of Bataan Death March (BDM) but seriously,  100 Km trail run in Baguio could be doubtful.  I don’t want to pressure myself  so I just registered a distance that I think I can at least finished.  TNF50.

A view of the peak

In lieu of the race event, I have decided to go for a day hike for a bit of training.  I asked an old friend Joel to accompany me on this on during our hike,  A long lost friend that I haven’t seen for nine years.

Trek starts...

Mt Talamitam was located in Nasugbu, Batangas at Km 83 Mark referencing Km 0 in Luneta.  We started at 10:20 AM.  On the trail, I immediately felt exaustion, probably due to minimal mileage for the past few weeks or probably due to the terrain that is I haven’t encountered for so long.  

A view along the road

We definitely had no intentions of running on this one but to at least get acclimated with the trail plus to enjoy the view.  Taking pictures of the place was another thing that I have enjoyed so well.


 Talamitam, despite of the heat was windy and indeed relaxing. 

Another View
View below
Another view of the peak

 Going up was tiring yet fun; however, when we are starting to aim for the summit before noon, we noticed that some of the tall  drying  grass seemed to have been burnt.  

Who ever did this must explain...

 We’re not really sure what happened.  If this was done by accident or on purpose, but we have suspected that it was done on purpose in order for the new grass to replace the drying taller grass.  I am not sure if this is a good thing or not… yet looking at the summit, it was, I dare say sadly, unpleasant… 

Photo op or trail running?

 Going down was easy, but a little bit boring, so we tried doing run walk strategy.  We have some picture taking too! Action shots!

Going down...



 While we end up our hike,  we went to the mountain spring to freshen up.  We took almost more than 30 minutes enojoying its cool water.

Spring to freshen up our sore body...

At last were done… and were hungry.  Reaching the jump off at 2:30, We have decided to eat.  Halo-halo, and softdrinks felt as if were at cloud 9,  lol!

Halo-halo and softdrinks!

Overall, I think that our day trip is fun.  I know that there are parts of the place that are somewhat disappointing, yet, Talamitam still got a beauty that we can appreciate.  It will always be fun to go back.  Indeed a good training for TNF.

Till our next climb...

Thank you Lord for this wonderful day…

More of Talamitam pic here

A Weekend with the Balloons

Last week, I am really craving to go outdoor, maybe go mountain climbing or backpacking; however my schedule and time limit me from doing things that I want.  Suddenly, my sister invited me in their school field trip and without hesitation, I signed up for it.

The Invitation

We were a bit late but good thing I was still able to get a few pictures.

Too bad, he the ballloon didn't face us. 😦

This turtle never faced us!  I am expecting too much that it will but sadly, it did not happen.

glug-glug-glug! would you want a shot?

 Beer like balloon is facinating, thinking you would want to have a shot of it.


 Sunshine to brighten up the day!

Balloons soaring up in the sky!

 Ballons flying one by one, and was indeed delightful to see.

Oh boy, i wish to be one of them!

Free flyers soaring up in the air! Another eye candy.

maybe I can also try this...

The place is windy and kiting would also be fun!

Are they called kiters? kiteman? oh whatever!

These guys were doing synchronize kiting, i just forgot to take a picture of the kites. lol!

father and son

 This is also another great day to bond with your family. 

Overall, I would say that the event is fun only if you didn’t miss the balloon because all of them are gone by 8AM, also I guess I wouldn’t be enjoying much of it if I’m not taking pictures.  LoL!

Makiling the Enchanted

Legends could possibly true… or maybe not.

I daresay that going for a dayhike in this place is not a waste of time. Tall trees and diverse species of plants are what you can see. Along the road you could contemplate about everything. It was long but relaxing. Feels like you were walking in a place were autumn really exists.


Diversity of Life


me and the gabi plant at the back

My friends trying to go up

Reaching at the summit ma be really fulfulling.

And of course rewarding!

As what most hiker-mountaineer always remind us, we should always be careful when going in for a hike. The Makiling experience I had was the weirdest I guess due to my colleague experience where in she got lost and felt like she was in a Morbius Stip. Eventually she just came back to her senses when she called our name outloud. Hoah! I hope she’s not drugged… lol!

There has been legends about the mountain… that it was being guarded by a fairy named Maria Makiling. It could be true or could be not; whatever it is, what we could always do on our end is just to learn to appreciate it’s beauty and share it to people and at the same time protecting it so that the next generation could still have a look at this wonderful place.

more of makiling here

Corregidor is to Check!

What goes up must come down… That’s the law of Physics

Conquered Corregidor!

I have no idea but this race without a doubt excites me right from the start.  I have been hearing rumors about the difficulty of the race itself but I seemed to ignore.  Aiming for a good number (my own definition) in the finish line is what I’m really after for on my first 10-mile race. 

Gathering in the mouth of Malinta Tunnel, I am amazed that the small group of runners looked as if to be a number.  Despite of the late start of the event, everyone was so eager and energized. There were a couple of chitchats from different corners, laughing, picture taking. Oh what an ideal race to start! 

The usual sound exploded and everyone mad dashed towards the other end of the passageway!  Oh boy it was crazy! The zephyr entertained us from the start where the chilly wind smacking right to your face and I am still that confident chap running more than my usual pace… but not after the first mile… 

The runners waiting for the gunshot

Freak! Heavens! That’s what I whispered after seeing the first great hill.  My jaw dropped after seeing a couple of runners that were ahead of me begun to walk. It was not a joke… I would assume it would be more than forty-five degrees…  I did my best.  Tried squatting and at the same time running.  I managed the first half of it but eventually gave up when I felt that fighting against gravity is unattainable for me at present.  My bow to myself not to walk at my first 5Km vanished.  

See how steep the slope is?

After the first hill would be another hill, yet afterwards, we met the 1st turn around point.  We would need to get back from that great hill meaning that it will be nothing but going downhill.  If going up was hard, going down was even harder because I was like driving without breaks. I feel hesitant at that speed at first for the fear that I might get injured, but I eventually managed.  

Long hill was that next and then of course the downhill that increased my momentum. The noteworthy landmarks of the island was seen; the ruins, the Battery Way, Battery Grubbs, The Pacific War Memorial and others.  We even had a taste of trail running too as we passed through the some-what-forest-like-trail of the island. 

This tells you how hard the race is...

Last stretch would be going back the great hill and I conceded at that point. I told myself that I’m not going to push anymore as I already feel sore… Oh, well, everyone is walking anyway. We had another taste of trail running going in the last 500m meters. It was like running from the top going down again until I reached the finish line.  I immediately looked at my watched and saw my time at 1:45-ish. I also verified it with the checker and agreed that it was 1:45.  I told myself that I could have done better (another sour-grapping) but then I realize that this is one heck of a race, so I let it go and will try another one soon! 

Doc Marv screaming...

Finally, together with the rest of takbo.ph friends we tried going back to the whole route so as to enjoy the scenery and have at least get a decent shots from all those landmarks we’ve passed through. 




Me on one of the cannons
The Ruins

The lighthouse

Vedi, Veni Vicci, I saw, I came, I conquered Corregidor!


Thanks to Ceaar Ryan Aquino for the action shots.

WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD (Coron,Palawan Escapade)

Music kept playing in my ears as we had some island hoping… It may not be the exact definition of the song What a
Wonderful World but the place defines it all! It’s a wonderful world!

Banol Beach

Manila Bay Sunset Going to Coron

My outdoor group arranged this event. We travelled via Superferry while other to go via plane. I never tried being on a ship before that’s why I tried it out. I guess riding on a plane is way a lot better that on a ship becuase of the time that you can save on a plane. It’s still an experience though!

Argonaut Upon Arrival

Header: Coron

Coron is really such a small island. Their mode of transportation are the tricycles. I may not able to have a tour of the whole island but I’m pretty sure its neat.


Our group rented a boat and started island hoping. We went on different diving spots and snorkled. I was amazed to see the ship wreck underneath but I guess it would have been more underneath and inside that ship wreck. To bad I waa s not able to take a picture of it. Only my vivid memory could describe it.

My Outdoor Friends!

Kayangan Lake

Argonaut at Kayangan Lake

We also had a little hiking in going to Kayangan Lake. It was tiring for you need to go up and then go down just to see it; but your effort will surely would not go invain because of the awesome view you will see. the water is so clear you could see your reflection. Variety of fish are there (even Nemo is present!).

The Twin Lagoon

See how clear the water is…

Twin Lagoon and Siete Picados are pretty as well. I definitely hate myself for not learning how to swim because It would have been more exciting if you can go underneath. White Sand Beaches are also captivating, very realxing indeed; however, it will always have to come with a price. A fee of 100Php/island/person to maintain the area as what they would always say. I have no questions with that
though. If it would be for the benefit of the place, then let it be.

Just want to try some effects…

Exercising early in the morning in Coron is also a good thing to do. There is small mountain there named Tapyas. The place is very visible from the low land because there is a giant cross at the top it. You would also need not to worry about the trail because they have already made stairs for the benefit of those who are not that for a hike. Be careful because it steep and still exhausting!

Hot springs? It’s there. The charge is 100Php/person if you want to enjoy the not-so-boiling water to penetrate in your skin. Another relaxing place but you should do it at night I guess. Imagine how hot it would be if you do it when the sun-king is there.


Overall. Coron for me is a destination that i could say a paradise…. Again, It’s a wonderful world.

Until Next Trip Guys!


Were you thinking of a place where you could see nature at its best? A place where you could just sit back and relax but at the same time have a thrill and excitement of as if you are in an amusement park? You think this is impossible eh? You are so busy at work and you feel like you just want to sit in your couch and spend your day watching the television? Come’ on! Go out and at least enjoy the sunshine! I know a place that will at least make your muscle move.
Tadaa! Presenting the Pagsanjan Falls!
Tadaa! Presenting the Pagsanjan Falls!

 Caavinti Laguna where Pagsanjan Falls is located is just another two-hour trip from Manila. Going here by means of public transportation isn’t much of a hassle because there lots of accessible buses anywhere in EDSA or in Taft Avenue. Having your own lift would also be much easier though.

The boat men an the passenger
The boat men an the passenger

When you arrive at Cavinti, you would need to register in any resort in the vicinity becuase they are the ones who are talking with the boatmen. It will be up to you though if you would want to take their package tour or just stick with your plan of just enjoying the river rafting going to the falls. you will be riding in a boat accompanied by two boatmen. Each boat could carry 2-3 passengers for a fee of 900 pesos.

The Lilies!
The Lilies!

The first sight that you will see would be the river. Noticeable are the lily pods that are all over the place and a bunch of resort with all Korean Phrases in it. This I think is already famous to the Koreans because a large percentage of tourist would be them (or some of them could have probably owned a resort).
Nearby houses are also visible along the river and so with the women doing laundry and kids taking a bath. You will also meeting vendors along the way and will offer you souvenir items or refreshements. (Notice how they do sales talk… Amazing!).

Foreigners are always present as always.
Foreigners are always present as always.

As the boat ride progresses, you will find out that the current is already against you and it becomes stronger as you proceed. Rocks will be along the way and you’ll experience boat bumps and until you sing the nursery song “Sit down, sit down, you’re rocking the boat!” You’ll get used to it though and will enjoy the whole ride! hee-huh!

Reaching the First water fall would be the boatmen’s break. There will be stalls if you feel the urge of hunger or you fell you want to buy another set of souvenirs (Witness Another Amazing Sales Talk!). This will be another moment of photoshoot. After the break, more thrilling experience will happen because the current is really getting stronger. More effort for the boatmen because they would need to go down the boat to the boat up while your in it! Don’t bother the spalsh of waterbecause avoiding it mean avoiding fun.

Last part would be the most remarkable as you will face the magnificent Pagsanjan Falls. Another fee will be deducted from your pocket because going there means taking away 90 Pesos from you (Yet I think this is worth trying!). Enjoy the mist of the falls, that as if your bathing under the rain. Once again it will bring back the child in you because it would be indeed a delightful experience. Want massage? Let the cataract do it for you!


The First Waterfall!
The First Waterfall!

You think you’re done with the fun eh? You’re still going back and that means duplicating the fun! Pagsanjan is a moment in you life that will never be taken away from you!

Pagsanjan Falls in the backgroud
Pagsanjan Falls in the backgroud

Beauty and Madness (Anawangin Island Wandering)


Anawangin Island: A paradise in the heart of Luzon

I’ve always want to look for a perfect paradise near Manila; a place where I could spend one of my summer weekends. With the outdoor group I belong, the promising place where we’ve been through is exactly place that have been playing in my mind. Anawangin Island. Anawangin Island that is just a two or three hour drive from Manila is a perfect summer getaway. One will truly be amazed at this place for you will see an island with mountains (hills I should say), Pine trees (That as if your in another country), mangrove and beach and all at the same time.


My friend Rona hiking in Anawangin

You want to hike? Check! Hike in the hills of Anawangin to see a relaxing panoramic view of the island. It may really be short though but it will be really a good start for some mountaineers want to be.

Angels and Sunset

The sunset drama: The Charlie’s Angels…

You want to just play around and hangout? Anawangin will never put you to boredom because it’s shoreline and it’s mangrove is already a feast in your eyes. Wait till sun sets and be captivated by its beauty. It will surely be one of your most unforgettable dusks. Spending the night might be one of the toughest times in the Island because there’s almost nothing to do. You should be able to camp before the sun sets or else, you will end up seeing nothing because electricity is just not available just like when you’re hiking in the mountain. You should be all packed once you get there with tent, lamps, food, water, first aid kit and a cheap entertainment that you think would make your day. Building a bonfire shouldn’t also be done during the night in the campsite unless you want to start a fire. The best way I think to enjoy the night at Anawangin would be a little music and beer with your friends. Just don’t be drunk for it might spoil your next day.


Another Anawangin View

Amazing Place

Amazing Place called Anawangin


I am stunned by the beauty of this place


The Argonaut in Anawangin


The Sun Rise


Another sunset in green filter

Great Place

The Mangrove


The Playful Argonaut

Until now, whenever I meditate and try to have a peace of mind, I just think of Anawangin. I would always grab all the pictures that I have taken there and would continuously look at it… As if I’m there once again and be stunned over and over again at that magical paradise. Indeed that I’ve gone mad about its beauty.

My Multiply Link: http://argonautquest.multiply.com/photos/album/25/Anawangin_Island


Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast. – Shakespeare

Pahiyas Festival, A celebration held in Lucban, Quezon in gratitude to the Patron Saint of the Farmers St Isidro the Laborer.
Pahiyas Festival, A celebration held in Lucban, Quezon in gratitude to the Patron Saint of the Farmers St Isidro the Laborer.

May 15, locals of Lucban,Quezon will be busy preparing for the vibrant feast of San Isidro Labrador called Pahiyas Festival A thanks-giving for a abundant harvest of the year. One will definitely enjoy the splendid exhibit of rice, fruits, and vegetables and handicrafts in every abode in the town.


Various games, Stores of different foods clothes and handicraft are what you can perceive. There are parades of giant Paper dolls, decorated jeeps and tricycles in Nipa. Men in barong and women in saya made of colorful wafers and native stuff like coconut leaves and husks. The parade also includes the lyre band to indeed have a jovial ambiance.


Where to stay? There’s definitely places where you could stay as transient but this needs to be booked earlier. The crowd could even get worse even before the d-day so better do it quick. You can also do a day trip if you like but beware of the 4 to 5 hour travel back and forth to Manila.



Where and what to eat? If you’re friendly and have all the guts enough to eat at different houses, you can definitely try that; however, if you’re a little bit timid, you can dine at any fast foods or perhaps you may try “BUDDYS” a restaurant that serves native lucban cuisine. You can also try the street foods and enjoy their famous kiping, pancit habhab and lucban longganisa. Side trips that you may consider



That is their famous grotto that everyone call Kamay ni Hesus (The Hand of Christ) where you need to climb more than 500 stairs to get to the top to see the giant icon of Christ. Mt Banahaw and Cristobal are also near to the place if you want to do serious hiking.



Pasalubong? Souvenir shops are everywhere, from shirts to wallet to fan that are made in handicraft. They are everywhere! Even famous delicacies like espasol, broas, otap… it’s abundant! Best Native Word? Kiping – a leaf shape wafer that’s made up of rice paste that solidified. This is usually used in decoration of the houses for the festival. You’ll definitely get tired after all of this, yet the fun that you had and a good sleep would be the best reward after.

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Me, Janice and Bob
Me, Janice and Bob

I personally love going out; going into places where I’ve really never been.  Last year, I was sent to Colorado for training.  It was really a delightful experience because of the fact that I might be able to enjoy the place.  The moment we arrived there, I fell in love with the place. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.  It was winter at that time and I could only see everything in white… but still, it was neat to see. 

One of our clients invited us to go for a hike, without a second thought, though undetermined of what we are facing, we agreed… We had some side trips at first, viewing a ski resort named Eldora, Boulder falls and the Nederland Reservoir.  All of those were truly amazing. 

The last stop after our lunch is the hike itself.  It was fun at first.  We could really see everything now in green and white.  The trail was kind on its first few decametres but as we progress, slopes were getting higher, not to mention how snowy the place is. After a couple of tries, we decided to cancel the trek because it’s really getting dangerous for us. Our client said that we just have to try when the snow are gone and all. Better luck next time.

We had decided to go back. Our client did not break his promise.  The trails though steep are all doable and I could say that it’s not really hard after all. We’ve reached the summit and had some picture taking. It was pretty nice at the top and we could see the other mountain peaks there (it’s the famous Rocky Mountains) Then I thought, if they have place like this, I bet that there should also be if not of the same level a place like this in our country.  That’s the start of it.  This thought always played in my mind; seeing the beauty of my own land. 

When I went back to our country, I did not start that quick of going to a mountain or start travelling due to my schedule; however, when I was able to get a chance. It became an addiction.  Not too many place yet… but I’m getting there.

At last

Yes! this is it!  I really never thought I will be doing this, this whole thing of making a blog. I was trying to ask myself if I am just doing this to be cool and all… Honestly, I really don’t know, yet I know that I could at least try this and have my feelings expressed. on my achievements, my struggles and my journey. 

Why Argonaut?

I chose argonaut to be my name because of two reasons;

1.  I read a lot of greek myths. I may have forgotten the whole thing about Jason and the argonauts but this name really stuck into my mind.  Argo being the ship and Argonaut the people of the ship and traveled to get the golden fleece but everything was not easy.

2.  My vocabulary tells me that argonauts are voyagers, who are willing to face challenges and get what they want whatever it takes. I guess that’s me.