Before Hitting the Wall (Unilab Run United 2)

Thirthy-two kilometres.  That’s before we hit the wall…

Another Runrio event

I was not confident that I’ll be finishing the race in a good time.  I was having anxiety because of the injury that I had last time in CamSur.  I doubt myself because my plantar falciitis sometimes visits me every now and then.  It became my decision to run as in a comfortable pace as much as I can.   Quezon City International Marathon is too close that hurting  myself again would not be a good idea.

Running at my comfortable pace due to the fear that injury might hit me again (photo by Edison Maningat)

More than 1300 runners arrived in the event. Elite, Seasoned runners and Neophytes were there.  Excited about the race.  The started like a blast.  I was at the midpack right from start and tried my best not push my self too much and at the same time not too relaxed.   I even walked if I have to.  My garmin say its 1:05 at the first 10K.  1:36 at the 15th,  2:13 at the 21th.  I was still at my best even at the 25th Kilometemer at 2:39.  Eventually, I got tired at 30K but Istill managed to run-walk at 6:30 pace and finally get through the finish line at 3:25:01 (3:24:01 chip time), 334th runner.

Cramps before the finish line hit me due to peer pressure! blah! (photo by Jr. Garing)

Before finishing the race, I had this little anecdote, Upon seeing the finishline, probably 100 meters to reach it, A couple of friends were there bullying me cheering for me.  I was walking at that time but I’m hearing them and teasing me that I shouldn’t walk.  I was bitten by the peer pressure and ran and cramps suddenly hit me!  It was funny that I didn’t had it all through out the route until the finish line! blahah!

Looking at my performance.  If in any case I was able to sustain it or if my pace fell at 7 min/km, I still believe I can hit my a new PR for QCIM.  Thank God that my plantar facia didn’t hurt much.  Oh well, it tickled me a bit.