Doha Again

Just More of Doha…

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I looked forward to get more of Doha the moment I returned.   Although I just tried taking photos of the city from the car I am in, I was glad enough to get some of the buildings in Doha and it’s sunset.  I was able to go back once again to Aspire Park and Villagio and took more photos.  This time with some friends.  At least I can now have a subject. 


Quick Qatar Trip

Just roaming around…

The highest tower in Qatar at 300m only. Taller than PBCom by 41m, Philippines' higher tower.

I just moved into a new job that will definitely change my running passion.  I’m moving to middle east.  For how long, I don’t know.  Oh well,  before I get into serious work,  I guess I need to go around the Qatar area first.

On of Villaggio Posts

First, was the Aspire Tower,  the highest tower in Qatar that is at least 300m high.  I bet PBCom tower was taller but it was actually not.  It is higher by a couple of meters.   If you try too look at it closely, it looks like a torch for it symbolized the December 2006 Asian Games.

Still at Villaggio

Next is this Villaggio Mall.  This pseudo-Venice place will make you feel (though not quite) you are in Venice.  Oh I should have roam around more to get a better picture.  Did I mention they have an Adidas Sale here?  McDonalds and KFC too! 😛

Oh there's a bridge inside the mall!

Another place that I look at is the Aspire park,  I bet it’s really a good place to run! I thought at first that Qatar is pure sand but I was wrong.  Now I wonder how much they spent to get a fertile soil and plant some bermuda grass on it.  Aspire park has a nice loop, with pavement better than UP Diliman.  Pretty neat eh-?

To the right is the aspire tower, to the left is a fat fat tree like me. 😛

Now you just wouldn’t want to run here at noon time…  Weather here is extremely hot.

Hmmm, this is where you pass if you want to get refreshed after a run.

Hopefully,  I could get a chance of going to some places too.

That’s all for now.