Roaming Around

You’ll never be lonely if you know how befriend yourself – David Archuleta

Maybe, I am claustrophobic (photo by Cyril Conrad)

It has been almost two months since I arrived Kuwait.  As I previously mentioned on one of my posts,  I quickly searched for something to look forward to on the country.  Oh boy!  There’s definitely has a lot of stuff to do.  Who’s getting homesick eh?

Ok,  I just don’t want to stay home. All my weekends are now jam-packed with activities here.  May it just be going to a mall or joining a photo-walk, it doesn’t matter, as long as I make my stay in an environment I am trying to call home a better place to to live in.  Maybe, just maybe,  it would workout, again it’s all about choice and what attitude you’ll have each day!  Yeah!

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Oh btw, I still run.  I just don’t have someone to take a photo of me while running for I run only on treadmills at a local hardcore Arab Gym with a name that’s not so Arab (Swiss Gym).   😀