Dare to be Fit ‘n Right

You Think You Are Fit? Think Again…

Do you have what it takes???
Do you have what it takes???

How fit are you? This is the question that struck me when the so called coach Jim Saret asked me in last Dare to be Fit n Right Blogger’s launch held at Taste Asia in SM Mall of Asia . I am confident to say I am fit. I visit the gym 3 times a week and run 2 or 3 time a week; however, when the coach gave us more follow up questions, I started to wonder… On how fit I am.

These are the few questions that I remember.

A fit person can:

Bench press 1.5 times your body weight.

Leg Curl 2.5 times your body weight.

Run 1.5 mile in 10 minutes

Touch the rim the basketball court

Throw a basketball 75 feet from your knees.

Do 40 push-ups in one set

Uhmm… Err… These are the expressions that came out from my mouth when he begun asking, Well, personally, I presume I could’ve done it, but I never really tried. I do bench press my own weight and leg curls 1.5 times my weight. Can most likely run 1.5 miles in 10 minutes but could not really touch the rim of a basketball court nor toss a ball 75 feet from my knees. Well, with his standard, I am not fit enough.

So as I listen to Jim Saret, he discussed the number of calories we burn in a day if were not doing anything, then if we are doing activities like running. He also told us a better way of burning calories with only 4 minutes…

FOUR MINUTES??? No way!!!

Yes I heard him, four minutes…  So what he did is he showed us how to do it. He asked a guy to perform a couple of exercises with a heart rate monitor and a calorimeter. After four minutes he actually burned 96 calories and eventually reach more than 300 calories after a couple of minutes more.

I am still not amazed at the performance, so Jim dared me to try their challenge. He asked me to run for 2 minutes. 20 seconds run and then rest for 10. So I accepted his challenge…

It was a blast! I can still talk for at the first 20 sec, started to pant at the next and I could almost not talk after the challenge ended. Sounds remarkable eh!

Fit n Right Fruit Snack AdDuring the session he also showed us Del Monte Product, Fit ‘n Right that could aid us how to burn fat. It has L-carnitine as he mentioned, but what the hell that it means?

This is what they tell us about L-carnitine:

L-Carnitine is a natural substance that is occurring in the body but can be supplemented for optimal health. It transports the fatty acids into the mitochondria, that’s the  powerhouse where they are burned into energy needed for a healthy heart, important body functions and physical activities. Supplementary L-Carnitine contributes to optimal fat oxidation, and along with a proper diet and regular exercise, promotes healthy body weight.

Before and After picture with one year interval... I never lose weight after...
before and after with a year interval... My weight loss has become stagnant so I think it won't hurt to give it a try....

Ugh, Yeah right! But maybe I could at least try. It wouldn’t really hurt me now that I’m not losing weight anymore and my previous success story about weight loss has now become stagnant.

Before the program ends, they clued us up about the event that they are promoting for a healthier life style. It was the Dare to be Fit ‘n Right Fun Run that will be held in SM Mall of Asia Grounds on November 22. It’s another 3K, 5K and 10K road race. I might probably join the 10K there to gun for a new Personal Record.

For a registration fee of P300, runners can get their race packet with the Dare to Fit ‘n Right Fun Run singlet, race bib, Fit ‘N Right products,etc. Registration can be in the offices of Del Monte Philippines at the Bonifacio High Street, Taguig or race organizer CEMG at 3A Vernida I Bldg., Amorsolo St., Legaspi Village, Makati City or Dare to be Fit ‘n Right Fun Run registration booths in SM Hypermarket in Mall of Asia, Sucat, Pasig, and North EDSA or in Fitness First branches on November 16.


Winners will receive cash and gifts from Del Monte Fit ‘n Right and its sponsors. The Dare to be Fit ‘N Right Fun Run is for the benefit of the victims of typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng through the SM Foundation.

How fit am I? A question that will haunt me as in my quest for better and healthier lifestyle…  How about you? I dare you to be Fit n Right!