Strollin’ AlKout

A Fortress near water…

Alkout from the Top

Ever since I landed in Kuwait, there’s one place here that I always want to hang out at. Most of the time, I happen to walk around this area because of it’s scenery, not to mention that it is actually near to the flat I am staying – The Alkout Mall. According to wikipedia, the name Kuwait is derived from the Arabic أكوات ākwāt, the plural of كوت kūt, meaning a fortress built near water, so I would say that Kuwait and this mall have the same etymology.


This is actually just a normal mall, outside there are restaurants and coffee shops. There is a wet and dry market and also a department store. Although it wouldn’t be much like a gigantic malls that you see normally; however I find it so relaxing to stay here. Try staying at the terrace of Startbucks for you to have a cozier look of the yachts and seagulls flying and diving. Go at the top of the place to see the whole area.

Roof Architecture

It’s whole architecture, to be honest, I am not sure what totally influenced the Alkout, but still looks classic for me which gives a better ambiance.

Coffee Shop

Check out more of my shots in the area by going here –  ALKOUT


Photography Glimpse

Shoot and Learn…

First in Kuwait where my shot was credited.

Apart from my passion in running, my interest in photography is another thing that at least I also want to improve.  Landscapes, Portraits, Sports and Strobes are just few of the genre that I would love to master.  As I have previously mentioned in one of my posts, I have joined a photography club called “PINDOT”  here in Kuwait.  This group I must say, have thought me in line with my expectations; of course I am not to be called an expert yet, but I think I my path is going somewhere.  I learned new information each time I am with them.  Youtube videos and books are helpful but it’s still best to talk with someone where you share common passion, not to mention the motivation it adds, every time you see a good photo that they have composed.

A Photoshoot headed by Jalil Marvin, a young and promising photographer in Kuwait. Glad to be one of his crew members!

Aside from being with these goal driven people, another thing that gives me motivation is the thought of seeing yourself or your photo in the news or in the local newspapers.  Tell me that I have a shallow happiness believe it or not, it’s giving me more energy to pursue.  It’s like saying “WOW, I was there!”  There’s no cash prize but it was just merely the bragging rights.  Negative people will say you are boasting and will say “So What?” but life is just to short to dwell on those stuff.

Try something different in your life, and who knows, you might see what you have been looking for or you might discover something you never knew you had. Being a couch potato is not bad, for you can also learn something by watching TV but try at least put something unique or different in your normal routine.  Afterall, “Variety is the spice of Life”.

Take a look at some of the pdf links where in we have been featured.

A New Light in Mutlaa

Pindot Clicks with Envy

Photo Credit:
Jalil Marvin
Arab Time’s Online

Failaka Island Tour

A part of Kuwait history visited…

Failaka Island Location (source: Wikipedia)

Failaka, an island part of Kuwait located east of the country in the Persian Gulf.  I have been excited upon learning from the Pindot Group that we will be going to the island.  Great! It would be another chance for me to add more on my photo stash.

Salmiya Port

Three dinars is all it took for us to have a two way journey to and from this island which is 20KM from the port of Salmiya.  Some us brought cars (they pay more for that),  for us to maximize the trip as the bus may just take you to designated areas only not to mention we can manage our own time and the places to visit.


There’s really not much on the place, everything is history in there.  From the ruins of the past Iraq-Kuwait wars where bullet marks are all visible, to empty canisters all lying on the ground,  standing light posts though I suspect they are not operating at night,  to tank relics, etc…  There’s not really much to see if you’re not really into these kinds of things, but I guess for me, these are all candies for my camera to feed.

We have not worked on going all over the place as we do not have much time.  They’ve mentioned that there’s more to see on the place,  they have a hotel where you could stay overnight and a restaurant which I didn’t see either, hehe!

Have a look on all the photos I took.

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Salmiya’s Snaps

I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.  ~Vincent Van Gogh

Sunset at Salmiya
Night photography is one of the stuff that I care about least.  My poor NikonD40  I claimed that it’s not at it’s best  at night (or maybe I might have not exerted my effort in getting a good shots out of it).
One of my Pindot  friends John invited me along with Nelson for a photowalk.  I also tag-in my coleague to get an opportunity to learn a little bit of what I like to do as well, with the use of tripod, I have just acquired, I had a chance to take some snaps that I like. 

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For your information, Salmiya is one of the largest places in Kuwait with residential and commercial areas and considered as their flagship district for it has the major commercial establishments.  I may think it’s their Makati City, hehe!
On this area, I’ve seen a couple of runners who are running in groups.  Maybe, I can tag along with them one of these days.
There are also bikers and probably a swimming are on the seaside. hmmm…

One Kuwait Photowalk

I make fun wherever I go… If I go to a restaurant by myself, rest assured, people will be talking about it. I always have a great deal of fun being with people. It’s part of the journey. – Cloris Leachman

Group Hug for the Haraj Photowalk by Bordz Abrasia (Click the link for the flickr group)

 It’s been two weeks since I got back to Kuwait.   The first thought that I have is to look for a Filipino community so that at least staying here wouldn’t be to much away from home. I look for a running group of course, but considering the weather here,  it looks like running here is not much that of a hobby so I look for a photography group. 

Harajz First View (Overexposed shot but I like it, 🙂 )

The last photography group that I joined is in Sykes Photo Club but my schedule can’t fit there, so it was a failed epic for me; however, this time, now that I have a normal work schedule, I strongly believe that I can now attend to PINDOT ; A Pinoy photography club here in Kuwait. 

 The group organized a photowalk in  a dry market.  Lots of items were there. Leather bags shoes, pots, antique materials,  carpets , perfumes, jewelries; all good stuff to take photos and be a subject;  too bad taking snaps of the locals is a risk.  We were forbidden not to take shots of those people; Oh well, better to be safe though.  Anyway,  below are some of the shots I took. 

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Looking forward for more on this group.  Hee-hah!