Kyungju Cherry Marathon 2015

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Kyungju during the spring

 A month ago, a Korean friend sent me a link about a Marathon.  As I check and understood, (All are written in Korean) theres a cut off limit of 5 hours for a marathon and 2:30 hours for a half marathon, so without hesitation. I signed up… For the half.  I tried convincing few friends and lucky enough two agreed with me on my pursuit.


From Busan, we travelled for almost two hours the night before and stayed in a nearby hotel.  The spring air in the city of Kyungju is undeniably blooming as the cherry blossoms gleam at night. I know, the race the next day, is going to be phenomenal!


A great number of people gathered in the event from 5 Km Runners to Marathon.  It looks like its a quite famous event as the city is also celebrating the Cherry Blossom Festival.  According to them, the flowers as many as what we saw are only blooming from late March until the 2nd Week of April; too bad that its not there most of the time, but Im still thankful for the great ambiance.



Our race started at 9:10, 10 minutes after the marathon runners, people zoomed at the gun start and so do I.  I was amazed and surprised on the beauty of the place as I was never really expecting it! The whole route was just full of cherry blossoms! It was truly breath taking! Somehow, it made me energized for a period of time and not to mention it was a downhill for the first 5Km. Although at the latter part of the race, having an awesome ambiance doesnt really matter anymore due to the tiredness that I felt.  


I ended my race at 2:33, it was still slow, and I was despising myself too much because I massively resorted for many walk breaks during the 2nd half of the race, but at the same time, I was glad that I improved based on my previous race where I clocked 2:41 last Busan Marathon in Oct 2014, hopefully (seriously hoping) my efforts in the future will get even better. Im looking forward for that.