Expect the Unexpected…

UTMF 2018 Poster

I never desired to be in Ultra Trail
Mount Fuji (UTMF) (168km, 8100m Elevation Gain, 46 hours) because I am not really
trusting myself if I can manage that gruesome event; but I was keen to
participate Shizuoka To Yamanashi (STY) – 92Km; the shorter course with lesser elevation
gain of the UTMF Race; That one, I’m sure I can manage… 4000 m of elevation
would probably be manageable, Moreover, I think I would enjoy the race as I’ve
never been in Mt Fuji Province. For sure, It will be a great experience!

October 16, 2017 – Opening of the registration
– Not really realizing the eagerness of people to join this “prestigious” event,
I didn’t pay too much attention to it as I had lunch (Food First Right); Yet as
soon as I’m done and went to the site,

Wallah! It was closed. Heck!
The registration was done in 30 minutes??? – How could there be so many
crazy people willing to punish their selves?

I talked to Kanghee – (My Wicked
Ultra Running Friend) and he said,

It’s okay, just sign up for UTMF.

I was too hesitant; but well, I will
lose nothing for signing up, right? Besides,
they will still draw it (like a lottery) and who knows if I’ll be selected…

And then, I forgot all about it…

While I have interest to join the
race, I also have some health issues to settle as I was debating with myself to
have or not to have a gall bladder surgery.
I mean, you know, I have no clue on what’s all about that too – and internet
is scaring me on all the ugly post-surgery implications…

Nov 1, 2017. I decided that I will do my gall bladder

Nov 1, 2017. I received an email from UTMF.

Thank you very much for registering for the ULTRA-TRAIL Mt. FUJI 2018!

checked your racer qualifications and your registration for the UTMF has been
successfully accepted. Please make the race fee payment from the following
official registration link in order to complete your entry.

I got qualified to participate….


My Quest to Ironman

If you can dream it, You can do it! – Walt Disney

I dreamt of it  7 Years ago…

I started in a Super Sprint Distance in Alabang, Philippines  – I have no idea what the Sprint, Super, Olympic back then… Whatever, I will do it…  I remember I crashed, that’s okay, I get up and pushed complete the race… That was a fine day.

Fast forward…


2 Sprint

9 Olympic

9 Half Ironman (4DNF)

Lots of running shoes, running gears, bike flats, running, biking, swimming mileage…  That’s how and how long it took me to be an Ironman…

3.8 Km Swim, 180 Km Bike 42 Km run – A long crazy day that I will never forget

Marathon/Ultramarathon List

I just listed my marathon/ultramarathon journey, and I just realized that I completed my 34소 marathon/ultramarathon distance.  I just wonder when I will I accomplish my 100 marathon… Probably after 15 years?  Oh, well. I’ll just be happy if I’m still running at that age.

Marathon List

With all these events that I have joined, I can remember many vivid things about it…

Like my first marathon – I cried, because there were insufficient amount of water provided.

Bataan Death March – My 1st Ultra, my dad passed away 9 days before the race….

The North Face – My First Trail Ultra where I lost my phone in the mountain…

The Dream Marathon where I became a dream pacer.

Bohol Ultra Marathon where I passed out due to exhaustion…

Tokyo Marathon ,Kuwait Marathon, Seoul… all have great memories that I will never forget.

Definitely good for the heart… 🙂


My First Quarter Races of 2017

Keep on Going!


I’ve not been logging my races lately but here is the recap of the events that I’ve joined


  1. The Naked Marathon
Hi Fats!  

Distance: 10K

Time: 57 min

Where: Daegu, South Korea

When: January 8, 2017

What Happened – In the middle of winter season where daring yourself out half naked is a challenge.  A bit shame because the weather was not really that cold. I had little challenge in running fast because I just came from my Christmas break in the Philippines. Not really bad to start the year with a 10K!

  1. Run Though the Jungle
River crossing at it’s finest…

Distance 34K (Downgraded to 16K)

Time: 5hrs 34min

Where: Taiwan

When: February 26, 2017

What Happened – It was raining the day we came to Taiwan, a bit flustered due to the weather because we know we’re going to have a challenging race and it turned out really difficult, mud, river crossing, mud, mud, mud… I tried pacing very slow that I didn’t realize that there is a cut off to beat at Km 10 – I was forced to downgrade to 16K so I won’t have a shameful ending.  Things eventually turned out well as we all finished safe.  The whole experience in Taiwan might not be as awesome as we expected but as the saying goes, when Life throws you lemons, make lemonade.

Yep, It’s cold and rainy and muddy and… Whatever!


  1. Ironman 70.3 Subic
The Start of the Bike Leg – Something’s following the Law of Gravity

Distance: Half Ironman 1.9K Swim, 90Km Bike, 21Km Run

Time: 8hrs 6min

Where: Subic, Philippines

When: March 12, 2017


What happened – I had a bad feeling about this race due to my sub-standard trainings.  I swim less, I bike super less, and run a lot in the mountain… My great friends – The Ong Family helped me out a lot to make my logistics less burdensome.

The swim leg was good… The bike leg was a bit tough as I struggle on a hilly road, and the running leg was, errr, hot but definitely manageable.  This is my first 70.3 Ironman race that I have completed in the Philippines as I failed to complete two 70.3 Ironman races in Cebu.  Maybe someday.

  1. Pink Run

Distance: 5k

Time: 26min 26 seconds

Where: Dadaepo, Busan, South Korea

When: March 19, 2017

Running and Toastmasters Friends

What Happened – A race for a cause, I invited some of my running and Toastmasters’ friends to join as the event had quite a friendly atmosphere.


  1. Busan Ultramarathon

Distance: 50K

Time: DNF

Where: Busan, South Korea

When: March 25-26, 2017

50K Hopefuls…

What Happened – Probably the most demoralizing race that I have joined. It has a great course, but the I felt that it lacks preparations. There were not enough ribbons and many of the runners got lost that eventually quit.  I did not! I tried working on my way out every single time until I got lost at the summit of Jangsan. I eventually quit the race after finding a trail of my own… I don’t want to blame the organizer entirely on this as we were so complacent that they will provide us enough direction. Probably the next time I join this event, I would need to study the course well…. Yep, That it!

I died after the race…

This is the Moment


A great life is not all about success, but also of pain and defeat that can mold us to be the best versions of ourselves!

A week ago (May 27-28, 2017) I joined the District 93 Toastmasters Spring Conference in Seoul South Korea where I was one of the 8 finalists in the International Speech Contest.

I thought about many topics as usual, but the topic that I selected was the one that’s close to my heart – Triathlon!  Woohooo!

While this might be boring for some as it is a totally different world from others, somehow, I am so happy to say that I got a very good response from the audience.

I started giving flashbacks of the first 70.3 Ironman that I participated in Cebu the Philippines, I crashed during the bike ride at that time and didn’t make it to the cut off!  Year after year, I tried participating in Ironman events and face series of unfortunate events…

Just like anyone else, I got demotivated and felt like quiting is the best option…. Instead I configured my mindset to have fun regardless of the outcome of my journey until I finally completed the race on my 5th try!

I was nearly the last of my pack, 2nd from the last on my age group but who cares!

I completed and I felt fulfilled!

Though I didn’t really emerge as the winner, I feel content on my performance, and would definitely write a new material soon!

Check out my video!

The Title of My Speech: This is the Moment


20 Weekends of Non-Procastination

Time you enjoy wasting is time not wasted.

Point of View! – (photo from your-e-cards)

Whew, Time flew so fast, I didn’t even notice that the year is about to end.  Soo we will bid goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017. I didn’t write much on my blog as I have a mixed emotions of laziness in writing, being upbeat on my alleged trainings, active in Toastmasters, writing speeches, working… and many more (lol).

But let me look back on all the races that I have done!

  1. January 31 – Yeouido Marathon – 5:24

The race began at 10AM, -6C. Han River was frozen.  Two loops of 21k.  Got lost at the final kilometer due to disorientation.  I don’t really like this race because the road was opened and we shared the road with the bikers which was quite scary.

  1. March 1 – Ulsan Marathon – 5:06

Good View of Ulsan!  Run with my friend Laejin Park.

  1. March 20 – Seoul “DongA” Marathon – 5:11

Finally ran in the city of Seoul. It was a packed event!

  1. March 27 – Jeju Marathon – 5:13

Probably my sore condition after Seoul Marathon made it worse. Got to see and interact with many old runners in Korea (respect!). Ran with Jinoe (Founder of Takbo.ph).  Weather was still cold at that time but of course, manageable. The beauty of Jeju is definitely spectacular!

  1. April 10 – Gunsan Marathon – 4:58

There were so many cherry blossom trees around Korea, I have thought about Kyungju well, but for a change, I checked out Gunsan. The road is relatively flat and it was indeed a friendly atmosphere.

  1. May 15 – Daegu Olympic Tri – 3:17

First triathlon of the season. I joined a triathlon group called Seoul Synergy!  A year ago, I clocked 3:42 in this race and I was almost the last of the pack. Fortunately, I did better in every category.

  1. May 24 – Pohang Olympic Tri – 3:09

This is one of my most memorable event.  I won a wetsuit that costs around $500. Though I struggled during the bike ride, this is my Personal Best (PB) in an Olympic course.

  1. June 12 – Gwangali to Haeundae 5K swim – 2:0X

While this is not a race, this event was still quite remarkable for me as I swam my longest distance in swimming. We wore fins though which is quite easier.  I swan with my swimming group, 9-Fin.

  1. June 17 – Busan Half Ironman – DNF

It was a bad race right from the start of the event.  It was foggy in the morning and waves were high during the swim course, thus making the swim course short by the organizers. The bike was a terrible hill (for me).  I tried my best to cope up but, at km 53 of my bike pursuit, I had a flat tire. I got some spare and asked some volunteers to help; unfortunately, odds were not really on my favor as the spare blew up as well. This was my 4th failure in a half ironman event.

  1. July 3 – Sokcho Olympic Tri – 3:24

Oh this race… The race was remarkable but what’s more fascinating was my travel to Sokcho as I drove 500Km from Busan and back.  It was a bit tough as I got lost going to the place and it was raining as I return.  I felt so tired during specially in running. What good about this race was I was able to help someone by lending my spare wetsuit to him.

  1. July 17 – Gunsan Great Man Triathlon (Half Distance) – 7:42

Finally, a half distance event that I have completed though it’s just a local event and not an Ironman, but who cares!  The swim course is quite tough here but with my determination to complete the race, I did it!

  1. August 15 – Uljin Olympic Triathlon – 3:22

Triathlon in summer in Korea is really bad.  Or probably I’m no longer used to it. I had few mishaps in this event as I failed to get a room thus making me sleep in my car.  Tired, tired, tired, but there’s no one to complained with. Oh well.

  1. September 4 – Kyungju Olympic Triathlon – 3:15

Weather is getting better and so is my time as I slowly catch up. I did this race a year ago and felt that I performed better in the swim course.

  1. September 25 – Gurye Ironman – 6:42

This is my redemption race from a failed ironman event a year ago, where I had a flat tire at Km 15. Thankfully, this time I prepared as hard as I could and ensured that I won’t have another bad luck. I did it!

  1. October 1 – Ultra Trail Mount Jiri (55K) – 15:19

I was quite tensed in this event as I was trying to comeback from Ultrarunning… trail-ultrarunning.  The good thing was, I met a number of runners, Hyonsim (who joined the race) and Jeongho and they helped me a lot in grasping a few trails in Busan.  It was quite a fun experience.

  1. October 16 – Gwangali to Seongjeong 10K swim (Race Stopped)

This was supposed to be a 10K event, but a week ago, a tsunami occurred in the coastline of Busan and it was raining at that time.  Surprisingly, the organizers made a go signal to proceed only to cut the race in Haeundae – We manage to swim a little over 5km in 2hrs. Though the event was canceled, the decision was still a good call.

  1. October 22 – Teongyeong ITU – 3:23

This was the last triathlon of the year in Korea.  I did the same race a year ago and I for sure had a hard time. I managed to cut my time by 19 minutes in this course.

  1. November 12 – Baekyangsan Challenge 25K – 4:22

I was just thinking of races to join and found this event. It was organized by a man named Mike Noonan who I believe did a lot of effort in bringing this race for us. We normally hiked in this mountain but I never really tried running it. I discovered a great temple and made me admire Busan more. We got a beer glass as a memento, and a victory party in a local beer brewery pub.

19. November 20 – Changwon Marathon – 4:38

There’s no more triathlon, so I’m back to just… running… lol! One of my swimming teammates was there to run a half marathon, and told me that I should try my best to run 4:30.  Apparently, I did but after discovering that I missed my chip… I lost the enthusiasm and was most for the last part of the race.

  1. December 3 – Busan Galmegi 100K Ultramarathon – 15:11

I really dared to exceed my limit for my last race of the year. A 100K race.  91 participated the event but… wait, I blogged about it already – so… 🙂

Wow!  20 weeks of craziness.  People had various reactions on what I do, they say I am crazy, or wasting my time, my money, whatever but for me, I am just glad that I did it;  I didn’t really thought that I can do these things and realized that I am so good in underestimating my true potential.

I am so excited for the next year to come as I booked 5 races until March.  We’ll see.  For sure, the best is yet to come.

A Hundred Kilometers in Busan

Challenges are beautiful!

At the starting line with my favorite Ironman Shirt

It was Dec 3, 2016.  I found myself among the 91 participants who registered the Busan Galmegi Ultramarathon.  I did 6 marathons this year (Yeouido, Ulsan, Seoul, Jeju, Gunsan and Changwon) a trail Ultramarathon (Jirisan 55K), a few Olympic triathlons and 3 Half Ironman races; those were great races but I really thought of running a 100K ultramarathon before the year end and luckily, I found this event.

To be honest, I found the cut off of this race quite… errr tight. The time I did the BDM 102K six years ago, I clocked 17:22 and then a year after in BDM 160, though my time was not recorded at km 102, I know I did at least 16hrs, so this was still quite a challenge for me, but thinking that I am a wiser (or probably not) runner now, I know, that I can so really damn do it!  Thanks to my friends Hyonshim and Jeongho for giving me moral support before the race! That add up to my confidence. Hah!

Enter a caption

People were surprised to see me as I was the only foreigner in the event.  They inquired where I am from and what races have I been doing.  I am surprised as well to see many of them myself as some of the participants are good enough to be considered my dad, but I have so much respect for them as I have seen their performances in races that I have joined.  Truly amazing!
It was probably 6oC that night.  I was wearing my favorite ironman shirt, that’s good for chilly weather. I started slow as I know it will be really a long race, though it was weird because I felt my legs were a bit heavy, and here I was analyzing, maybe I didn’t rest enough or maybe my legs were still tired due to my Changwon Marathon two weeks ago – but heck whatever, “I am already running and need to suck it up whatever the odds are.”

The race was a loop of 4 which I thought quite boring, there were pros and cons but I looked at it positively (it doesn’t matter). On first loop, 3hrs 20min; I will just be ok with this speed… while I thought everything fine, I was wrong… because my drama began at km 27 as I felt my stomach was knocking and telling me that something is wrong. I ignored… but I started having chills, I endured it until I reached the nearest place where I… and that took me more than 10 minutes…

It was dark and cold… I was tried my best finding motivation. Thankfully, I didn’t give up… I did it!  

After that stop, the cold wind pierced me, I needed to stop again to wear my wind breaker. At the 3rd checkpoint I told myself, that maybe it’s not bad to quit; however, I saw my friend JeongHo and gave me rice rolls and energy bars – I was already a bit disoriented that it took time for me to notice him – haha! Damn I can’t quit now.

Worried at Km 75.

At km 50 – I clocked 7hrs 20 min.  I think that is bad… It took me 4 hours to complete the second loop, I immediately had some food and left the check point, and I can really feel how sore I was.

Before the next checkpoint, quitting played again on my mind, yet to my surprise, my good friend JeongHo was still there. Damn, damn, damn… no quitting!

Km 75 – 11hrs 20min… I just have 3hrs40minutes to spare… At that time, I know that I will really have difficulty… Km 87.5 – 13hrs 10 min…  7:10AM. With less than 2 hours the remaining 12.5km is easy on fresh legs, but not with mine at that time… I keep telling myself to push, but my body would no longer respond to it.  I know I could finish but, not with the cutoff…

They waited for me… Even I was beyond the cut off by 11 minutes… sob. 

Km99. 15hrs… Suddenly I saw the organizers – they were shouting at me, Push!  Push!  They ran with me… Until I eventually reached the finish line.

To be honest, I felt a very slight emotional pain of not completing the race on time, although as I try to reflect, that was my best 100km time, and I should be content about it.  The organizers who walked with me were happy as well with my success; 61 out of 91 runners completed the event, JeongHo recounts that some of the marshals thought that I would quit soon, but I was so thankful I didn’t.

My good friend who supported me in the event.  Finisher of The Gobi Desert 250k Ultramarathon

Indeed, it was a great day. Will I do it again?  Yes!


Victory Dinner in Mabuhay Filipino Restaurant in Busan Station

Hallasan – South Korea’s Highest


It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.  – Edmund Hillary



It was March 2016 when I thought of going to Jeju (an Island south west of Korea) to participate in a marathon, and I indeed had a good time in running along the north western part of the island; unfortunately, though, many people talked about its highest mountain Halla, It is very unfortunate that I do not have much time in climbing up the mountain not to mention my struggle in walking after completing the marathon. Oh well, I just told myself, I’m coming back.  Luckily, I was able to fulfill my promise this summer to accomplish one goal – Be at South Korea’s highest peak!

200 meters to the top
Hallasan, actually has 5 routes to take with varying difficulty, but because I was m visiting, I took the longest one – the Seongpanak Trail.  I didn’t start late nor early, but I arrived in jump off at around 9:30AM and started hiking, the trail is relatively easy comparing with the other mountains I’ve been, but because it’s nearly 10Km from the summit, it can still be definitely tiring.  There is also no time to waste since they have a rule that no one can go to the summit after 1PM if you didn’t the final stop over.

A Dry Lake in Along the Seongpanak Trail
Check out more details about Halla Mountain – Here


Hallasan Elevation
My GPS Report – The trail I took, the elevation, distance and pace.
Took me 7 hrs to complete the whole hike, and got loads of fun!

I’m really considering hiking back in winter!

Hello Jeju

Oh, It’s been a while… I have not been posting any journals since things are getting really tight, busy work, and lifestyle and all stuff; but I am just glad I took a break and decided to go to Jeju Island. An Island south west of South Korea. 

I am sharing a few pictures I took using Go-Pro Hero 4 for this night’s coastal walk! It was relaxing indeed.

First night shot!

A man biking at dusk
First night shot!
Used night settings for 20 seconds
Jangan Temple

Marathon Back to Back

Before the race begins in Daejeon!


November 22 and 29; Yes, it maybe silly and crazy for some but I thought of challenging myself by joining a marathon back to back in Daejeon and Jinju respectively.  Due to the drop in weight, I really felt that it’s time for me to at least try a marathon since almost all the full course events that I encounter and see here in Korea only has a 5 hour cut-off.


Daejeon Marathon has fewer crowds; in fact, there was a mass start of runners aiming for 21K, 30K and 42K.  There was no information about the course; or probably I was just not reading enough (that’s because it’s in Korean).  The course was flat and it was only a 10.5K loop, which means we have to do 4 loops to complete the race. It was ok during the first two loops as there were 21K runners, and we became fewer and fewer until there were only the runners left for the full course.

The Daejeon Course. 10.5K loops of four = Boring but a good chance to hit one’s personal best!

The weather is fine; it was breezy, a bit cold but not the piercing cold. I felt strong the whole time, except of course the last 10K that made me just dragged myself to complete it.  I eventually completed the race in 4:29. It was a twenty-minute improvement from my 4:49 record in Condura Marathon in 2011 in the Philippines.  Wow!  I really thought I became stronger!

After the Daejeon Marathon

It was still hard to walk for few days after the race. I was worried about the Jinju marathon, but still did it anyway not to mention I promised to my friend I’ll join him in his first marathon.  I saw the course, but I have no idea about the terrain. It was too hilly for me.  My mind played tricks on me as I was running on an uphill with effort thinking it was a downhill. I felt fatigue immediately after 10K, and felt that I couldn’t really make it.  My last week’s race in Daejeon definitely took a toll on me.  Even the weather was not favorable as the coldness was going into my spine. Old people, men and women were mostly present during the race. My god! It’s really amazing as they look happy while they were doing it! I finished the race in 4:48 min; not the best, but I think it was definitely a good experience.  The good thing about this race was that, my friend and I immediately got a good massage and then to the public bath to sooth our swollen legs. We were tired but I was feeling great the next day. There were few sores but it was definitely better after my 1st marathon.

Jinju Marathon – Totally Unstoppable!

Will I do it again? Maybe, but I think I need more training.  As I was discussing the event with my friend, he mentioned about the man he ran with has participated more than a hundred marathons in a year.  I couldn’t believe my ears so I verified if it was a full course and he confirmed it.  Wow! True or not, many older Korean look strong when they are running, they even manage to greet me as some are surprised seeing a foreigner doing a full course with them especially in the smaller events.

The Jinju Course – Hills, hills, hills!!!

December just came.  No more marathons for now… Haha! Oh wait, perhaps a half marathon.


My First First – District 93 TM Fall Conference 2015

delIt was probably around July when District 93 (South Korea TM) declared that the event for the Toastmasters Fall Conference would be the Humorous Speech Contest.  Since I have a slight idea of how to write a humorous piece, I wasted no time and immediately prepared for it.  I had a discussion on this over a cup of coffee in Seongjeong Beach with my good pal Ken.  Though I have already seen a number of speeches regarding Toastmasters, and I fear that people might not be irritated to hear another one, I took the risk and wrote it anyway.  I thought of getting few old jokes about my old speech, some Filipino pick-up lines, Toastmasters and the cheesiness about dating.  Hah! Whatever, Toastmasters is a place where I can develop my skills; I might as well give it a try?

I first delivered it in the 200th meeting in Go-getters TM Club in Busan; to be honest; it was for me, dry and too raw. My delivery was appalling and I forgot almost many of my lines. I know it could be improved. I tried it next in the club contest in Burning Brunch; after a number of practices, it fortunately worked. I had a little dilemma about time management during the area contest preparation that I felt participating was no longer a priority. I was invited to speak in TEDx, I joined the Ironman in Gurye and for that; I felt I can’t join anymore.  Gladly, the odds went to my favor by closely fixing my appointments well. I won the area contest and still able to attend to some of my commitments.  After the Area is the Division. I know that the completion will be tough because most of the time, I always get third and not going up to the District, so I asked two friends to sit with me on my speech to get further feedback, which I think helped me a lot and make me win the Division.

I have 3 weeks to prepare for the District Contest, but I signed up for another triathlon and half marathon event (Hah! I love punishing myself). I also committed myself in swimming during weekends and hiking, that I only have a small time to practice at night, at least I recite it with eyes closed when I am about to sleep to make sure that I am not forgetting my speech.

The Finalist of the District 93 Humorous Speech Contest 2015

During the D-day, I made sure I am ready by securing my props, the microphone and the stage.

Gratefully, a number of people were entertained, laughed at my speech, and made me win. I received awesome feedback that really made my day.  I got it! My first time to win first in the district!

Of course, I wouldn’t have made it without the support of my friends, a handful of them ensured that I got what I need to succeed. Thank you. I indeed had a blast. A wonderful experience, I will never forget.  🙂

Here is the video of my speech.

More Photos Here

When Failure Changed You

Turning wounds into wisdom…

Left – September 2014, Right – October 2015

Everyone fails.  Once, twice or maybe a hundred times; just like Thomas Alba Edison when he thought of creating the light bulb, his failures did not stop him from doing what he loves.  It even made him to do something better, until he achieved his goal… Just like him, it may not be phenomenal, I have a story too.
Flashback – I left Kuwait for Korea in July 2014. I was a bouncing 100kg block at that time. Wooohhoooo! One of my friends even threw a joke at me that I am 0.1 ton (Damn, how could they use the unit ton on me). I know I’m heavy and big for my height but I believe that things will be okay if I workout.  I’m sure it will be okay.  So I started having this new life, working out, running, swimming, but nothing really serious as my diet was the same.  SEE-FOOD (When I see food, I eat). I would always try to weigh myself and see very minimal changes; I joined various half marathons, but naaah, nothing.  Ok, I lost weight, 1lb per month.  I’m not really sure if it was a big difference… maybe, at least I’m going somewhere.  I even joined Tokyo marathon in February 2015, and I was around 95Kg; 5kg in 7months.  Then triathlon events came in April and finished last.  At the end of July 2015, I weight 93kg; a loss of 7kg in one year.

Busan Half Marathon Finished at 2:43.
Busan Half Marathon Finished at 2:43.

My friends see me as very optimistic person and I really consider myself the same: fit and able to endure anything that goes in my way. Then, this event came.  70.3 Ironman… A Complete Failure. I blame the full moon, the unforgiving heat and the inconsiderate marshals (even though they are not) for now allowing me to run…

Fine. No problem, I’m fine, Perfect, Try again. I was trying to console myself and so did my friends, but the truth was, it’s not okay. I returned to Korea thinking about it, and I had this realization, that I need to do something different for me to really achieve my goal.

I started planning, and logging my accomplishments manually, there are strava and runkeeper, but putting it this way gave me a sudden thrill of completing every workout.
I started planning, and logging my accomplishments manually, there are strava and runkeeper, but putting it this way gave me a sudden thrill of completing every workout.

I signed up for a number of multisport events, but I told myself that I want to be better. I created a training diary and told myself that I should do it. Whatever my reasons were when I wake up, I have to do it. I get up early to swim or bike or run. Then in the evening do the same. 7 days a week. I rest sometimes but that’s because of my work schedule.  The key was I should have a good sleep.   I used my common sense on my diet; eliminated sugar in my coffee and chose healthier options.

On the first 2 weeks I saw significant difference on my weight. Wow! This is working.  I shared my plan to few of my friends who I know can motivate me; to keep my sanity (because I’ve never done this before). I would show them what I’m doing and they would virtually pat my back for my job. That feels good.

I consistently workout, and it showed huge results.  All my races may not be a complete success but there is one thing in this pursuit that thrilled me most. I lost 10kg! I looked back on some of my photos a year ago, and it was like I’m looking at two different people, with the same smile (lol).  Even I couldn’t believe on what I have achieved, just when I thought it’s IMPOSSIBLE. Then, I change the way I look at things, then it became, I’M POSSIBLE.  I used my failure as my inspiration to be better, and so I succeed.
Today, I am still aiming to shred few more pounds, I just recently hit sub 2 hours in my last half marathon, and looking forward to improve my time in my marathon pursuit.


Monitored my progress with the use of Body Analyzer in the gym I am registered, while the accuracy of the Fat% and other things seemed to be questionable, it is giving me a ball park value and something to target.

Beat the Record – Ulsan Human Rights Half Marathon

After a series of multi-sport events that I have participated, I thought of signing up for a half-marathon event. I have been seriously training for quite some time now that includes a 21K long run where I clocked 2:12, so I thought with proper planning, I could beat my old 2:09 record back in December 2009.


I arrived almost 3 hours early in Ulsan, (50km where I live) where the race will be held.  That’s okay, I thought, at least I would have enough time. It was cold, and I was shivering.  I knew that the temperature would go up a bit so, I was not really that worried.

The race began at 9:30.  I carefully paced myself to get at least 2:06. It is the first time too that I am using my Garmin-VivoActive so things are quite new to me. It was a bit annoying that the pace is showing me is in min/km but its lap count is at 1.6km.  After seeing my pace on the 1st km at 5min, I just run at comfort.  Surprisingly, my pace is not going down below 6. I thought I would probably be drained after 10k, so I might just as well push as far as I can go. There are times that I tried pushing below 5:20min/km but it was too much for me, to add humor to it, there was a woman probably in her 40’s overtook me, Wow!  Where is this lady coming from? I tried pacing with her for a few minutes, but I guess she’s just way too strong for me.  I backed off when I thought it’s not good anymore to exert so much, and I would be back at my own comfortable pace.  Then another old man ran past me. Wow!  Wow!  What have I been doing all these years, I couldn’t even see any kind of difficulty in his face.  Thanks for the pace… So much respect I have in you people.

Excitement came when I still felt good at 10K, 11K, 12K, 13K, Aha! I can still do it; although my pace declined in time after 15Km, I swore I still tried my best.  I eventually finished at 1hr 53 min but it seemed short by 600m.  For that, I decided to complete the 21k to justify that I did 21K in less than 2 hours. It was first time since I started doing a half marathon in 2009. The power of mind is truly remarkable; we can believe in lies by accepting negative thought about ourselves and be the product of our own beating or be more positive in creating things that you desire.  I did both, but I know what I want this time; hence my improvement.  For sure, we will break another 21k record soon.   🙂


The Importance of Failure – My TEDxYouth Talk

If you are the person who picks up after a crushing defeat and go on to win again, Someday, you will definitely become a champion! – Wilma Rudolph


A month ago, I got an invitation to speak in a locally organized TED event which is TEDxYOUTH in Busan  International Foreign School. Of course, I didn’t say no because, I believe that grabbing every opportunity is the best way to improve, and because I recently had a learning experience from my last Ironman attempt, I thought that I have a message to share… not just about winning and never giving up, but the moment you fell to the ground and trying to pick yourself up again and making yourself whole to be ready for another fight.

Check out the video of my speech!

KyungJu Triathlon Attempt

After a month of Participating the 70.3 Cobra Ironman in the Philippines, I participated another triathlon here in Korea.

Getting Ready for the race

While the distance was shorter compared to the first, my difficulty was not really about the race itself but on the logistics.  Since I do not own a car here, I thought at first of taking the inter-city train; however, I have learned that bringing your bike in the train is only allowed at night. I felt a bit hopeless at that time, but thanks to my friend who called the inter-city bus line and mentioned that bike is ok but it will be placed where they place the luggage. I was a bit hesitant at first because I am not certain about it. I have a number of thoughts about my bike being damaged during the trip; however, since it’s the only option I had, I took the risk.  I was full of anxiety but I was so surprised that the bike remained intact after reaching Kyungju.  I didn’t notice they had a mat that could prevent movement under the bus. The taxi driver knows the location of the event so it was a relief too.

I thought that my ordeal will be over but I was wrong. Due to my poor communication skills in Korean, I was unable to follow simple instructions that made my day so difficult. Like where is the bike checking area, where is the transition area. Thankfully, there was a guy that in spite of not understanding each other, he was kind enough to guide me through.  He even helped look for a place to stay at that night and offered transportation the next day for the event.

Race day! I somehow have more confidence than before, and since we are only swimming in the lake, we had our wetsuit on; I was of course positive on the outcome of the event. Contrary to what I did before, I swam away from the buoy this time for me to be away from the crowd. The course was two laps that we have to get out of the water and return to the lake.  Surprisingly, I completed the swim course at 36 my best swimming time in the Olympic Course.

hilly part of the race #photograbbed #thanks http://cafe.naver.com/usb11
hilly part of the race #photograbbed #thanks http://cafe.naver.com/usb11

The bike race was okay; four laps. I struggled a bit due to the hilly route. There was even a part of it that almost made me walk, but I tried not to, and it somehow worked. Then it rained a lot on the 2nd lap that made the course challenging. I slipped in one downhill that disengaged my cleats from the pedal – Fortunate enough I did not fall, and decided to be more conservative; better safe than sorry.

The last leg – Running is somehow fine for me. Since I lost 5 kilos from my last race, I felt a bit lighter and I was able to convince myself not to walk and run at an acceptable speed. The rain momentarily stopped and it made me see the view of the lake in Kyungju and it was indeed very scenic and lovely adding to my enjoyment.

I completed the race at 3hours 21mins. Out of 80 people in my age group, I ranked 66th. I managed to improve my record by 21 min from my last Daegu Olympic triathlon which is 3hours 42 mins; last time I remember I was the 2nd from the last who completed out of 885 participant, so it’s really a milestone for me.


I signed up for a couple of race before the year ends. I am very hopeful to accomplish it good standing. I guess I just have to work harder.




Winter was almost done when I thought of joining a social group through “Meet Up” (Smart Phone Application) in Seoul.  Thanks to my friend Mac who introduced me to the group and so I was able to get a change to hike the 3rd highest mountain in South Korea, The Mt Seoraksan.

seoraksan (4)

All the way from Seoul we traveled probably less than 3 hours to get to the Gangwon Province, North East of the country.

The trail that we went trough I should say, was not really hard; however, because I left my crampons in the bus, I was a bit messed up as I need to worry about not slipping.  The good thing was, the ice/snow was not really that bad that day probably because it was already February and most of the snow were melting, so I was able to hike okay.

The hike was good enough for more than two hours but my friend and I took longer because we took more photos; hence we are unable to visit more spots around; however, I guess, that’s just probably another reason to return in the Fall! Yeah!

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On Learning – Ironman Quest Repeat

Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.

Me says: If you can't play, display!
Me says: If you can’t play, display!

Aug 2, 2015 was my 2nd attempt in 70.3 Cobra  Ironman Philippines; a month prior to the event, I have doubts about my capability, I have full on anxiety and fear that I might not even make it to the swim leg; after so much contemplation, I have reached to the conclusion that I could only finish the race if I have decided I can. I respect the distance. I am not that strong in any of the segments of the race, yet I trust myself enough that I can do it. I was full of optimism, but not overconfident, the moment we were released to swim, I remained calm because my training manifested that I can do it in 50min. I stayed away from the buoy because my experience told me that it’s not wise to battle against people who rely too much at it. A couple of unidentified sea creatures hit me, but I didn’t mind it, because I know it’s nothing compared to what I should face. At 1.4km, I noticed, my watch stopped counting the distance yet the time is moving; 50 min. It’s ok… 60… 70… Oh no, what’s going on? Was my watch not working or I was just too slow.  I got alarmed too by the number of people getting close to me. I was really naive and clueless of the scenario; 80 minutes, the crowd just went bigger and bigger, there were people who stopped in front of us, others were trying to swim hitting anything their arm could touch, one was pulling my leg, then another hitting me on the face that had my goggles disarranged; at that time, I decided to stop and look around, I was swimming on the opposite direction and yet I saw people swimming with me. A number of people were heading towards the land so I followed. I was full of disappointments as I get close to the shore because I thought they are just trying to sheep people until I heard someone said, “Last three minutes!”


I rushed as much as I could, I still have a chance!

I clocked 85 minutes on my swim; worst ever. I calculated the lost time and it was about 40 minutes that I could’ve spent for the bike.  I knew I was in a difficult situation but of course, I should give it a shot. I was doing well, but I was a bit ashamed of myself for not enduring the scorching heat of Cebu. I struggled. My pace declined every time I was biking against the wind and too relaxed when it was pushing me. I had cramps, I stopped frequently (oh totally unacceptable). After biking the 90km distance for 4 hours and 30 minutes, I reached the transition, shamefully asking the organizers, “I didn’t make it right?” It was another failed race for me; painful because it was my 2nd attempt. I started evaluating myself, apart from the terrible swim course (I’ve heard that full moon affected the movement of the tide hence the current); I looked on what I could’ve done wrong. They said that a bad workman blames his tools and yes, I have too, one of the things I noticed and I thought significant were my bike cleats, that easily unlocks when I pull; hence, during the whole bike course, I was just pushing the pedals. That leads to my negligence in checking little things that counts; Improper placing of the power gels; as it fell; not to mention my unqualified bike training. I do indoor spinning, jogs frequently, constantly hikes, swims, but my training is not at all considered a concrete plan to finish. On a lighter note, I don’t want to be remorseful about this event (hey, I didn’t lose my job yet, not yet); in fact, it was quite a learning experience for me. It was my first time to really fight against a number of people while swimming.  I tend to give way every time I got bullied but this time was different as I thought of survival and at least finish with pride despite of the mishaps.  As many people say: winner takes all, but for me, sometime you win, sometimes you learn. My body may have failed me, and broke my heart, but there will always be time to heal (#inspiringmusicon).

dramatic bubble thought: tomorrow is another day…

Oh, well, until my next Ironman event. Yes, we will not give up!

Climbing to the Top

Just Climb!

Almost summit

Mt Geumjeong is probably one of my most visited mountains in Busan, South Korea.  Aside from the reason that it’s near, but also because of the different routes I could check out.


Of course, climbing to the top with some friends can make the trip worthwhile.

What’s even more fascinating are the locals; I couldn’t agree more that they are the friendliest, offering you food and rice wine, makoli (I love it so much!). One old woman just told me, I look like a naughty man. Haha! I just don’t know if it’s a compliment, but she gave us more tomatoes and cucumbers to eat!

Here are the photos of my last weekends climb!

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On Winning and Learning…

Sometimes you win, sometimes  you learn

In the District 20 Toastmasters Annual Conference Humorous Speech Contest
In the District 20 Toastmasters Annual Conference Humorous Speech Contest

A year ago, I participated in the District 20 Toastmasters Annual Conference Humorous Speech Contest. There were 15 Toastmasters who competed against and I was able to nail 3rd Place. A humbling and remarkable experience playing just as a wild card since I only placed 2nd in the Division Contest in Kuwait (1st only goes to the District)

Upon moving to Korea in July 2014, I carried a thought that if I really work harder, and think better, I could be really win in a bigger stage, maybe at least managing to be in the global competition if not, in the national.

Toastmasters in Korea belongs to District 93 with only 4 divisions.  Comparing to a bigger District 20 with 15 divisions, we could say that it is relatively small.  In District 20, there is only one representative per division and there’s  semi finals and you need to be at least 3rd to reach the finals and then you’ll get the chance to win.  District 93 is different.  Since there are only 4 divisions, it means at least 2 representatives can participate per division – In short; I have greater opportunity to reach the District (National) Competition.

Korea Fall Division Contest
District 93 Division C Evaluation Contest – 3rd (Fall Conference)

Fall 2014, District 93 announced that the contest for the Fall Conference would be the Evaluation Speech.  So we did the normal procedures, Club Contest, Area Contest, Division Contest.

I won the club contest 1st, Area contest 1st, and then the division contest; I only need to win 2nd to get a ticket to the District, and the contest chair called me 3rd.  It’s okay I thought, there’s still a chance for me in the Spring Conference and thinking that Evaluation Contest is not really my cup of tea.  My ultimate goal is to win in the international speech contest instead. I attended Fall Conference and I had a remarkable time too.

District 93 Division C International Speech Contest (Spring Conference). I am believing the fact that I’m the perpetual 3rd placer. lol!

Spring 2015 came. This is the time I’ve been waiting for, the International Speech Contest!  I prepared again for my contest piece and work on it until my words became my heart, and it happened. I won in the club 1st, in the area 1st, but in the division…

They called me again 3rd… third again… I felt real disappointments this time… Maybe I need to look back again on my speech crafting, on my delivery, but looking at the silver lining, I can visit again Dubai for  District 20 Conference as there’ll also be the same conference going on at the end of the month. I can be reunited with my old friends.

And so I reached the district again… This time, for the International Speech Contest!

And then suddenly I received a message.  The 2nd place winner decided not to proceed due to her pregnancy that is almost due. Wow! The universe is working hard for me to be in the District I thought; however, I had a bit of dilemma, the District 20 and 93 conferences will both be happening at the same week! I had quite a stress and feeling a bit canceling my plan and trip to Dubai. I know what I want and probably my friends would understand…

Either I’m so naive or I’m not listening carefully or I don’t know what the man on the right’s position – President Elect 2016-17 of Toastmasters International!

Fast forward, the night of the contest, of course I was shaking but I want to do my best. I really believe in myself I can do it. I was contestant #6. Speakers one after another went to the podium and whenever each person spoke, I couldn’t help myself to say, wow… that was good, he did well… and then it was my turn. I refused to change my speech from day 1 because it is the speech that was really close to my heart a story about my parents and those days we loved looking at the beauty of the fireworks on every New Years Eve, where we would jump and shout and eat together back when we were little. I miss those days… and that day, they heard my story…

At the podium I’m not really sure if I did well, but in my heart, I felt I did my best. I was ultimately relieved after the contest.

The winners were announced Sunday afternoon, and I didn’t get anything.  Wooohooo! I’m not sure how to react; yet, If I could only quantify the disappointment it’s probably almost negligible, because although I had desire to win the contest, I realized that winning is not the only thing better that day. I gained a lot of new friends and learned a lot by my experience and I became a better person after this. Maybe, next year I will try again and again, but one thing is certain, that we will never stop discovering our true potential.


Also, I want to extend my gratitude to the people who supported me on this, who believed me and I hope the Fireworks I shared to everyone, will never be forgotten…

Daegu Olympic Triathlon – My First Try

If you’re going through hell, keep going.

at the pre-race briefing

May 3, 2015. It was raining…”Surely this is going to be a long day.” I thought as I try to fix my things in the transition area in Daegu Olympic Triathlon. I put a plastic cover on my box so at least I won’t be wearing wet shoes and socks, at least while putting it on. The wetsuit (though my third time of using it) fit but a bit too tight. My knees for some reason were shaking and weak despite of participating multi-sport events for quite some time. I’ve been here, done that… I’ve been here done that… Everything is going to be alright.  Fear lurked in me the moment I jumped into the lake for warm up. Should I go back, I thought (Of course not) my mind was playing tricks on me.  The water was probably just too cold that’s why, so I tried just staying in the water until I got my composure.  There were buoys anyway, so for sure, it will be safe.  I can go on that side all throughout…

making sure that all the required are available!

A number of people gathered the event, surprisingly, it was a big pack. I was ignorant of the fact that many are also passionate tri-athletes here in Korea.  Waiting for almost an hour before the first wave began; I was still convincing myself I can do it!

Before the gun-start, I’m freakin’ out here!

I was in the second wave, group of 20-35 years old participants.  At the sound of the gun, I was surprised that most of them were hesitant to move and I was at the back. Were they also as scared as me?  I waited for a bit, but it looks like that group was really slow, so I started moving, making sure I was near the buoy. I realized it was not a good idea as few people did the same and started panicking.  I’m not sure what happened but I notice there are few people who tried pulling my shoulder just to get a grip and save their lives.  Wallah! What’s going on?  My coordination suddenly got lost but I tried going away from the buoy as it was not really a good idea. The triangle loop in the lake was short yet it feels so far… I eventually regained my confidence, but I know it was already too late; I spent so much time convincing myself everything will be okay.

I was a bit worried about the slippery road.
I was a bit worried about the slippery road.

I successfully finished the swim leg but it took me almost 55 minutes to complete the swimming course, it was for me a disappointment. The bike leg was next, the road was slippery, so I was too prayerful. I don’t care if I’m slow; I just want to be safe. The forty-kilometer bike ride was probably the most relaxing part of the race, although I struggle nursing my back.  Hah!  Poor saddle time was the cause of this, as I don’t try longer bike workouts. Maybe rain helped me despite the slippery road because I didn’t get dehydrated.

The final leg the run-leg is probably of course the safest, but most annoying. It was just like saying, everything is going to be okay, but because we were running in a park, the area was uncemented,

The Finisher Medal
The Finisher Medal

partially muddy and full of water, it was a bit a challenge; nevertheless, I tried enduring the five loop run. Maybe I was almost the last runner not including those who did not finish due to bike problems, I don’t feel much pain, yet I felt tired and wasted.

My first Korean Triathlon maybe annoying as it was raining most of the time, yet I felt grateful for this wonderful experience as always.

Until next time.