Yapak ni Hesus

Quick trip to relax

Relax Mode at the End

It was an awesome idea for of a friend to celebrate her birthday through trekking at Dolores Quezon.  I didn’t hesitate the moment she invited me. I brought my common stuff on this trip and realized that all my mountaineering knowledge has almost been forgotten. Haha!  I didn’t bring a dry-bag,  wore running shoes instead of a pair of sandals or a better trekking shoes making me to hike barefoot and step on gravels, no utensils but good thing they have brought some.  Shame shame on me!  It rained and I was a bit frightened to have my camera become wet.  It was another luck once again that the rain stopped.

There they are enjoying...

It was a great day!  I had fun and thanks to my friend Anne for giving me the opportunity to get a quick relaxing trip like this.Until next time.  Below are some of the photos I had. I promise to remember my BMC on my next trip! Tee-hee!

Low apperture, Low exposure, Low ISO shot.
Mira taking photos
There they are...


KTT Aquathlon, Worth-Joining Race

Race and Fun!

There’s no way I can’t be part of this event!  When Bave and Cris announced that they will be having an aquathlon, I immediately signed up without hesitations.

The Event Poster (Click the link on their fan page)

Multi-sport is fun because it gives you a different challenge!  I have never tried doing duathlons but I bet they are exciting and challenging as well. For now, I’m sticking with Aquathlons and Ultramarathons (sour-graping ng wala pang bike!).

The day before the event:

Hush! We have a company team building!  Oh no!  I will not be able to rest that much. The trip to Caliraya in Quezon would be an extra effort.  Anyway, I need to be a part of the company event as well so I have decided to stay the whole day there.

Here is the video of our fun in Caliraya.

Waiting for our wave to start (Photo by: Marvin Pangan)

Fast forward.  Earl, Lucky and me arrived at the event sleepy. Earl and Allan has been bullying me right from the start to do back float just for fun.  I disagreed and mentioned that I want to push and give the best that I can do. haha! (walang pakisama!)

They made everyone's day! Thanks to Team Backfloat! Haha! (Photo by Marvin Pangan)

Okay, I timed a little over 11 min on the swim leg.  Quite acceptable on what I can really do. I still struggle sometime during the race.  A friend told me that I should give to much time on staying at the end of the pool. Okay, i’ll practice and try it next time.

Love this shot! thanks Maridol

Run Leg: I ran barefoot.  Why?  I felt that I took so much time in the Swim leg so I have decided to do it;  I have scouted the route and secured that I can tolerate the concrete road that’s why I become confident.  It’s 3K anyway so that’s fine with me.  I can probably endure and block the pain for less that 20 minutes, I guess.

During the run, I felt a something is wrong.  Ok, I’m dizzy but I don’t want to be left behind.  Unfortunately, the lack of sleep and extreme heart rate has already taken a toll on me. A friend marshall told me that I was pale during the run and confessed on what happened.  “langya ka” she gasped!   “You shouldn’t have push that much!”

My photo finish (Photo by Hans Gundayao)

Eighteen minutes. My competitive side told me that this is unacceptable for me.  No! On the lighter side, I have enjoyed the race and glad on the outcome of the event.  I know the organizers, the marshalls, some contestants, some audience.  They are common people I see everytime there is an event like this.  Team KTT (Kain Tulog Takbo) indeed performed a great job in giving us a good race for a cheap cost. They even have a beneficiary (CRIBS)!

After event photo op (Photo by Kat Orbista)

I What more could I say to KTT but WE WANT PART 2! Level it up! haha! More Power to KTT!

Post event photo op Thank you KTT for the opportunity! (Photo by Bave dela Cruz)

Thank you Lord God for this wonderful day.