Photo of the Week: Determination


“In order to excel, you must be completely dedicated to your chosen sport. You must also be prepared to work hard and be willing to accept destructive criticism. Without 100% dedication, you won’t be able to do this.” ~ Wilson Mizner

I can

There were really times in our lives that we sometimes feel miserable and frustrated when our goals that are seems so close also seems to be unreachable.  There are even times that we want to give up and just don’t want to proceed. It’s all part of it.  That we are tested; yet, if we only just put our heads in the game and be determined, time will come that our we will be living in our dreams.

Let’s strive… and be determined!


 Only crazy people ran a marathon; that’s what I see when I still don’t understand. 

Oh my, it’s really funny how time flies, where I am right now and where I am before I started running.  

The first time I tried the sport.

Imagine how I first started, joining a race, I am wearing a cotton shirt, basketball shorts and a pair of cross training shoes. I swore I really enjoyed that day and texted all my friends I know that I joined a 5-Km-Marathon and finished it fast at 42 minutes! Lol!  

Picture taking during the race at Power Run

That’s the start of it.  I signed up for various races and joined the community.  I was indeed overwhelmed on all the stuff I’ve learned.   

Timed 1:17 at this 10K race
The first group pic I took with

March came and a 21Km race was launched by Condura.  Without hesitations, I ran the race and got shin splints afterwards.  The pain was there but I was definitely euphoric after finishing it.  I recovered eventually and I was never the same person again after for I stared to feel the blood of a conscious runner. I learned to wear short shorts and tights that I really never thought I can wear it in public.  Had my own hydration belt, and had gait analysis to get the right pair of shoes for me.  

I am injured... but I'll try to endure for the sake of this photo ops!

Then came different activities offered by community.  Trail Runs, LSDs, out of town races, outreach programs, I attended almost all of ‘em and had fun!  I even asked myself, “How come I’ve never learned this before?” 

First LSD in Montalban
On Our Trail Race

I always thought that running a full marathon is crazy and keep telling to my friends that only stupid people join a 42-Km race.  Eventually, I became one of them.  I became crazy and stupid in the eye of those who don’t understand the joy of running.  I was one of those who suffered in Subic International Marathon, yet I was also the one of those who didn’t give up and believed that I can.  

The joy in Subic is Unforgettable

Now, I am celebrating my 1st year in running, who would have thought that I will be doing another crazy thing.  Don’t ask me why but yes! I registered for Bataan Death March; a race that will test my mental and physical dexterity.  I am not certain what will happen to yet at that event but I am willful. Right! Bid me Good luck!  

Sykes Outdoor Group

I would like to acknowledge my Outdoor Group who introduce me to running, and to my friends who taught me stuff to become a better person.  The knowledge that I gained from them will surely be paid forward.

Argonaut’s 2009 Running Awards

After looking back to all the races I’ve joined, I’d like to make a few on all the exceptional I believe I encountered… Let’s get the ball rolling on all the awards!


Yeah, This one is inviting!

REACH FUN RUN,– Oh yeah! This is the friendliest of the year for me; a two-loop 5Km fun run and one would need to stop to eat four Krispy Kreme Donuts. . Despite of the number of runners of the event, I can feel the air of happiness among runners. Organizers still has to learn a lot in organizing a fun run but they let us feel that the race is fun. *Special mention to Rizal Day Run for the Ice cream, Beer and Boodle Fight.


The first medal that I had that I failed to value...

TAKBONG MAY YABANG 4.4K, 8.8K – I’ve never seen such race like this before. There’s two loops and four loops of UP oval that’s just 2.2 Km per loop making it a little odd for me.


Neon Yellow: I like!

ADIDAS KOTR – I don’t think anyone would give a violent reaction. Yeah it’s the best singlet! The only problem is that I looked so dark in this singlet because of its neon color. Too bad I failed to run on this event because of Subic International Marathon. I was registered for 21K. • Special mention to Nike Human Race singlet.


I am indeed surprised! (Photo by Cathy Reyno)

SUBIC INTERNATIONAL MARATHON – This could be my worst race but instead I changed it as most surprising race. Did anyone think the organizers would mess up on this event? And who would have thought they won’t provide something to quench the runners thirst in the middle of the dark not to mention that it’s 42K! Surprising isn’t it?


BongYu with the medal!

SUBIC INTERNATIONAL MARATHON –Despite of the surprising mishaps, I would still think that they have my respect as they have the best medal in my collection. If only I’m at Mayon Trail Run… • Special mention to Quezon City International Marathon


Post Race Pic and Somewhere after the finishline would be the lootbags stampede.

FIT N RIGHT RUN – Loot bag full of Del Monte Products! That what Fit ‘N Right fun run has making it to be the most generous race. Mommy Milk Shake and Buddy Run could also be a contender but too bad I was not able to enjoy it due to my failure to wake up early.


Earl almost want to shot himself dead after the race...

CONQUER CORREGIDOR – Hills! Lot’s of steep hills! A 10 mile Challenge where in one dealt with steep hills. That’s what Corregidor has making it the most challenging for me. • Special mention to Celebrity Run for the race covered hill as well and that unforgiving 1.2 Km excess.


Still Breathless!

THE NORTH FACE 100 – This could be the most challenging race for me only if I joined 100K. Yet I’ve decided to run only the 20K version for me to enjoy the beauty of Sacobia Park in Clark Pampanga making this my best Trail Run Ever to date.


I'm sure you don't want to see one of these out of water

CONDURA RUN, RUN FOR THE WHALE SHARKS – It was definitely a dream come true running in the skyway and the race made it possible for all of us. I got injured though after the race but it was the most delightful experience I had last year!

There you have it! I’m sure this year would be promising now that running in the Philippines had boomed! Bring it on 2010!