Training Wheels

Just tell me you want it and I will not let you quit…

A few of the pack

Months ago, most of the time I sought for some training wheels; wheels that will somewhat push me to achieve my goal; so that I will not stumble during my flight as a novice runner.  I asked that from Pojie, Ellen and BongZ and even to some of my friends to glance at me while I am still growing. Over and over, I have decided to at least take away my training wheels, though I know after such time, I’ll need them again. Indeed that I am grateful on my training wheels.

Now, that I have met a number of people who started to love the sport, I volunteered on being a training wheel.  They have already showed their interest that they want to do their half-marathon debut in September and they believe that joining an 18Km run in Tik-Takbo would be a could chance to test their skill. We signed up or it.

I could say that I’ve been harsh for them at the first for I forced them to beat their 10Km time. I thought they could still sustain it but not until one complained… and decided to walk that is not an ingredient of my strategy.  The team eventually collapsed some of them moved forward but the others remain behind. I focused on the last member of the team.  I saw their pain; I remain to be firm on our goal but still I was sympathetic. We eventually finish the race at an 8 min pace.

Strong Finish

Some of my friends may have a hard time finishing the race; however, I strongly consider that they’ve got potentials and still have a lot of room for progress…  I’m sure that if they just keep their selves in pace with their training, 21K would be a piece of cake in their own right.  More training… more…

Post race breakfast...

acknowledgment to Lester Abrenica for the action shots…

On Being Part of the Runfest is my 2nd family…

I'm getting you! (photo by Marvin Pangan)

Upon the start of the registration of the Runfest, I immediately informed Jinoe and Que (admins of that I am not going to run the event, but instead I’ll volunteer as a photographer.  Days passed and I am getting excited even on the thought of it.  I can now pay forward on the kindness of my friends ever since I started on this passion until I joined a series of Marathons and Ultramarathons.

With Brando and Carlo (photo by Q of

I received emails back and forth from moderators, about the plan on the program, about what to do.  Until someone suggested that I should lead the game portion.  I agreed without second thoughts.   The idea definitely didn’t sink in to me.

Race day came and I did my part on being a photographer.  I sought for my best shot and effort, yet I really had a tough time capturing all of them.  More than 3000 people crossing the finish line…   From the very first few who crossed, to the runners I know until almost all of them were through.  I stayed there for an hour and my arms were sore lifting my camera.

I'm a shy boy don't you think? Oh and look at the guy below! (photo by Angelo Maravilla)

When I feel that almost everyone crossed the finish-line, DJ Chloe called me to go upfront the stage.  Introduced me on a marathon that I’ve joined.  My heart leaped when my named was uttered.   I was nervous…  I was nervous but it only occurred for the first few minutes…  I felt it through my voice until everything came out naturally.  I love what I’m doing at that time and good thing that my friends who are at the same time our audience were all laughing with us.  There maybe monotonous moments on what we’ve done but heck, it was still a blast over all.

I definitely enjoyed the day!

Thank you It was a blast!



My blog has been idle for quite a month now. No updates whatsoever of anything despite the fact that you can see me most of the time in some occasions. I must say that I am really busy. Busy with the training I require to myself in order to be in shape for the event that I will be joining this month and next month, not to mention my busy work schedule too. I am really putting everything in place closely so my mind had been too preoccupied to write. 

Photographer Mode

Anyway, in the past few weeks I volunteered as a photographer in the recently held Runfest and followed by the Dean’s Cup a week after. This is my way of thanking all my friends who has supported me every time I race. A few weeks from now, I’ll be joining a 65Km race in Laoag and I am really trying to condition myself at least on that race. 

I am still running though but not in any running events because I feel that joining too many races can empty my pocket quick, yet but I am not saying I’m not joining any of them anymore.  I just don’t have much resources at present.  Joining running events out of town can really cost a lot because you need also to enjoy the race other than running there. 

Still on practice...

I am also into swimming, trying to be even more serious because I am aiming to join multisport too someday.  I am amazed at my progress in this sport.  Before, I can’t even move 5 meters and dread to be at the pool after a couple of minutes; however, I can now do laps even longer laps… Yet I believe that I still need to practice more.   

 I will definitely catch up on this blog soon… Soon..