Congratulations Greentenial Run!

Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.” – Confucius

I would say that the last Greentenial Run is a success!  No fuss about it!  Perhaps the way the organizers prepared it was the the key; not to mention Mr Greentenial a lot of running events just to take pictures of runners for free!  I rest my case, You are awesome!  Superb! 

My very own finish (Photo from KB Runner)

On my performance?  It was alright.  Didn’t expect too much that I’ll hit a new record, although I tried at first but my positive split didn’t really work.   It was a shameful week for me.  Didn’t run for a week but only in Greentenial Run.  Although I worked out and swam, but I think,  I do not have proper goal at present except nailing Bataan Death March (160K) .

I finished at 1:30 for 15K but didn’t see my bib number in the  results.  Anyway,  again, I’m glad on my performance according to my current fitness level…
Can’t say more, but congratulations to Greentenial run!

Year 2

Going and going…

Looking forward for more! (photo from Sheryll Q.)

Today is my 2nd anniversary of my running passion. it all started in Drew Arellano’s Happy Run where I ran bandit! I didn’t look back after that and continue with the thing I started to love. I had my first and second marathon before my 1st year ends and on the 2nd phase, I unfold new stories and beat myself over and over again! Haha!


Condura Marathon – I hit my first sub 5 on a marathon at 4:58. You’ll never see my name though because it was under a name of a dear friend who inspired me to beat her! Unfortunately, she was just too good for me.


Bataan Death March – My first ultramarathon. A 100k’er. Who would ever thought I could finish?

TNF50 – A month after BDM I joined a trail ultramarahon but decided to run just half of TNF’s cocktail. Thanks Ellen for pulling my leg to join. This is indeed the hardest race I’ve joined to date. PAU Races Baldrunner’s ultra race in different province is breath-taking. Unexpected terrain but I could say awesome!

Marathon, marathon, marathon! Oh boy I joined 3 more marathons! Milo, CamSur and QCIM. PR to beat now is 4:51.

Multisport- I dread water! I dread biking, but for the love of the game, I tried and was able to improve myself! Ateneo Aquathlon, AAA Cup and NAGT Super-Mini Tri.

PR’s – I hit my 10k at 52 mins now. I haven’t tried sole 5k but I dd a pretty much good split at 24.

Podium Finish

Fat Ass Run totally came to me by surprise. Fat Ass King is the tittle I may have to carry for all year round!

Yeah I’m good ain’t I? On the other hand, there were a lot of people behind my success… friends, Team CB, my family and of course, God! Who and Where is the fat-assed argonaut without them… Oh well, i am Looking forward again for the phase 3 of my running passion! Wherever life is taking me this time, i’m sure it will be another story to tell. Until then…

Team CB Challenge: Kuya Kim’s Adventure Race

Team CB members and guests turned organizers and participants. All unite for a different twist of adventure!

The participants with Kuya Kim

It has been brewing for months when we thought of making a unique thing for our 1st year anniversary.  All of them wants a different thing other than running, and so Hypermarvs aka Kuya Kim’s Amazing adventure was formed.

We really planned of making it a small group due to security reasons. We didn’t pay for any permit at all so we have tried to managed the crowd… Five teams were formed with 4 players each. Red, Blue, Green, Orange and Yellow.  Seven Pit-stops with seven different challenges.  From the start, Tiendesitas to White Plains to UP to BHS to Ultra and back. They ran, walk, ride a cab, train, truck, and used all strategies they’ve got to win.

The Teams:

Blue Team

Players: Bave, Juvy, Mccoy and Dennis

Green Team

Allan Ray, Apple, Ellen and Edwin

Orange Team

Simply-Wilnar, Paolo, Ocho and Macky

Red Team

Carly, Bilz, Raymund and Chang

Yellow Team

Athan, Ronnie, Eric and Jimmy

The Challenges:

Getting ready!

Where: Tiendesitas

Game:  Transfer the Cottons

One player will put the cotton balls on his nose and transfer it to the other side with the use of petroleum gels to make the cotton stick to their nose.

Athan tried... but it was an EPIC FAIL!

Where: White Plains

Game: Face the cookie

Using only their face, contestants must move Oreo cookies individually from their foreheads to their mouths.  You just thought it’s easy but it’s not!

Allan ray trying to do his part.

Where: UP

Game: Hanky panky

Use only one hand to pull tissues out of a tissue boxes one-at-a-time until box is empty.  Doing both hands is easy but this one can be tricky!

It's Mccoy's chance to provde what he can do!

Where: Burgos Circle, Taguig

Game:  Marshmallow Balance

Balance four marshmallows in their mouths for 5 secs.  Another easy task, but your grip, and the way you put the fluffy stuff could ruin the task.

Bilz having a hard time?

Where: BHS

Game: Stack attack –

Use plastic cups to erect a triangle-shaped structure, then move them all into a single stack. 


Where: St Paul, Pasig

Game: Separation Anxiety

Player must separate a pile of multicolored M&Ms into separate containers in a set color order.


Where: Ultra, Pasig

Game:  Puzzle the puzzle

Players should assemble the puzzle. That easy!  The only trick is where are we?!

Recap:  Here are some photos that occured during the event:

Team Red hitched on a truck!

Who would have thought these guys would ride on a truck?  Good thing they are not desperate enough to ride on a garbage truck!

Now where are they?

Seriously, which part of Manila are they still in?  Were they lost? 

Tell me, what was Mccoy complaining about!

Blue team was the first team to complete the 4th challenge in Burgos Circle. 

Orange team gave a pretty good fight as well!

Idol Simply_Wilnar indeed had a blast!

Trying their best!

Yellow team gave their best effort as well!

Some went to trails, some just to the roads, all of them got tired but I do hope they had some fun for the we have really tried our best to give them a good challenge.


At the end, Red team won being the first team to arrived and the least money spent!


Another wonderful experience for us! Planning spearheaded by Hypermarvs all paid off! A year of thanks giving for a great year and looking forward for another year ahead!

Organizers and Participants and Guests

I wonder what’s next… Oh! How about The Argonaut’s Quest for the Golden Tune?

Thoughts: Should I Dare?

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.- Thomas Edison

Have you tried this? (Photo by When Dichoso)


Dream…  You want a thing so much you dream having it or being there; yet you are afraid to try.  Why?  Is it because someone is pulling you down or your decisions will affect people?  Is it because you are afraid to loose your comfort zone or you are so afraid to fail?  I sometimes feel the same thing.  I am afraid…  I fear to try because I fear to fail.  It’s a human instinct.  It happens to every person in different aspects, in different scenario; But we need to do something. Life has a lot of options. We can stick to our status quo and feel the comfort everyday.  We may try to fly high. we can fail, but we can definitely do it again… At we need is to dare ourselves.

Me and my thoughts out-loud.  Call me deep or perhaps, a non sense.

On Being The Fat Ass King

It’s not about speed, but hardwork, resistance
to temptation and a little bit of luck made the turtle a winner…

My Bib. Give 9 to Rona Dizon for the effort.

Fat-Ass 2011. A free running event where in you will run a 2.2 Km loop for 6/12/24 hours.  I was having 2nd thoughts of joining this event due to the running blues I had last Christmas season, yet with only 2 weeks to go, I have decided to sign up. I rushed to my training and ran everyday since Jan 1.  NO TAPERING FOR THE MEAN TIME.
Gary, a friend initiated the transportation while Rona got the bib making job. Earl on the other hand answers all my FAQs.

My dailymile summary for the week due to the guilt I had after Christmas Season.

Most of us decided to join the 12 hour category, and we have planned to start on the second half instead of the first to avoid the heat. Upon arriving at Clark, 24 hour runners where there circling around the Fat-ass loop.

Before the game begins

On our turn, we started at 6pm and I ran on somewhat moderate pace. It was cold for the wind’s breeze kept on touching us, but I didn’t really mind it because my body was already adopting to it.

Dilemma, chaffing:
I had it right from the very start. I know what I have done wrong despite of some preventive actions that what I have done. Sigh, that would be a long day for me. Petroleum gel was my best friend then for I try to go after it every loop until even applying it already hurts…

Running in chaffe.

Damage has been done, yet I chose not to stop until I realized that the loop to beat is only 38 loops (done by Camilla Brooks) which I believe is doable for me if I just pursue with the game.

I hit 20 loops after midnight, and became more optimistic in getting the target, despite of the uncomfortable feeling. Damn! I hit 50k before 7 hours and 70k at 10 hours. Another motivation that I had then was Earl who as well do not have any plans of stopping was trying to complete the same loop that I had, just a few minutes after me.

My very first podium finish

Last hour and I have accomplished 34 loops, my target faded after that as I can no longer run instead, I walk. 35th, then 36th… That’s it! I stopped despite of the remaining 12 minutes for I knew it will not complete a loop. I called it a day eventually…

That was my first podium finish… The fat ass king!
That was the name they called me at the end of the day. I could hardly walk for the wound of war almost put me down.

Team CB, HOB's Team Boring, friends. Thank you!

Advantages? Yes, I guess; for it was not hot during the night, I even believed that I over-trained myself for the week for I didn’t stopped running since Jan 1 due to the guilt of gluttony over the Christmas holidays.  Seriously, I may not have done it under the sun’s heat!

What did I miss?

Joining Team Boring’s fiesta!  Drinks, food and laugh, hacking food from the Team HOB’s (Hang Out Buddies) and sleeping in Brandy’s tent.  Oh, probably next time.

Attack!!! Thanks for the sumptous breakfast Dizon Family!

Thank you friends and Lord God for making this crazy day…
What’s next? We’ll see!!!



Here are the results of the event –> RESULT

Superb Superova Generation

Good things last.

Adidas Supernova sequence. I’ve been  user since generation 1.  The shoe that I used on my first marathon as well. I can’t say much about the technical jargon about this shoe but this definitely served me well. I would also say that I sodomized this shoe.  My prostitute!  Used it in trail runs, climbs, run in mud, I even used this in BDM for the first 45 Km before I had it retire and I didn’t regret it.  Aesthetics is pretty neat too!  Anyway, here is at Adidas says about this shoe:

My First Decent Running Shoe

The shoe is designed with 3D ForMotion technology for easy transition between toe-off and landing for soft, smooth touchdowns. Litestrike 55 lasting technology was used for lightweight comfort and soft feel. Aside from this, GeoFit technology was utilized to achieve anatomical fit and comfort. For midfoot support and integrity, Torsion system was adapted. adiprene technology was used to maintain forefoot propulsion and efficiency. Lastly, for durability in high wear areas adiwear technology was utilized.

The White Supernova Sequence was the one that I got on it’s 2nd generation.  Well, still good for stability types and I used it in 2 Marathons, 34th Milo Marathon Elimination and CamSur International Marathon although I had a little discomfort on it at CamSur,  I am still checking if it really came from the shoe since I really do not have any problems at all the first time I used it.  I will have to investigate on it.

2nd Generation didn’t fail me as well

Here is the summary of Adidas Statement of this product:

The Supernova Sequence 2 M is a serious running shoe which boasts 3-D forMotion® technology for lower impact touchdowns, a newly designed heel, a lightweight forefoot and GeoFit® technology for step-in comfort. The upper has stitched on MicroSuede® for a smoother fit and to add support to the flex zones of the foot. There is a non slip lining for added comfort and a dual layer (adiLite/respoEVA®) anti-microbial sockliner. Midsole is ForMotion® and a Pro-Moderator® medial support prevents over pronation meaning that this shoe will suit most runners. There is a blown rubber outsole with adiWEAR® technology which combine to give a durableoutsole with a cushioned lightweight grip.

Now the third generation is my favorite.  A little heavy but can definitely last long.  I’ve been trying this one on my daily runs and has never failed me.  This will be the one that I’ll use this coming FAT-ASS Run in Clark where I joined the 12 hour hamster-ish run.  haha! Good luck to me and the shoe.

Yellow and Fat! I love it!

On Adidas Statement:

A more comfortable, more natural-feeling run is yours in the adidas Supernova Sequence 3 shoe. Along with all the proven adidas running technologies you want, it has a dual liner for a terrific step-in feel and support for your natural flex zones.

  • FORMOTION™ adapts to the ground to ensure the smoothest, most comfortable run possible
  • Stitched-on microsuede upper for comfort and flex
  • adiPRENE®+ in the forefoot maintains propulsion and efficiency; Nonslip lining and adiLITE™/respoEVA antimicrobial sockliner for comfort
  • TORSION® SYSTEM for midfoot integrity; Pro-moderator™ medial support device prevents overpronation
  • adiPRENE® under the heel for superior cushioning at impact
  • adiWEAR® outsole offers the ultimate in high-wear durability


Three generations of road shoes… I wonder how their Supernova trail shoe version would fair.

Thanks You Adidas.

Acknowledgment to My Readers

Hello Guys,

What A wonderful Year isn’t it?  First of all, I would like to thank my readers who has been continuously supporting me.  It was such an honor to get a number of visitor in this blog.  Trust that I will continue to exert more effort and will continue to inspire you in 2011 (Naks!)

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