Four Questions… To Run or Not to Run a Marathon



Marathon, A full marathon. Forty-two Kilometers.  I always thought that running this distance is insane.  That was when I started running months ago; however, as time goes by, as my running mileage increased and as my running obsession amplified exponentially, I started dreaming of running a marathon.  At present, there are three upcoming marathons this year; and now, I am getting now insane just like what I thought of the others.  Even keep asking myself from time to time if I am really up to it…  If I really have what it takes to be a marathoner. 


Due to my restlessness, I began asking people around me concerning their marathon insights; those who have finished it and those who are aspiring to be a marathoner like me.  I have also informed my interest but I told them that my determination is still an issue.  There were people who are insisting that I should go for it, but there are others that told me that if I’m not physically and emotionally ready, they suggested that I should let it go and train for the next marathon.


I am fully aware that my verdict is still up to me. Again I’ll be asking myself; but this time, I thought of the four questions that I learned in a seminar called Unleash the Highest Potential of my Life.  Questions that I believe would able to help me decide…




Mind over Matter
Mind over Matter

Since I’ve already dreamt of running a full mary, and I need to fulfill my dreams making it a reality, my answer would definitely a YES!




I'm going to have a heart attack.. ulk!
I'm going to have a heart attack.. ulk!

Yes! I really want it.  There’s definitely no question about that.




Umm…  I could… Probably… I just don’t know yet. I’ve run 48Km before but that was months ago and that experience really taught me a lesson.    I’ve been running a couple of 21K race lately but my weekly mileage only averages 30Km/week.  Not to mentioned the workouts that I’m doing to increase my leg endurance (I believe this would actually wok).  As I said I still don’t know.



Just Praying...
Just Praying...


I could really never tell exactly, yet, I strongly believe that the actions that I’m taking is just and there’s nothing wrong with it, Then I believe that It’s God’s will.  The answer is yes.


I still have a confused decision…  It looks like I’m telling myself that my spirit is indeed willing but my flesh is weak… I am going to do it next month, or let it go and do it next year… 


I have so many questions, yet… only one answer….


For the PR!!!

The Rotarun Medal
The Rotarun Medal

3, 2, 1! That’s what I’ve heard and everyone begun running.  I was in fact looking for the friends that I could actually paced with.  First I was with Ellen and Timmy then moved forward for Carina and the Barrios and eventually decided to go with Gab and DocT.  Ellen and Timmy caught up eventually together with MarkH and Ferdie.  I am not sure how many we were in the group but I could say that we were definitely a flock of Runners soaring in McKinley (not the highest mountain in America).

During the race, I had this frustrating side-stitch again but I decided to take no notice of.  I just don’t consider to be left behind with the group for the reason that pacing with them was actually the best idea.  After catching up to Carlo (Hydraice) the group eventually dispersed.  I moved onward together with Mark but he is unsurprisingly fast, so I let him advanced and decided to run by myself.

My Bib
My Bib


  Since Carlo is pacing himself at 6ish/km, I am safe and I’m just at the right spot for another PR. 


Hush! There were really times that I ran slowly when I get dead beat and burst for speed when I suddenly feel that I have again the energy to run fast (not sure if this is a clever idea though).  Then came Gab (DirtySanchez) from behind and suddenly winked at me when he was about to pass me making me think he’s saying the phrase “SORRY BUD, BUT YOU’RE NOT MOVING”. Darn, it was a dejavu!


Still a victory for me!
Still a victory for me!

I have to let it go, acknowledge it and be happy with my own pursuit; at least I can see him all through out the race.  LOL! Hush! I am again feeling another pain.  The chaffing!  It’s getting more painful as I run eventually run-walked at 1:30ish.  Ellen would absolutely frown if she saw me like this…Joyful thought just came into me once again when I saw the 15K runners.  It was Raymund and Ogie that I saw first then Lauren and Julie who were pacing each other.    Last guy I saw was Gerard (Supacow) then Jay (Prometheus Comet) who has just finished the race informing us that it was a couple of kilometers short. 


I completed the race at 1:58 in my clock.  Surprisingly it was 3.3 Km short. I was pleased by the thought that my pace improved by a couple of seconds though and it was still a remarkable race for me!  Kudos to the organizers and of course to that was part of it. 


Time to train again for another 21K… or probably a full mary…


A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. – Sir Winston Churchill class pic courtesy of Carlo class pic courtesy of Carlo


After the Milo Elimination in Manila, I’ve been craving to beat again the 2:30 barrier.  It was like a bench mark that for me that a good 21K should be below that time.  No one set it up but I set it up for myself to really test my skills.

Globe Run, 2:30:55.  It was not a strong finish due to the cramps I got after the race.

Milo Eliminations San Pablo, 2:32ish.  I saw the timer stopped right before my eyes after 2:31:30; after all the pushing that I have done just to get there on time. 

Here comes Ecodash.  Seriously, I am planning to just have another personal record (PR) in ROTARUN that will be held a week after; I have already sought Ferdie’s aid to back me up in this race.  I have informed him that we will be pacing each other together so as to at least finish the race by 2:27 to 2:30.  Then Ellen informed me that Bongz and Carina will go bandit in the race and will pace me if I want to. Without hesitation I said yes.  I bet I really need that.  I need motivation and someone to push me all throughout. 


I’ve never really tried doing a straight run at races; I have a lot of walk breaks particularly when I am already feeling something odd in my body.  Side stitches, and leg fatigue, I am fond of nursing them that leads in a finish that I really don’t want.  During the race, we were really going steady.  I’ve been bursting speed for a couple of times and Ellen and Bongz were there to jog my memory that I should not go fast and keep it steady.   I keep on talking a lot of times and chattered about this movie “KIMMY DORA”. As a result, I experienced side-stitches due to improper breathing.  I could have walked that time because it’s really freakin’ hurting me, but Ellen said that I shouldn’t give it up and just slow down.  5Km, 4Km, 3Km left and were checking the time closely to see if were really right on time.  2Km, I started to feel the fatigue feeling that I have already hit my wall.  I keep on saying “Oh God, Oh God!” that made Bongz laugh.  Last Kilometre and I can sense that we’re really roughly there.  I checked my watch again and noticed that we will be beating the time that we wished for by five minutes.  Sam joined us in that latter part and kept telling not far enough.  I pushed up to the last 200 meters and finished strongly at 2:22:XX. 

PR Peeps! Sam- 2:04, Vicky- 2:05, Luis (10K)- 50:15 and Me at 2:22
PR Peeps! Sam- 2:04, Vicky- 2:05, Luis (10K)- 50:15 and Me at 2:22

I was drained yet overjoyed at that moment.  I really never thought that I can do it.  It was such an accomplishment for me of course.  Now I marvel if I can beat my time next week… Hopefully, I could.    


Post Race Picture
Post Race Picture
Thanks, Carlo for the Pictures. Bongz, Ellen, Ferdie and Carina for the company.

HILLS THERE AND EVERYWHERE (33rd Milo Marathon, San Pablo)

’m just done with the hills… Oh no there’s another! and another!



They're all heading for the school bus!
They're all heading for the school bus! Photocredit: Chelly





Picture pace!
Picture pace!

I have been registered by Prince in the 10K for the Milo Eliminations in San Pablo City, Laguna, although I already have an inkling that I’ll be running 21K, for Sam the Running Ninja already declined his presence on the event due to an emergency that he need to attend to. Oh yes, without hesitations I took Sam’s Bib the moment Pojie offered it to me though I don’t have any plans on how I am going to attack the race.
The race started in the heart of San Pablo just in front of their Municipal Hall. Gunned at 5:30, a number of runners raced as the 21K started. Hills right at the first few meters but good thing was the slope’s going down. Roy, Gab, Prince and Cindy (her 21K début) were with me. It was fun at the first few K’s. Great ambiance, nice scenery of nature and drizzling rain is totally perfect for a PR. I keep telling to myself that this will just be one of my LSD’s but at the back of my mind I want to beat the 2:30 cut off time set.
The funny thing that occurred was that we were the last runners. We really don’t care about it but I was just really amused by the fact that we are really at the tail. During the race, I realized that there are only three groups of people that could possibly join the event.
1. The Elites – Those who are really aiming to beat the 1:15 (men) and 1:35 (women) cut of time to be at the finals.
2. Laguna Based People – Those who are just near to the place.
3. The Addicts – Which includes peeps.

Feeling the Victory: Not a bad idea
Feeling the Victory: Not a bad idea

I also felt a few peculiar stuffs during the race. I think it’s really different if you’re running in the province. People were really not use to see you racing. You can hear the bystanders’ comments like “Ay naglalakad na sya”… (Oh he’s walking now!) or “Pagod na o!” (He’s tired!). I even heard a guy who shouted like this “Ang taba!” (He’s fat!). I looked at my back to see if anyone’s there aside from me and realized that I’m the only runner there… Darn! He’s pertaining to me… (LOL!) Anyway… I just ignored it as if I did not hear a word and left.
All in all, I believed that the race was a really a challenge for me. It’s like there were hills all throughout. Not to mention the locations of hydration stations that were like 3.5Km apart and the last 5km where the hydration station is already abandoned. The rain that poured that day was really a blessing because it helped me out a lot!

Thanks to everyone who made this possible especially to Lord God!


The Unforgettable Class Pic with Mayor George Estregan Jr.
The Unforgettable Class Pic with Mayor George Estregan Jr.


Post Race Lunch! Big Time!
Post Race Lunch! Big Time!


Acknowledgment to Chelly and Marky for Some Pictures.

Julie for Uploading it for me.

Enjoy the flickr Pictures

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Running Moments

Gingerbreadman's Moment
Gingerbreadman's Moment

Luis aka Gingerbreadman ran 21K a few weeks after his euphoric 50Km in Botak.  He mentioned in his blog that we has running fast that time but suddenly felt pain in the middle of the race.  He could almost give up but decided not to and pursue to reach the finish line. With Bongyu with him to pace, I believe that this race was one of the best moments happened in Just my point of view…


Extreme fear can neither fight nor dive.


The group ready to dive…

I don’t care what people say about it, but I’m really afraid to go underwater equipped or unequipped; however, it’s been my dream of conquering one of my fears… So I tried SCUBA diving.
SCUBA – Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
That’s the definition. Easy to recite though but I believe that it takes all your guts backbone (literally) to carry one and use it… Well, for me I guess for I really have no idea what will happen to me or if I will be really capable of doing that thing.


The view of Anilao

I went to Batangas with a running pal on a Friday. It was such a striking day and a perfect time for diving. It was a bitter-sweet moment that day for I have felt excitement and fear. Excitement because it’ll be my first time to do it and Fear because I’m just a coward to face my fear.


I’m also trying to keep myself hydrated….

Jake, Introduced me to a group of divers. Man! I was scared but I am hiding my total fear, and always thinking that I can. I had, coffee, juice and water and keep hydrating myself just like what jake had told me to do. They started diving while I checked the place for the meantime using my camera which I enjoyed because the ambiance is very much appealing to me.


The ambiance I’m enjoying…

At last, it’s my turn. I changed my attire and showered. Robert the Dive Instructor told me a couple of things. About regulators, tanks, safety tips, equalization and all. Almost every thing that makes sense to a diver which passed from my left ear to the other because I am totally preoccupied (stupid panick guy!) until he told me that I will be safe (well, i think those words should be fine).

The First Dip

Now I’m wearing everything and its the tank was really heavy until we went down there. I feel very light and lifeless (hahah!) Never really thought that the under water sanctuary was wonderful! I’ve seen a lot of organisms under. Fish, all of ’em! Clams, never really thought that they were taht big! Corals, Awesome!
But it didn’t stop there, I almost forgot that I need to equalize often so that my ears wont get hurt. Not to mention that I started to become thirsty and I definitely have no chance of drinking anyhting there even though I’m underwater because number 1, my I am biting that life saving hose going to the oxygen tank and number 2, I would never really wanted to drink a water full of salt anyway…
I emerged from the sea after that breath taking experience which I enjoyed a lot!

The Second Dip


What’s for Lunch???

I repeated it in the afternoon after taking the resorts fiesty lunch. I put on my mask and regulators and jump into the sea. This time the dip was longer and deeper. Jake brought a bag of bread for the fish. It was awesome seeing all the variety of fish playing around us for the food! The fear all turned into excitement as we move along. After 40 minutes, we went up. Our dive instructor told me that I almost consumed every moles of oxygen in the tank. Whoah! Good thing we’re already up in the land or else I’ll end up part of the sanctuary! haha!


Jake’s Dive. Fish Feeding would actually look like this.

I left the place with a total hangover due to that delightful experience. Too bad we were not able to get pictures underwater but anyway, I can repeat it do the same thing! It was really a tiring day for me but a worthy one!


Thanks Jake and friends and our Dive Instructor Robert!


Let’s call it a day!


To give up means to loose everything…


DNF. What is this three letter word? What does it mean to a runner like me.  Is it really such a big deal for other runners to accept it?

DNF. Did Not Finish.  Yes, I have to admit that I just encountered this.  I don’t know if I have already exerted my full potential or I was too dim-witted at that moment and I just played around the whole time that’s why these three letters are already in my face.  I just can’t believe it happened…

I am frustrated.  I feel so weak. I feel like I am just a small and mere little boat floating in a wide ocean…. without a sail (haha! drama!)… Everything flashes in my mind when I saw the finishers. I kept asking myself how come I was not able to finish it.  What are our loopholes? Is it just they are fortunate and too persistent while we are not?

Well…. It’s not right to sourgrape… This will be enough…  All I can say for now is, next time… We’re going to finish it.

See you next year!