Hallasan – South Korea’s Highest


It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.  – Edmund Hillary



It was March 2016 when I thought of going to Jeju (an Island south west of Korea) to participate in a marathon, and I indeed had a good time in running along the north western part of the island; unfortunately, though, many people talked about its highest mountain Halla, It is very unfortunate that I do not have much time in climbing up the mountain not to mention my struggle in walking after completing the marathon. Oh well, I just told myself, I’m coming back.  Luckily, I was able to fulfill my promise this summer to accomplish one goal – Be at South Korea’s highest peak!

200 meters to the top
Hallasan, actually has 5 routes to take with varying difficulty, but because I was m visiting, I took the longest one – the Seongpanak Trail.  I didn’t start late nor early, but I arrived in jump off at around 9:30AM and started hiking, the trail is relatively easy comparing with the other mountains I’ve been, but because it’s nearly 10Km from the summit, it can still be definitely tiring.  There is also no time to waste since they have a rule that no one can go to the summit after 1PM if you didn’t the final stop over.

A Dry Lake in Along the Seongpanak Trail
Check out more details about Halla Mountain – Here


Hallasan Elevation
My GPS Report – The trail I took, the elevation, distance and pace.
Took me 7 hrs to complete the whole hike, and got loads of fun!

I’m really considering hiking back in winter!

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